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Don't Disturb Please, We are very much busy in Election..........

Yes, This is Kolkata in West Bengal, where molestation of Hindu girl is nothing but an eve-teasing. The Press, Political Parties and Intellectuals don't bother it to keep the sanctity of Secularism of Bengal.



Saturday, April 25, 2009



Islamic expansionism has gripped almost the whole of Kolkata. Barring a very few areas, every place has become sensitive due to Hindu-Muslim tension.
On 21st April evening, Belgachhia area of North Kolkata felt the communal heat. Hindu houses and a market was attacked, a Shiva temple was severely damaged, another temple attacked and some Hindus were beaten up mercilessly.
Kundu Lane of Belgachhia area is a mixed population area. The Hindu inhabited Kundu Lane Slum and Muslim inhabited Belgachhia Slum are adjacent. Hindu women and girls always have to face eve teasing, indecent gestures from the Muslim youths. There is a small tea-shop in Kundu Lane where both Hindus and Muslims drink tea. On last 21st April evening, the shop owner went out of his shop for some work. His 17 year old daughter was running the shop. Six Muslim youths came to the shop, ordered for tea, and started to disturb the girl with indecent gestures. At first the girl tried to ignore those. But ultimately the boys started molesting her by touching her body. This the girl could not tolerate and raised an alarm. Some Hindu youths rushed there, protested, but the Muslim boys ignored them and told them that it is no business of them. Then the Hindu youths beat the Muslim boys and locked up three of them to hand over to police. The other three fled and reported to Muslim locality. Hearing this, Muslims came back in large numbers. Hindus too became ready. Stone throwing started. By this time the police showed up. Somehow controlled the situation and took charge of the three Muslim boys. The police posting is continuing in the area.
Here it should be mentioned that this Kundu Lane comes under Ultadanga P.S. where officer in charge is Abdur Rejjak.
At 11 pm. night, it was dark due to usual power cut in Kolkata. Taking advantage of the darkness, Muslims of neighbouring area on the other side of a railway line joined the Muslims of the Belgachhia slum and they attacked Hindu area in Kundu Lane. First they attacked the local market of Kundu Lane, stoned and demolished some shops. Then they attacked 5/6 Hindu houses. They broke window panes and furniture and beat the members of the houses mercilessly. Then the Muslims attacked a small Shiva-Temple and destroyed it partially. Then they started attacking the famous Yasho-Madhav Temple of the area. By this time, some Hindus gathered courage and unitedly started to resist them. The Hindus threatened the Muslims that if they do not stop attacking the Yasho-Madhav Temple, then they will demolish the nearby Mosque. The threatening worked and the Muslims retreated in the dead of night.
Among the Hindu houses attacked, one prominent was of Ms. Namita Das. She is an elected Councilor/Corporator of that area, i.e., Ward No. 3. She is from CPI(M). Her father shouted in next morning, “ We fled from East Bengal to avoid persecution by Muslims. Here too the same situation. Where is your Subhas Chakraborty (A Minister and MLA of that area)? He is such a big leader, why he has not come to save us?”
In the morning of 22nd April, Hindus gathered in large number at Kundu Lane. They were tremendously aggrieved. Sri Bablu Das, a CPI(M) cadre and brother of Namita Das led the mob to Belgachhia Metro Rail station. They blocked the Metro Rail service for 2 hours in morning. A huge Police contingent with RAF (Rapid Action Force) reached there to control the Hindus. Kolkata Police Commissioner Gautam Mohan Chakraborty himself came, tried to pacify the Hindus. After 2 hours, blocked of Metro Rail was lifted, but the main road block continued till 1 pm. Their main demand was to arrest all the six Muslim culprits. Police already let off the three molesters whom they booked previous evening.
On the 22nd afternoon, a Hindu Samhati Team visited the area. The whole area is cordoned off by a large number of police. Hindus are afraid that anytime Muslims from the other side of Railway line will enter their area and attack them. There is a large Railway residential housing complex, named Dakhindari Rail Quarter by the side of the rail line. Hindu residents of Kundu Lane and Dakhindari Rail Quarters are now demanding to build a high wall in between the Rail line and the Rail quarter. What a pity! We saw that a large number of police manning that boundary area very cautiously. We also came to know that Kolkata Police Commissioner assured the Hindus that the high wall will be built.
On 23rd April morning Md. Salim came to the area to meet the people there. Hindu women abused him, and he had to flee the scene. Md. Salim is the CPI(M) candidate in the ensuing Parliamentary Election from this Kolkata North Constituency.
Everyday evening, the women Metro Rail commuters of this area have to face the misbehavior and indecent gestures by the Muslim youths. It has become a practice for them. So, Hindus of the area are already perturbed and aggrieved. The whole area has become extremely tense.
On 23rd April morning, in the advice of their leaders, Muslims too blocked the main road to use pressure-tactic so that Police do not arrest the Muslim culprits.
The eve-teasing and molestation of women is not confined to Belgachhia alone in Kolkata. It is a common practice by the Muslim youths in many areas of Kolkata.
Police and State Govt tried to prevent the media persons to enter the area. But here, media houses are more than willing to suppress the news. Their stated theory is: the news of any communal clash will spread the clash in more areas. So, it is better to suppress this type of news for maintaining communal peace. Hence, Ananda Bazar group of papers absolutely blacked out this news. Bartaman and some other papers published it very insignificantly, as a mere eve-teasing news. n
It is reported that BJP candidate from Kolkata North Parliamerntary Constituency and Ex-President of BJP State Committee Sri Tathagata Roy visited the disturbed area disguisedly and held a meeting near Tala Park and protested the increasing muslim hooliganism in and around Kolkata. The local police prevented Mr Roy to hold any meeting at the nearest to the spot of humiliation and molestation of a Hindu girl.
Telephone no. of Ultadanga P.S. is 033 23566263

