Monday, January 18, 2016

Hindu Jagaran Manch leads the protest against Kaliachak Riot and Communal situation in WB.

Kolkata Protest.

Hindu Jagaran Mancha and others protest Kaliachak Communal Riot; condemn state inaction and demand the resignation of Mamata Banerjee.

Samudra Gupta | Spotlight Media | Kolkata | January 18, 2016:: Hindu Jagaran Mancha (HJM), South Bengal Unit, toady rallied in Kolkata on 18 January 2016 in protest of the Communal Riot lashed out on 3rd January 2016 at Kaliachak in Malda district of WB by a frenzied Islamic group named  Edara-e-Sharia. 

The Rally started from Collage square and ended through a meeting in Rani Rasmoni Road in Kolkata.

In the Rally various speakers demanded immediate resignation of WB CM, Ban on Edara-e-Sharia outfits, full stop in state Muslim appease policy and the safety-security of peace loving Hindu citizen of WB.

Various speakers highlighted the Hindu persecution in rural and urban Bengal due to TMC hooliganism mainly perpetrated by anti-social Muslims who took shelter in the party during these years. 

One of the organizers Nabendu Banerjee of HJM told, "We will not allow Mamata Banerjee to make this West Bengal as West Bangladesh!"

A participant told Spotlight Media that Mamata Banerjee promised Bengal people to make Kolkata as London, but she made Malda as Taliban state like Afghanistan.

It is now revealed the illegal harvest of poppy seeds in Malda-Sujapur-Kaliachak areas drastically turned down the law and order situation in entire Malda district and adjacent areas. 

A good numbers of youth from Kolkata and adjacent districts participated in the rally.

A street corner was also held near Sonarpur Railway station by HJM On 17th January evening.
Sonarpur Protest.

In Delhi some Hindu groups led by RSS protested the growing communal situation like Kaliachak, Deganga, Canning, Usthi, Samudragarh etc. in West Bengal and rallied upto Banga Bhavan.

Delhi Protest.

Kaliachak-Malada Leaflet by HJM.

Pic Courtesy: FB postings of Upananda Brahmachari, Manik Dey and Krishanu Mitra. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Islamist Mamata Banerjee is humiliating Hindus of Bakreshwar due to her Muslim appeasement policy.

Puja stopped in Bakreshwar Temple for half day in protest of communal politics of Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee.

Samudra Gupta | Spotlight Media | Suri | January 15, 2016:: Though the State BJP demands a gate in the way named after both the shrines, one for Hindus and other for Muslim to symbolise harmony, the culpable CM of West Bengal stealthy promised to the Muslims to make it exclusively Islamic only.

The Birbhum district unit of BJP has been demanding a common gate be built on National Highway No. 60 for pilgrims to Bakreswar temple (A 1000 years old Shiva Temple connected with Shakti Peetha) and Patharchapuri shrine ( A 100 year old Majar on a Muslim Oli) in the district and named after the two famous religious places to symbolise the communal harmony.

The renowned Muslim shrine Patharchapuri falls on the way from Suri to ancient Bakreswar, a famous Lord Shiva pilgrimage site which is known for its hot-spring also. But, the appeasement policy of TMC and WB CM fuels the situation towards a Hindu-Muslim division. 

It is cracked that, the Islamist CM of West Bengal has promised to the Patharchapuri Shrine committee that "No Hindu names will be included in the gate plaque" in the middle of Suri-Bakreshwar Road proceeding towards both Brakreshwar Shiva Temple and Patharchapuri Majar. 

The Data Baba Majar Committee requested the visiting WB CM not to include any "Napak (unholy) Hindu name with the Pak (holy) name of Data Baba of Patharchapuri", anywhere even in the plaque of the gate under construction. 

Mamata Banerjee came to Patharchapuri on 2nd December last year in Suri for administrative meeting and reached Patharchapuri Majar to fulfill her prayer for an Islamic Bengal eventually.

Seeing this development for a blatant denial for the rights of Hindus and an uncanny attempt of removing the name of Bakreshwar from the plaque of the gate under construction by State Tourism Department, the priests, servitude of temples and the common Hindu men in the locality came to the street in protest.  

On January 13, the Hindus of the locality blocked the NH 60 for hours until the local administration took the representation of aggrieved Hindus present in the protest. The agitating Hindus assembled in the nearby village Karidhya and marched upto the gate under construction. They started road block and stated slogan shouting against Muslim appeasement policy and undermining the Hindus issues by the TMC and State Govt. The priests and servitude also joined the agitation by stopping the Puja at Bakreshwar and other temples. However all the temples were remained open. 

Hearing the road-blockade, BDO, Suri -I, Sri Kaushik Mukhrjee reached the spot and assured the immediate forwarding the representation to the State Govt through proper channel incorporating all the points raised by the local Hindus regarding the issue. 

