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Ex-Army Muslim culprit kill Hindu Police Officer

Murdered Sanat Ghosh by the Muslim culprits.

Family recounts last-night chat - Wife asked ASI to wait till morning

As he was a profound supporter of RSS ideology, he tried his best to put her daughter in Saraswati Sishu Mandir successfully. He learnt dedication for work and the punctuality from the RSS Sakha (one hour daily performance) in his teens. And he sacrificed his life for the dignity of his assigned duties. But it is a great note of exclamation to every locals that no men from RSS or the authorities of Sishu Mandir reached Sanat's home to give a solace to the bereaved family of Ghoses.
"Sanat Ghosh’s wife recounted the last conversation she had with him last night and lamented why she hadn’t implored him enough to conduct the raid in the morning with more men.

The assistant sub-inspector of police had called up his wife Mita around 11pm yesterday. He said he was going to raid a house in a Ratua village. Mita who stays at the police lines here with the couple’s daughter had asked him not to enter the village at the dead of night with so few men.

“It cannot be helped, the number of policemen at the thana is, too, inadequate,” Ghosh told her before leaving the Ratua police station.

“If only I had pleaded enough. I cannot forgive myself,” said Mita surrounded by neighbours.

“I am going on a raid. You have dinner and go to bed I will call you in the morning,” Mita quoted Ghosh as saying. “When I asked him who else were accompanying him, he told me. I asked him why he had home guards and the NVF (and not constables) with him, he told me he had no other alternative as there was inadequate force at the police station,” Mita said.

She said her husband was totally devoted to his duty and paid scant attention to household affairs. “His work was his priority, when I tried to pull him up, he used to say that at his age what else could he do? Now I am left with our 10-year-old daughter all by myself. We were supposed to join him in Ratua next month. All those plans are now shattered.”

The couple’s daughter is a Class V student of Saraswati Sishu Mandir.

Ghosh’s younger brother, Swadhin Ghosh, arrived this morning from their ancestral home in Kardaha in Tapan, South Dinajpur. Swadhin, a high school teacher in Tapan, stays there with their ageing parents and his wife.

“Our parents had struggled financially all along. When my brother joined the police in 1997, he used to supplement the family income,” Swadhin said.

Additional police superintendent of Malda Kalyan Mukherjee remembered Ghosh as the most courageous and responsible among the ASIs in the district police force. “He could be very acceptable to the public,” Mukherjee said.

When confronted with the information that the NVF personnel had rifles that allegedly did not work, Malda police chief Bhuban Mondol said: “The police fired one round. Ghosh did not get the chance to touch his revolver, so the bullet must have been fired by the other policemen. So how can you say that the rifles did not work? We are investigating into what exactly took place.” Senior officers said the role of those accompanying Ghosh was being probed.

The police chief said three years ago, the family of a youth had filed an abduction complaint against 48-year-old Ansarul, his wife Mamtaz Bagum and four sons Sheikh Ibrail, Shiekh Rasel, Shiekh Kayes and Shiekh Ayesh, and three others. They had complained that the youth from a village in Manikchak had been lured away with the promise of a job in Delhi by Ansarul and his family and had gone missing since then.

“The police had been trying to track down Ansarul for sometime. Ghosh had got the news that Ansarul had turned up in Chandpur and had gone to arrest him,” Mondol said.

Early this morning, enraged villagers ransacked Ansarul’s house and set it on fire. A former Congress panchayat pradhan of the area, Abdul Mannan, said: “The police came looking for Ansarul regularly and the family had earlier been chased out of villages in Manikchak and Ratua.”

The police handed over Ghosh’s body to his family after a post-mortem and a guard of honour."

From a very reliable source it is known that Sk. Ansarul has been operating a racket of trafficking along with some suspected activitivism in favour of Islamic Fundamental Organisations in the border district areas with his full home team of Mamtaz Begum (wife), and four sons Sheikh Ibrail, Shiekh Rasel, Shiekh Kayes and Shiekh Ayesh. As Ansarul was a Ex-Army man, he always tried to grab the situation with the help of his pervious designation. It has also been surfaced that Ansarul supplied a huge number bullets to the Muslim goons of the area from an unknown source. Ansarul had a suspected connection with Jagroto Muslim Bangla Dal (JMB Party) which is connected with a plan to divide West Bengal on communal basis.