Source : Hindu Samhati at 9:34 AM

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

SFI activist beaten up for Anti-Indian activities.

What do they mean for Indian Nationalism?.............................
Bharat Mata and Bande Mataram are still communal and objectionable for SFI members ??

Mashat, Hoogly, West Bengal, India 22nd April, 2009: During a campaign programme in the Vidyasagsar Mahavidyalaya (College) at Suchia, Mashat some altercation took place between the student-supporters of SFI(Students Federation of India) and ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad), April,16th,2009. Mirazul Rahaman, a activist of SFI fueled in that altercation by damaging a portrait of Bharat Mata (Mother India) printed in the posters made by ABVP State Committee. It is reported that a violent Mirazul smashed the posters by his feet and uttered some ugly slogans against Indian Nationalism and Hindus in general. The posters alerted the viewers about the menace of increasing Bangladeshi Infiltrators in India , as well as West Bengal and the matter of public insecurity caused by the different attacks of Islamist outfits in the name of Jehad. The Hindu students and the ABVP supporters challenged Mirazul, but the culprit fled away successfully with the help of his fellow comrades.The aggrieved Hindus demanded an apology by Mirazul for his anti-national activities.

It was the 11 am of 22nd April, when some students challenged Mirazul and demanded his apology for his early misdeeds on the locality of Suchia. For an unchanged Mirazul, the public compelled to beat him pungently till a Mirazul can understand the severity of doing some anti-national propaganda and the meaning and honor of Bharat Mata to the Indians. Mirazul later admitted into a local nursing home for his treatment. As per latest, a tension prevails around the locality and the organized Hindu students vowed to face any situation to save the dignity of Indian Nationalism at any cost. They will not tolerate any humiliation of India and anti-national propaganda any way as an agitated student remarked very confidently.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Strong Protest against Bengali Film "CHALLENGE...nibi na sala"

Sammilita Gaudiya Vaishnava Samaj, Hindu Samhati and United Hindu Forum challenged the Bengali Film "Challenge".