Actually, the conventional road direction also reflects the name of Bakreshwar, Anukul mandir and Patharchapuri. But, the Islamic insanity of Mamata Banerjee put the situation unbearable to local Hindus for removing age old Hindu names from the local Hindu identity.

Getting shocked with the identity crisis a good number of Hindus of TMC party also joined in the agitation and criticized Muslim appeasement of Mamata Banerjee. 

Sensing a political mileage, the Dist BJP is preparing a bigger agitation holding the Bakreshwar issue as a political divide in TMC.

"...The gate must be named as Bakreswar-Patharchapuri Toran so that the visitors can find the routes of both places. This gate may be a symbol of communal harmony if the names of both this pilgrimages is mentioned," the newly appointed district President of BJP Ramkrishna Roy said.

The Secretary of Bakreshwar Temple Committee, Sri Rajib Banerjee told Spotlight Media, "WB CM Mamata Banerjee tells everywhere that mora ek brinte duti kusum - Hindu Musalman' i.e. Hindu Muslims are two flowers in a calyx; but why she is preparing the gate for one flower here?"

The Hindu Jagran Manch and RSS are also going door to door with leaflets describing the serial Hindu discrimination upon Hindus in West Bengal and the list of endless Muslim appeasement in the state by TMC and Mamata Banerjee.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The role of Mamata Banerjee to run Malda Riot in West Bengal.

Arnab Goswami Exposed #MaldaHypocrisy & #CommunalMamata in #TimesNow .

GSK Menon & Samudra Gupta | Spotlight Media | Kolkata | January 12, 2016:: At last Times Now has had the courage to expose the Malda riots in its entirety. Mr Arnab Goswami was at his mercurial best exposing the fraudsters who have been using the term “Secularism” to foster communal vote banks and remain in power.
Muslims in India have been over pampered by all political parties to remain in power. Their swelling population poses a grave security risk. Entire stretches of our international land borders and coastline have been taken over by the Muslims.
W.Bengal presents a case study of what dangers are awaiting India in the times to come. Most Districts bordering Bangladesh has been packed with Bangladeshis and a quick annexation by Bangladesh is a distinct possibility. Assam is another tinderbox waiting to explode. Kashmir is a brewing volcano. Down South, Kerala is becoming a major hub for fundamentalist training, ideology, and financing of terror groups. Government has to act decisively.
The so called Secular Brigade (read anti Hindu and mostly namesake beef-eating Hindus) are playing with fire. It is time to change our Constitution, it is not in harmony with the existing times, it is abused and misused by politicians and bureaucrats for narrow purposes. Our Military and Police are being put in a tight spot by these petty minded people. See how the Police in Malda was pulverised and ravaged. The idea is to terrorize the Police into submission. Mamta Banerjee needs to own up the responsibility for her complicity, connivance and abatement of destruction of Malda Police Station. 
Malda is not a singularized case of communal flare up in Jihadi way in Kamlesh Tiwari row. In the same style of Kaliachak, the frenzied Muslim mob attacked Baisi Police station in Purnia, Bihar on 6th January, ransacked and destroyed police records and damaged public properties, set fore on public and police vehicles and ran away. Some experts now saying that the modus operandi  of the attacks on police by the Muslim mobs over the issue on blasphemy by Tiwari are almost same to put the Hindus in a Islamic threat and to destroy police records involving the criminality of Muslim offenders in the locality.
The other important point is coming to surface that the Radical Islamic wings are putting more pressure to the non-BJP ruled states like West Bengal (run by TMC/ CM Mamata Banerjee), Bihar (JD-RJD/ CM Nitish Kumar) etc. to franchise their more bargaining power to get the political mileage for the minority appeasement and power sharing.
Interesting these frenzied Muslim mobs only harm the Hindu officers deployed in the PS and the local Hindu shops, vehicles etc. Not for others.
In Malda, the whole of communal instigation was made by an Islamic organisation name Edara-e-Sharia headed by two Rajya Sabha Members, viz. Maulana Golam Rasul Balyavi (JD-U MP from Bihar) and Ahamed Hasan Imran (TMC MP from WB).
"Mamata Banerjee has no guts to tackle frenzied Muslim people in Bengal. She is playing Muslim Vote Bank Politics. WB CM Mamata Banerjee should resign right now", told Arnab Goswami in Times Now - Newshour Debate.
Here under we put the Times Now Debate on 11th January, 2016 which is sufficient to prove the role of JD-U MP from Bihar to flare up the Communal Riot in Sujapur-Kaliachak in Malda and obviously the great patronage and appeasement policy of Mamata Banerjee to boost up the Jihadi communal line in Bengal.
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