As per the statement of Ibrahim Khan, a sitting Congress Panchayet member of the village and the Ex-Prodhan of the concerned Panchayet, Abdul Mannan - "Ansarul is a very dangerous type of man. Nobody dare to mix with him or his family members"

The affairs in details definately struck the concerned to the matter of posting of Muslims in Army and Police, as no army or police training can help to change these Muslim Fundamentalists from the clutch of obstinate religiosity and devout anti-socialism.

posted by Sambuddha Gupta.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Best Obituary for Late Com. Jyoti Basu


As per available report Com. Jyoti Basu expired today at 11.47 am in Kolkata. A legend as per Communist belief, is unfortunately deprived to see a Muslim West Bengal for which he dedicated his life over 60 years in his political career. He was the champion of Muslim politics and a successful colleague of Muzaffar Ahamed, who paved the way for Pakistan or the Divide of Bharatvarsha and caused the onslaught of in-numerous Hindus in this sub-continent and the permanent humiliation and torture of uprooted Hindus of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and the Hindus in West Bengal in his inequitable regime over 30 years.

As per Hindu belief, we must pray to God to take his soul to permanent abode of peace or into the inferno according to his deeds and misdeeds. But obviously he made this land of Bengal as an inferno for the persecuted Hindus in both the sides of Ganga and Padma.

Com. Jyoti Basu was a refugee from East Pakistan, now Bangladesh and tried his level best to make all the Hindus as refugee and the jimmi (captive) of Muslims in many ways. He was a true friend of Islamofascists of this subcontinent and nobody can disbelieve this truth anyway. Perhaps he had a blueprint ( read green-print ) to fix the fate of Bengali Hindus alike the fate of Hindus of Kashmir. Within 2011 the Bengali Hindus have to taste this reality eventually. As Kashmir is still a part of India and Hindus there are under an inexpressible torture, humiliation and persecution by the religious Muslims of Kashmir, in the same way, the days are ahead in West Bengal to see the same situation here as a great contribution of this Greatest Comrade of Bengal forever. His most rival and affectionately Miss Mamata Banerjee (another refugee from East Bengal) is profoundly maintaining the legacy of Jyoti Basu in this respect.

Com. Basu was son of Dr. Nishikanta Basu, who was a saint like personality and a devotee of Baba Lokenath Brahamachari and a devout Hindu. But Jyoti Basu never tried to understand Hinduism or feel the problems of Hindus as a Hindu.

My knowledge is limited about his greatness and consequently to render an obituary for this departed soul. I may take the help of my friend Kanchan Gupta in Daily Pioneer in this respect. Long Live Jyoti Basu. Alas ! He is no more !!!

Destroyer of West Bengal
Kanchan Gupta | January 10, 2010 | Read original in Daily Pioneer

Had it been Jyoti Banerjee lying unattended in a filthy general ward of SSKM Hospital in Kolkata and not Jyoti Basu in the state-of-the-art ICCU of AMRI Hospital, among the swankiest and most expensive super-speciality healthcare facilities in West Bengal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would not have bothered to arrange for a video-conference for top doctors at AIIMS to compare notes with those attending on the former Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Jyoti Banerjee, like most of us, spent his working life paying taxes to the Government. Jyoti Basu spent the better part of his life living off tax-payers’ money — the conscience of the veteran Marxist was never pricked by the fact that he appropriated for himself a lifestyle shunned by his comrades and denied to the people of a State whose fate he presided over for a quarter century. Kalachand Roy laid what we know today as Odisha to waste in the 16th century; Jyoti Basu was the 20th century’s Kala Pahad who led West Bengal from despair to darkness, literally and metaphorically.

Uncharitable as it may sound, but there really is no reason to nurse fond memories of Jyoti Basu. In fact, there are no fond memories to recall of those days when hopelessness permeated the present and the future appeared bleak. Entire generations of educated middle-class Bengalis were forced to seek refuge in other States or migrate to America as Jyoti Basu worked overtime to first destroy West Bengal’s economy, chase out Bengali talent and then hand over a disinherited State to Burrabazar traders and wholesale merchants who overnight became ‘industrialists’ with a passion for asset-stripping and investing their ‘profits’ elsewhere. A State that was earlier referred to as ‘Sheffield of the East’ was rendered by Jyoti Basu into a vast stretch of wasteland; the Oxford English Dictionary would have been poorer by a word had he not made ‘gherao’ into an officially-sanctioned instrument of coercion; ‘load-shedding’ would have never entered into our popular lexicon had he not made it a part of daily life in West Bengal though he ensured Hindustan Park, where he stayed, was spared power cuts. It would have been churlish to grudge him the good life had he not exerted to deny it to others, except of course his son Chandan Basu who was last in the news for cheating on taxes that should have been paid on his imported fancy car.

