Monday, January 26, 2009

Bharat Sevashram Sangha Monk Under Threat. Ashram ground Desacrated by littering Beef Deposites.

Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Diamond Harbour Branch under Series threat, desecration etc.

The morning walkers at the play ground of Pranav Vidyapeeth , a High School run by Bharat Sevashram Sangh, Diamond Harbour , South 24 Parganas ,West Bengal saw an unprecedented event on 26th January, 2009 morning. The play ground was filled up by flesh ,bones, hoofs of cow here and there which struck the attention of the morning walkers, local RSS workers hold morning sakha everyday in that play ground and the students of Pranav Vidyapeeth gathered there to observe the Republic Day Function on that day.
Seeing the filthy atmosphere in the ground, the perturbed and agitated Hindus there informed the matter to Swami Amalananda, the In-charge of Diamond Harbour Branch of BSS & the Secretary of the School concerned. The anxious and shaken students and their guardians also contacted Upananda Brahmachari ,one of the State Leader of Hindu Samhati and a resident of Diamond Harbour Town. Sri Brahmachari rushed to the place of occurrence immediately and met Swami Amalananda and the greatly displeased people there.
The BSS authority informed the matter to Diamond Police Station and Sri Brhamachari reported the matter of public sentiment to the SDPO Diamond Harbour. As a matter of fact the observance of Republic Day Function by the students was not possible before cleaning the ground properly.
The Local Police Authority took the matter seriously and came to the spot within 30 minutes to tackle the matter before spreading any agitation or something further. Swami Amalananda and Upananda Brahmachari interacted with the Police Personnel on duty there. The contingent with the Police Force cleared the ground and cleaned the fleshes, bones and hoofs etc. littered in the ground.
Sri Ratan Ganguly, Sub Inspector & Investing Officer, Diamond Harbour Police Station requested the people gathered there to keep peace & maintain the law and order. He also requested the BSS authority to deploy night guard and to give some information about the suspected culprits.
For the last few years, some muslim unruly young men have been trying to disturb the Hindu Functions many ways including teasing the Hindu girls coming to perform Maha Shiva Ratri at Shiva Mandir within BSS campus. Though some local Hindu Activists protested the matter, the reluctance of the major Hindu people some time energize such muslim miscreants.
In the last year on 5th July night, an unknown person from Mograhat ( a mini Pakistan inside India), threatened Swami Amalananda over telephone to refrain him from any Hindu Dharmik Activities including giving any permission for conducting any Hindu Programme in the BSS premises, by other Hindu Organisations. This has also been reported the Police Authority.

It may be mentioned here that before Durga Puja in October,2008 some HUJI & SIMI outfits in Beldanga Murshidabad, threatened Swami Pradiptananda, In-charge BSS Beldanga Branch for stopping Durga Puja and other Hindu Functions in the Beldanga Ashram premises and within entire Beldanga area as such things are not tolerable by the pious muslims there.
Repot: Sambuddha Gupta.
The 26th January,2009

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Persecution Upon Hindus in Every Foot Step In West Bengal

..............................................................Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Jijia Tax Upon Hindu Pilgrims in Ganga Sagar.