Diamond Harbour, South 24 Pgs, WB, India, April 12, 2009: A strong protest and high agitation interrupted the smooth show of Bengali Film "Challenge nibi na sala" at New Bijoli Cinema Hall at the southern town of Diamond Harbour, 45 km away from Kolkata. The protesters pulled down the banners and posters outside the Hall and set fire with slogans that the Hindus will not tolerate anyway the humiliation of Hindu God and Goddesses and Great men in the name of entertainment. This film runs a song "Bhaja Gouranga, Laha Gouranga , Kaho Gouranga...... Krishna korle lila, amra korle bila" which depicts some obscene and vulgarity in a dance scene in a pub.

Some 2oo protesters lead by Sri Madan Prabhu, Head Monk of Local Gaudiya Math and Upananda Brahmachari, Prominent Activist of Hindu Samhati, blocked the entrance of the Hall and delivered their lectures for re-censor the impugned song and eliminate the song at once to respect the sentiments of Hindus hurt by the unnecessary input of the song in question. Sri Barun Shankar Thakur, a whole timer of RSS was also present all along to encourage the participators in the agitation.

The Protester shouted slogans as, Hindus will not tolerate any humiliation upon dharma, The Producer and Censor Board have to put off the derogatory song about Sri Krishna and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Stop all types of humiliation of Hindu Dharma and Hindu great men in Literature, Paintings, Songs, Drama and advertisements. Jai Sree Ram, Sri Krishna Chandra Ki Jai, Chaitanya Maha Prabhu Ki Jai, Bharat Mata Ki Jai slogans rented the air when the agitation was in a high pitch. Sri Madan Prabhu emphatically delivered in his lecture we will adopt the same way as shown by Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu in the case of Chand Quazi Dalan, if the Hindus do not get positive result. This is not a protest for one time, now the Hindus are ready to protest several times until the justice and prestige of Dharma is upheld.

Sri Upananda Brhmachari met the press and declared that honoring the interim order of Sri Tapas Mitra, Honb'le Judge of Nabadwip Court, we have performed the whole agitation keeping law and order properly. That does not mean that the Hindus are passive. As the Producer and Director are directed to appear to Court on 17th April, we will wait for that time. We have full faith on Judiciary. But, if the same is reluctant to save the sentiments of Hindus, the Hindus will see the last of it. Brahmachari added that a formal representation will be given to the SDO Diamond Harbour with mass signature. Sri Amaresh Mukherjee, educationist and critic joined the protest rally and resented with the vulgarity in modern films and literature by some so called secular elements in Bengal. Sri Tapan Biswas, renowned Advocate, Diamond Harbour Criminal Court also present in the protest rally.
The Hindu leaders of the protest rally gave a written protest letter to Sri Chandi Jana, the owner of New Bijoli Cinema Hall to ban the song in question. Sri Jana assured that he will take the matter of sentiment of Hindus very quickly to the Producer of the Film.
The organisers of the Protest rally expect from the International Hindu Community to creat a Pressure Group for banning the derogatory song in the Bengali Film " Challenge.. nibi na sala" .What a Sub-Title of the Film !! This is the language they want to introduce with. Really this a challenge to Indian tradition, Bengali culture and Legacy of Tagore , Nazrul, Sukanta and Jeevananda of Bengal.
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bengali Goudiya Vaishnav Samaj Took the Challenge !!

Awake, Arise to Protect the Prestige of Dharma........................


Unprecedented Protests of Bengali Hindus against the Bangla Movie -"Challenge......nibi na shala".

Kolkata & Bagnan, Howrha, April 9th, 2009.

This time the Bengali Hindus throughout West Bengal are coming to road to register their protest against the Bengali Film "Challenge". In this action-drama-love-comedy cocktail 'Bangla Boi' an unnecessary disco extravaganza song runs for fun using filthy and derogatory words in the name of Lord Krishna. The 'Samkirtan Padas' are also used in this song in a very unusual manner of hitting the sentiments of all Gouriya Vaishnavite and Hindus in general. The song " Baja Gourang Kaho Gouranga Laha Gourangaer Nam Re" in a very seductive dance of the Hero of this film with ultra skirted Heroin, goes further "Krishna Korle Lila, Amra Korle Billa" and so on. This song has no relevance with the story and importance even portraying the situation.

