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DGFI & ISI Plan To Capture Bengal Through Vote Machinery


Krishnanagar, Nadia:
With other anti Indian strategy for new partition of India and Bengal too, the Director General of Forces Intelligence, DGFI, the secret agency of Bangladesh Government and Inter Services Intelligence, ISI, the secret agency of Pakistan Government have planned jointly to change the demography of West Bengal on priority basis. As the non patriotic Govt. in West Bengal run by the Left (Communist) Front & the Central counterpart thereto run by an irrational, opportunists and sinking United Progressive Alliance, UPA paid no attention for the threat of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in West Bengal, the Bangladeshi Muslims have captured land, money and unequalled power of voting throughout the border districts in Bengal in many places.

From a report of Central Home Secretariate, Govt. of India, endorsed by the State Govt. of West Bengal, now it is evident that such Bangladeshi Muslims highly cause influence upon the 53 (fifty three) Assembly Segments out of total 294 Assembly seats of Bengal Assembly, popularly known as Paschim Banga Bidhan Sabha. As such the Bangladeshi Muslims can control the Bidhan Sabha, and dictate the Govt. of Bengal in all respect. The picture of plight of majority hindu electorates worsened in the State, as muslim electorates have a clear majority in three districts viz. Malda, Murshidabad & Uttar Dinajpur and 63 (sixty three) blocks in West Bengal. Again, an analysis upon projection into the 2001 Census hints abnormal muslim growth everywhere in West Bengal.

With the passive support of both the Central and the State Govt. and with the active support of all the political Parties in W.B.(except BJP) obviously for the grid of muslim block votes, the DGFI & ISI actively rooted down in the soil of Bengal for their purposes. Not only they are successful for the demographic change of Bengal by means of mobilizing the election machinery of Bengal, they have also opened their fronts every where in smuggling, trafficking, drug peddling, illegal cow trading/export, trans border dacoity (gang-robbery) and terrorism with HUJI-B, JEM & other Talibani Groups.

The report hints that the districts of Cooh-Behar,Malda, Murshidabad, Nadia & North 24 Parganas in West Bengal are mostly maneuvered by the DGFI & ISI net-work and these 53 Assembly seats are mostly dominated by the Bangladeshi muslim infiltrators here. The source report from Task Force of Border Management headed by Mr. S.K. Sinha, Ex. Governor of Assam exclusively says that such muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh also dominate the electorate roll of Assam by 40 seats there. And there are 8 million muslim infiltrators in West Bengal, 5.5 million in Assam, 1 million (appx.) in Bihar and Jharkhand (in Katihar,Kishengaj & Sahebganj ), as the report says. In such a way, there are 15 million Bangladeshi muslims now staying in India in its various states. But the situation in Bengal and Assam is over burdened and traumatic. The report also says that most of these muslim infiltrators come from Dinajpur, Sayedpur, Rangpur, Rajsahi, Kusthia, Bagerhat, Satkhira of Bangladesh. And they have almost captured Dhubri , Goalpara, Karimganj and Hailakandi of Assam, Kailasahar, Sabrum, agartala, Udaypur and Belonia of Tripura in North East region of India.

In its most advantageous position, DGFI & ISI joint collaboration is now promoting activities of Mughalistan in Kolkata, Howrah & other districts. The Dacca based Mughalistan Research Institute of Bangladesh, MRIB now spoted various areas marked as Mini Pakistan in Bengal & Eastern India. This Mughalistan comprises the entity of larger Pakistan, right from Afganistan to Mayanmer including Bangladesh, whole of Bengal , Assam & many other portions of India. This Pan Islamic movement gets petro-dollars from Arab World and fake Indian Currency from Pakistan and Bangladesh for the maximum materialization of their plan. The muslim infiltration from Bangladesh gives oxygen to Pan Islamic movement in India. Now they have right access into the West Bengal State Assembly and into the Ministry of Bengal within Writers Building, Kolkata. But the Bengal Politics undermine the situation to set a peril for Bengali Hindus.

Mughalstan - Islamists' Proposed partition of India along religious lines

West Bengal State Assembly

Writer's Building, seat of adminstration of West Bengal State

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amarnath to Gangasagar: The same story of torture upon Hindu Pilgrims

One Nationalist Party and some Hindu Organisations called Nation wide Hartal on 3rd July,2008 upon the issue of denial of lands already assigned to the Amarnath Shrine Board By the J&K Government. Upon the issue the Hurriat Conference, PDP and some other ‘anti Indian’ – ‘anti Hindu’ force created an earlier violence in the society, even upon the guest pilgrims came to Kashmir for paying homage to the holy shrine of Amarnathji. The jehadi force brutally tortured upon the Hindu sadhus and tirthajatris(pilgrims).

As a retaliation a severe protests were found in Jammu over a week and everywhere in India in course of Hartal, the Hindus reacted and conveyed their solidarity to the Hindu pilgrims affected in Amarnathji Yatra.

In Bengal, the issue is now entagged with the shameless torture upon Gangasagar pilgrims made on 12th June,2008 by the fundamentalist Muslim force with the support of ruling Communists in the state. Some three thousand of fanatic muslims and three communist leaders planned to murder 173 attendants of HINDU SAMHATI, a newly formed Hindu Organisation in Bengal, came to Gangasagar for their workshop and campaign for Gow-Ganga-Samaskriti Raksha (Protection of cow progeny, Protection of river Ganges & Protection of Bharatiya Culture). The murderous muslim mob tried to creat a new Godhra in Gangasagar, and thus set fire on the Kolkata Cloth Marchents’ Community Building – the arrenged venue of Hindu Samhati Camp. The singularly muslim mobs headed by the communist leaders carried deadly weapons out rightly to creat a panic upon the hindu pilgrims and the hindu majority residents of Gangasagar.