Let it be said, and said bluntly, that Jyoti Basu’s record in office, first as Deputy Chief Minister in two successive United Front Governments beginning 1967 (for all practical purposes he was the de facto Chief Minister with a hapless Ajoy Mukherjee reduced to indulging in Gandhigiri to make his presence felt) and later as Chief Minister for nearly 25 years at the head of the Left Front Government which has been in power for 32 years now, the “longest elected Communist Government” as party commissars untiringly point out to the naïve and the novitiate, is a terrible tale of calculated destruction of West Bengal in the name of ideology. It’s easy to criticise the CPI(M) for politicising the police force and converting it into a goons brigade, but it was Jyoti Basu who initiated the process. It was he who instructed them, as Deputy Chief Minister during the disastrous UF regime, to play the role of foot soldiers of the CPI(M), first by not acting against party cadre on the rampage, and then by playing an unabashedly partisan role in industrial and agrarian disputes.

The fulsome praise that is heaped on Jyoti Basu today — he is variously described by party loyalists and those enamoured of bhadralokMarxists as a ‘humane administrator’ and ‘farsighted leader’ — is entirely misleading if not undeserving. Within the first seven months of the United Front coming to power, 43,947 workers were laid off and thousands more rendered jobless as factories were shut down following gheraos and strikes instigated and endorsed by him. The flight of capital in those initial days of emergent Marxist power amounted to Rs 2,500 million. In 1967, there were 438 ‘industrial disputes’ involving 165,000 workers and resulting in the loss of five million man hours. By 1969, there were 710 ‘industrial disputes’ involving 645,000 workers and a loss of 8.5 million man hours. That was a taste of things to come in the following decades. By the time Jyoti Basu demitted office, West Bengal had nothing to boast of except closed mills and shuttered factories; every institution and agency of the State had been subverted under his tutelage; and, the civil administration had been converted into an extension counter of the CPI(M) with babus happy to be used as doormats.

After every outrage, every criminal misdeed committed by Marxist goons or the police while he was Chief Minister, Jyoti Basu would crudely respond with a brusque “Emon to hoyei thaakey” (or, as Donald Rumsfeld would famously say, “Stuff happens!”). He did not brook any criticism of the Marich Jhapi massacre by his police in 1979 when refugees from erstwhile East Pakistan were shot dead in cold blood. Till date, nobody knows for sure how many died in that slaughter for Jyoti Basu never allowed an independent inquiry. Neither did the man whose heart bled so profusely for the lost souls of Nandigram hesitate to justify the butchery of April 30, 1982 when 16 monks and a nun of the Ananda Marg order were set ablaze in south Kolkata by a mob of Marxist thugs. The man who led that murderous lot was known for his proximity to Jyoti Basu, a fact that the CPI(M) would now hasten to deny. Nor did Jyoti Basu wince when the police shot dead 13 Congress activists a short distance from Writers’ Building on July 21, 1993; he later justified the police action, saying it was necessary to enforce the writ of the state. Yet, he wouldn’t allow the police to act every time Muslims ran riot, most infamously after Mohammedan Sporting Club lost a football match.

Did Jyoti Basu, who never smiled in public lest he was accused of displaying human emotions, ever spare a thought for those who suffered terribly during his rule? Was he sensitive to the plight of those who were robbed of their lives, limbs and dignity by the lumpen proletariat which kept him in power? Did his heart cry out when women health workers were gang-raped and then two of them murdered by his party cadre on May 17, 1990 at Bantala on the eastern margins of Kolkata? Or when office-bearers of the Kolkata Police Association, set up under his patronage, raped Nehar Banu, a poor pavement dweller, at Phulbagan police station in 1992? “Emon to hoyei thaakey,” the revered Marxist would say, and then go on to slyly insinuate that the victims deserved what they got.

As a Bengali, I grieve for the wasted decades but for which West Bengal, with its huge pool of talent, could have led India from the front. I feel nothing for Jyoti Basu.

posted by Tanusree Pathak

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Islamic Plan to caputure Kolkata’s top-most finacial hub. Fundamentalists set in old Mosque in Hindu majority area for maneuvering.