The movie -Challenge- is an action movie based on a love story of Abir played by Dev and Pooja played by Subhashree. Subhashree portrays a girl with an extremely conservative and obsessive father. Abir is her classmate and She falls in love with him. Her father Mr. Agnidev Sen never tolerates anyone looking at her that way or even tries to be friend with his daughter. He terrifies, beats everybody to protect his daughter. Abir ‘challenges’ Mr. Agnidev Sen that he will marry Pooja with his permission and at his house and Abir’s father (Biswajit Chakraborty) encourages him to continue his fight on. Subhashree also loves her dad but at the same time dreams about someone capable enough to challenge her dad. Who can really fight her dad for her. Abir’s courage and determination eventually gets Abir and Pooja married. There is no connection of the Song hitting the sentiment of Hindus with the story or the situation of the Film.Starring by Dev, Subhashree Ganguly, Rajatava Datta, Labony Sarcar, Biswajit Chakraborty, Tulika Bose, Tamal Rai Chowdhury, Supriyo Datta and others and Directed by Raj Chakraborty and Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films hit the Bengali Film Market with a big budget. The shooting of the film was held at different locations at Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and Kolkata. The Music of the film is arranged by Jeet Ganguli. All the Hindu Film stars or connected people with this film did not even bother trying to demoralize an Ideal of Indian and Bengali Culture. Lord Shri Krishna and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu are mostly revered not only India or Bengal but throughout the World of Hindu Culture.

Though from Mayapur, Nabadwip the very 'Lilasthali of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya', the protest against the vulgarity in the film depicting Lord Krishna and Sri Chaitanya was initiated in the last of March, now the protests and agitations are likely to be held in every corner and cinema hall showing this film.

In North Bengal, Matha Bhanga, Cooch Behar District, the Gouriya Vaishnav Samaj took out a silent march on 8th April, with protest banners and distributed leaflets. On behalf of Matha Bhanga Vaishnab Samaj, Sri Goutam Goswami retaliated to the press that this is a big jab to the Believers of Sanatana Dharma. We also sing the same Bhaja Gouranga in our Samkirtan , but the film maker did it a very objectionable way. The picturization of the song is very much nasty and obscene as an annoyed Goswami remarked promptly. The Organizers of Martha Bhang Vishnu Samar has chalked out protest rallies before the Cinema Halls showing this deliberated film against Hindu sentiments. They also gave a memorandum to the SDO (Sub Divisional Officer) to censor and cut off the scene of dance from the film for uninterrupted show. Otherwise the problem will be more serious.

In South Bengal, in front of a Cinema Hall at Bagnan, Howrah the Devotees of Mayapur Gouriya Ashram's Ramchandrapur Unit, obstructed the Matinee show showing the film - 'Challenge' and teared off the Posters and banners of the Film. The devotees shouted 'Jai-Dhwani' of Sanatana Dharma and did Samkirtan jubilantly. The passersby and the people in the ticket queue also joined the Samkirtan Group. On behalf of the Ramchandrapur Mayapur Gouriya Ashram, Sri Arindam Das Prabhu told the media that the agitation must not stop until the goal is reached. Further the Prabhu said that Sri Chaitnya was a Lion not a sheep. So the followers of Sri Chaitaya will surely defeat the culprits against Sanatana Hindu dharma.

As the trends of the agitation are going high pitch, the Administration and Police in West Bengal is contemplating it seriously. The Intelligence sources said that there will be more agitation in urban and town areas in West Bengal in coming weeks invariably.

The sentimentally injured Hindu people now expect a joint agitation and high protest by all the followers of Sri Krishna and Mahaprabhu Chaitanya including All Gaudiya Mathas, ISKCON, Ramakrishna Mission, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Asam Bangiya Swarasat Math, All the Vaisnava Maths etc. against the impugned picturization of the song, " Bhaja Gouranga......."

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