Though the brave Hindu Boys defended themselves heroically for four long hours before the police and RAF came to the spot, the motivated administration and police forcefully stopped the camp in the name o rescue and arrested 15 participants of Hindu Samhati(HS) Camp including HS leader Tapan Ghosh. But the anti-hindu administration & police of West Bengal did not arrested not a single muslim attacker till date. The HS now have planned to demonstrate over the issue of violence upon hindu pilgrims from Gangasagar to Amarnath throughout India.

On 2nd July,2008 a press conference was held in Kolkata Press Club, chaired by Swami Ashimanandaji Maharaj,Shradha Jagaran Kendra, Dang, Gujrat & Sri Tapan Ghosh, Leader, Hindu Samhati to convey the message of torture upon hindu pilgrims throughout India including Gangasagar & Amarnath. Hindu Samhati demands the withdraw of Pilgrim Tax imposed upon the Gangasagar Pilgrims,no cow slaughter around the Gangasagar Mela Khestra and immediate arrest of fanatic Muslim & CPIM leaders who promoted the attack and violence upon the Hindu pilgrims in Gangasagar on 12.06.08.

Jagatguru Shankaryacharya Swami Vasudevananda,Jyotirmath also condemned the matter of torture and denial of dharmik rights of hindu pilgrims anywhere in India, in a press conference held at Sukhchar Kathiya Baba Ashram (a town nearby Kolkata) some days ago. His holiness said that the Sadhu Samaj & Dharmik Hindus have prepared their mind to restore their religious rights through a Gangasagar Dharma Raksha Abhiyan.

………upananda brahmachari

Hindu Monk of Ramkrishna Order Assaulted Ruthlessly in West Bengal

by Upananda Brahmachari

A panic may strike now the common hindu people for the ongoing incidents of South Bengal for the last two months when the CPIM, the ruling party of the state tasted a bad defeat by losing the muslim support in this region through Panchayet election. When the wining force of All India Trinamul congress (AITMC known as TMC), is considering all the prime posts for the muslim minorities in every stage of Panchayet system, the losing CPIM has already adopted the way of direct torture against hindu people out of any situation for winning the heart of muslim people and to regain the muslim support by giving various packages to the muslim minority.

On June 12,’08 one muslim leader of CPIM Sk. Ismail initiated the attack upon hindu pilgrims in Gangasagar with the help of some 3000 fanatic muslim mob. Now they have tried to capture the Gorerhat Ramakrishna Ashram Campus by attempting murder of Swami Punnyalokanandaji, the Adhyaksha (in-charge) of the religious unit at Gorerhat under Joynagar P.S. South 24 Pgs, some 80 km from Kolkata.. Revered Swamiji is a hindu activists and social reformer who was initiated in monkship by His Holiness Swami Gambhiranandaji Maharaj, the 11th President of Ramakrishna Math & Mission , Belur, Howrah. Swami Punnyalokananda took the charge of Gorerhat R.K. Ashram (a small service center) some years back for the betterment of the local poor & unprivileged people. Swamiji was trying hard to start a coaching center for the primary school boys and a homeopathic dispensary in the ashram. But two leaders of local CPIM Party, Arabinda Mondal & Md. Abur Ali( husband of the sister of Arabinda) had a planning to operate an unauthorized country liquor shop within a tea stall by capturing two rooms of the said Ashram. This was stopped by the Swamiji after taking some steps through police & administration in early days. And for this Arabinda, his wife and sister and also Md Abur Ali were jointly finding a scope to drive out Swamiji from Ashram or even to murder him anyway.

On July 08,’08,the Swami was beaten ruthlessly tied with a tree by the aforesaid CPIM leaders to murder him. The Swami just tried to erect a pillar to protect the ashram fence after offering his morning prayer. The pillar was destroyed by the CPIM goons in the last night. The electronic media of Bengal telecast the ghastly sight of sever body assault upon a senior monk after stripping off his saintly robes.

The Police came to the spot when the Swami was senseless and the CPIM & Muslim fanatics satisfied themselves by a enormous blood-shed of a peaceful Hindu Monk. The Police admitted the Swamiji in nearby Padmer Hat Rural hospital, but arrested not a single culprit caused murderous activities upon Swami Punnyalokananda on spot. Swamiji had many injuries in whole body including scull. A police case was started by Joynagar Police Station on 08/07/08 vide P.S Case No.168/08 after a dairy registered by the Swamiji

Afterwards some devotees of Swamiji took him at SSKM(PG) Hospital Kolkata for a better treatment on 09.07.08. C.T Scan of Brain & other speciality treatment was done there. The health of Swamiji is now out of danger. Swamiji also personally met the District Magistrate & Superintendent of Police, South 24 Pgs., for appropriate action. But the endangered situations for Hindus prevail everywhere in Bengal for the inaction of Police, Administration and obviously for the unaccounted torture upon Hindus by all the secular Parties. The nexus of Political parties, Police, Administration and the Muslim fundamentalist Pressure groups are very much active to eliminate even for any protest to it.

Newly established HINDU SAMHATI and some other prime Hindu Organisations are trying hard to change the situation of endless torture upon Hindus in Bengal. Can Hindus of Bengal survive without joining Hindu Organisations, only relying upon pro-muslim Political Parties for their own fate?

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