Kolkata Resists Muslim Aggression. Hindu Women performed Arati in open road to stop road-show Namaz by outsider Muslims in Burrabazar.

TMC District President Ashok Jha sacked by Mamata Banerjee to appease the Islamists over an illegal and unjustified extension of a dilapidated and almost abandoned Mosque.

Courtsey : hinduexistence on January 10, 2010

There is a small dilapidated building in Burrabazar area of Kolkata. It was once owned by a Muslims before 1947. Presently there is no Muslim house in the
locality. About 20 years back some Muslims came and requested local Hindus that they want to offer Namaz there every Friday. Hindus granted their appeal. Not only that, local Hindu businessmen helped them to remodeling it as a Mosque providing them stone and marble as donation. Only 10-12 Muslims used to come there every Friday and offer Namaz. There was no disturbance, no problem. In fact Hindus protect the so called Mosque throughout the time. Despite the fact that space is extremely costly in this area as this Burrabazar is business capital of entire Eastern India, that religious place of Muslims was never encroached by the local businessmen.

But, they had an eye on it. Since last one year Muslims tried to make illegal construction on the roof of the building. Naturally local residents gave objection because it would block the windows of the neighboring households. One of the adjacent building is of Sri Ashok Jha who was the President of Trinamool Congress of Burrabazar District till six day back. He too gave objection as his windows also would be blocked by the illegal construction. But, Muslims tried repeatedly. Hence Ashok Jha prayed to Judicial Court and got injunction upon the illegal construction. Court also ordered the Police to Impose section 144 of Cr PC under which any gathering in the area is prohibited.
Defying all these Court Orders, Muslims again put a tin shed over the roof of the building. Despite complaining, Police took no action. By this time the local people formed a forum named Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha.. This committee collected mass signature and campaigned against this illegal construction because the local Hindus became apprehensive about the sinister design of the Muslims to expand their area of domination throughout the area.

Getting stiff resistance from Hindu populace and Ashok Jha, Muslims sought help from the infamous Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Masjid, Kolkata. Barkati informed to Mamata Banerjee and complained against Ashok Jha. Mamata Banerjee is ever ready and more than eager to please Muslims. So she ordered Jha to stop the agitation. Jha tried to explain the actual situation and local sentiment. But Mamata is already convinced what to do. She sacked Ashok Jha instantly from the post of District President of TMC and conveyed the decision by TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj, as reports came in.

On 6th January, the members of Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha removed the tin shed from the roof of the building. Muslims made a hue and cry and spread a rumor that the Mosque has been broken by Hindus. On the Same day afternoon, TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj visited the spot and told the Muslims to go ahead with the construction and that he would protect them.
In this situation Ashok Jha with his followers started fast unto death from 7th January morning against the unlawful activities of the Muslims. 8th January was Friday. Tension was palpable in the area. Police posting was there. At 12 noon, about 300 Muslims came by trucks and cars. There was no space inside the building for such a huge crowd. They assembled on the road Rabindra Sarani. Mohalla committee members appealed to the police to disperse them as Sec. 144 was already imposed there. But police took no action. Muslims formed cues, blocked the road and offered Namaz. By this time about 2000 Hindus also gathered there. They did not create any obstruction to the Namaz. But, they too started Bhajan and Arati on the road. Hindu women took part in it in large number. When the Namaz was completed, then Police started action flexing its muscle. Police mercilessly lathicharged upon the Hindus, dispersed them and forcibly arrested Ashok Jha with his wife and 25 Muhalla Committee members. Raju Vajpayee was ruthlessly assaulted by the police. Police broke his hand mercilessly. He is suffering from severe pain still now. Mr. Ranvir Kumar, Asst. Deputy Commissioner of Police, abused Mrs. Shaila Jha and other members of Maithily Parishad with filthy languages which is unprintable. The Muslims also blocked the passage of two Ambulances forcefully with the passive help of Police at the time of Namaz covering the road.

The whole area became tense, all the shops in he busy market place shut down their shutter, local schools declared closure immediately. Police dispersed any mob throughout the day and after who tried to peep into the disputed building. Police ruthlessly crushed any type of protest on behalf of the Hindus.
No political party or any of their leaders came to visit the spot and lend support to the Hindus, although all parties and each and every leader of those parties collect money from the businessmen of this Burrabazar area. Hindu Samhati leaders visited the spot, talked to the wife of Ashok Jha and his followers, assured support to them for the cause. Sri Jha and others were released in mid night.
The situation of Burrabazar area is speedily deteriorated scince last Assembly election in 2005, when the most communal and criminal Mohammed Shorab was elected from Burrabazar Constituency in the ticket of RJD, with the support of CPIM. Since then Shorab, a small time fruit seller, calls the shot in the area. Now, he captures the ownership of all the prime location which are being transferred. Moreover, the Marwaris or the local businessmen go to his ‘Durbar’ for sorting out their disputes or internal matters. Mohammed Shorab takes huge amount of money from these people for his service, i.e. utilizing the influence of his muscle power or underworld strength.
The Muslim dominated areas of Kolutola, Zakaria Street, Kalabagan Basti are situated near Burrabazar and Nakhoda Masjid, the largest Mosque of Kolkata too is nearby. So, Muslims are very much eager to capture the business district of the entire eastern India. Fortunately, this business community (mainly Marwaris) and the laborers of the area are not so called Seculars, as they are not of Bengali origin. Perhaps, their intellect and rationale have not been shattered/jeopardized/confused by the oft repeated hymn, “ Jato Mat Tato Path.”
But , they are now being to compelled to surrender to the brute force of Muslims and their gang-leader Mohamed Shorab. The ruling Party CPIM although extracts money from this businessmen, but they pretend to be anti-Marwari. For example, for long time the educational Boards of Marxist govt, print question papers for Board Examination in Bengali, English and Urdu. But not in Hindi, although a large number of Hindi speaking students, most of whom are children of poor labour class, such as Jute mill Laborers, Tea garden laborers, etc. Everybody knows that majority portion of Muslims of West Bengal, who live in the rural areas, do not know Urdu at all. Only a very small portion of Urdu speaking Muslims live in Kolkata and suburbs, most them are Bihari Muslims. But only to appease the Fundamentalist sentiment of the Muslims, all these misdeeds have been done by the communists, resulting in breaking the morale of Non Bengali People and moral boost up of fundamentalist Muslims.
Earlier, this business community i.e. Marwaris were used to be prey of the Marxsists, now the same people are being squeezed and persecuted by the Muslims goons.
As in Assam, the internal conflict between the Assamese and the Bengalis ultimately weakened the Hindu Society and resulted in Muslim domination ( now 7 districts out of 23 in Assam have become Muslim majority), in West Bengal too, the Marwari – Bengali difference may create the same condition here. Here both Bengali and Non Bengali Hindu communities should take lesson from the situation of Assam and should work together to resist growing Islamisation of the State.
At the time of discussion between Mrs. Shaila Jha, wife of Sri Ashok Jha and Samhati Vice President U Brahmachari & State Secretariat Member J K Mitra , Mrs. Jha said: “for the last 30 years or more there was no tension over this mosques and the Moulavi of this Mosque and the Mosque itself were saved by the local Hindus at the time of turmoil in 6th December, 1992 when many temples were destroyed by the Muslims heinously”. She categorically said that ” Vijay Upadhaya of the State Samajwadi Party and his notorious gang men and Dinesh Bajaj, the Local TMC MLA are trying to add fuel to the fire of communal politics, keeping their eyes only to Muslim Vote Bank.” Hindu Samhati leaders assured all possible helps to the victims of the situation arisen out of the conspiracy of some sections of fundamental and obstinate religious and political leaders from all quarters.

Mrs. Jha bravely lead the Arati and Bhajan on the road and gave courage to the depressed Hindus as a lioness to resist the outsider Muslims.
Except some Hindi News papers, no Bengali or English print-media covered the matter anyway. But the Urdu media is fomenting the Muslim Mind in this respect very dangerously.
Telephone Nos. of Mr. Gautam Mohan Chakraborty, Commissioner of Police (KP) is +91 98305 30000,
& Dinesh Bajaj (MLA of the area) +91 98300 53107.
Posted by Upananda Brahmacahri. Source : Hindu Existence.

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Fanatic Muslims in West Bengal want to burn Christian alive.

Reality of Islamic Fundamentalism in
West Bengal.

..................The World Reality.

.....The Illusions....................The Unreal.

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For this provocation in Murshidabad District in WB, we are not moved at all. We have to follow the lines of secularism propounded by the Congress, CPIM and Trinamool here to appease the Muslim bullies and to support such politics for another partition of Bengal ?