About 4 lakhs Hindus took holy dip in the confluence of Ganga Sagar with in 14th January this year at Maha Samkaranti Mela at Ganga Sagar. Hindus from every corner of India and Abroad gathered there with a strong devotion and firm belief that the River Ganga, mother of Indian tradition and culture has the power to give emancipation to the mankind through a holy dip in this auspicious occasion.
The non-believer Communist Government in West Bengal imposed pilgrimage Tax @ Rs.5/- only upon every pilgrim reaching there. The reminiscence of Jijia Tax under Islamic Rule still active here through the extrusion of money from the Hindu Tirtha Yatris in many ways. The Normal fare for every conveyance like Buses, Treckers, Taxis has been doubled or more than that for this period for the Hindu Pilgrims particularly. For example, when the normal fare from Kolkata to Lot 8 by bus varies from Rs. 40/- to Rs. 45/- , now the syndicates take Rs.60/- or much for this time from the innocent Hindu Pilgrims. In the Island the bus fare has been increased by Rs. 35/- from normal Rs.15/- to take the pilgrims from Kachuberi to Mela Ground. The steamer fare for the passage from Lot 8 to Ganga Sagar Island has been increased by Rs. 40/- from normal fare rating Rs. 6.50/- on average. In every stage the fare has been increased for the Hindu Pilgrims step by step for the last decade.
In return, the Government provides insufficient arrangements for cottages, tents, sanitation or enquiry facilities etc. for the pilgrims coming to Ganga Sagar. Sources said that the outskirts of the Mela Khestra is captured by the Majority Muslim People who also take the chance to misbehave with Hindu Women and Girls when bathing or shopping. The local security and administration overlook the matter as a trifling thing. The Muslim goons and anti social of other communities also try to find a scope to their own choice. The Hindu population of the island is also affected by the remarkable rise of Muslim Population in Ganga Sagar. In the last year, the local Muslim fundamentlists led by Sk. Ismail, a Communist leader tried to set ablaze some Hindu activists gathered in Ganga Sagar attending in a training camp there.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Islamic Mob Attacks Hindu Locality in Asansol for protecting a Hindu devotee from Molestation
A large number of Hindus injured due to a communal clash created by a Muslim mob at Asansol in Burdwan district of West Bengal.On January 9 2009, four Muslims attacked a Hindu female devotee returning from a temple, of the Hindu Goddess Kali, and attempted to molest her in the Masterpara locality of Asansol city.Local Hindus were outraged by this incident and beat up these four Muslim hoodlums. The four soon came back to the same location with a mob of around 300 Muslim activists, armed with swords and sticks, and attacked and vandalised Hindu owned shops, looted them, and beat up many members of the local Hindu populace.As the besieged Hindus attempted to protect themselves and retaliated, joined by other Hindu residents of adjoining areas, a clash ensued. A large contingent of policemen from seven area police stations went to the area and resorted to baton-charge to separate the two groups in order to de-escalate the tension. Two companies of Rapid Action Force, an elite armed unit, were also patrolling the area.A large number of Hindus were injured in the clash and resultant police action but the exact number was not clear. Six persons were indiscriminately arrested for the incident with police raids still continuing. Senior police officers were camping at the area as the situation remained vulnerable.As always, the Bengali and Kolkata press remained totally silent whenever Hindus are being persecuted. This is their way of displaying 'Secularism' - a la carte.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009
West Bengal Media Supresses News of Hindu Persecution
Hindu homes and businesses have been attacked looted and Hindus have been attacked with lethal weapons, the press remains silent in West Bengal.
Areas Affected in Medinipur: Medinipur, Sepai Bazar, Khaprel Bazar,Bara Bazaar, Bot Tola Chowk and many other areas.
On the day of Muharram, 8 January, in the morning Muslim processionists displaying weapons broke through the police barricade, severely assaulting multiple police officers, seriously damaging over ten Hindu homes, setting fire to and looting Hindu owned shops in the town's Bot-tala area: Savitiri Medical shop's owner Mr. Raju panda, a prominent Hindu businesman was assaulted with a sword and his lower face has been cut; Plastic shop owner Atish Sahu's fingers have been cut by sword as well. Amal Gope's house looted.
The whole city of Medinipur is under police curfew for dual purpose-to protect the Hindu population, as well as not to let the news get any publicity thus in effect punishing the Hindus.
Due to the Muslim clergy's ooposition to Taslima Nasreen, the liberal thinker, Medinipur adminstrator probhibited her to come to the town. This is an example how liberal thinking is being subdued and muzzled by the Islamist mafia in West Bengal.
After Thursday's incident in Medinipur, Mamta Banerjee egged on by her Islamic radical support base, has started her typical styled protests blaming the CPI-M for the whole incident in order to conceal the atrocities done by the Muslims.
The West Bengal media has totally censured this news item so Hindus are not made aware of these incients and suppressed even more. Suppression of this kind of news will only ensure even greater future persecution of Bengali Hindus thus creating a greater diasaster. This suppression is nothing but self-deception and will facilitate another Islamic division of Bengal.
Delhi based media has somewhat covered this news.
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Friday, January 9, 2009
Hindu Temples Ransacked and Desecrated in West Bengal
Resurgent Hindu Community in Howrah Resists Valiantly
The religious persecution on the Hindu community has been unabated in the Muslim majority nation of Bangladesh, but the same gruesome incidents are happening in West Bengal state of India as well.
In Chak Kashi area of Chengail in Howrah district, a major communal flareup was created by an Islamic activist group. In the Jute Mill area, during the Muslim Muharram procession on 8 January afternoon, these activists attacked Hindu religious places and residential areas, leading to utter chaos and disorder.
The virulent and sinister activist mob desecrated the revered Hindu deities in Shani temple and Hanuman temple. The Hindu community resisted courageously and the Muslim zealots were countered and beaten black and blue.
Over ten Hindu-owned shops and homes were set on fire by the religious Islamists. The District in charge (DM) is Khalil Ahmed, a Muslim. The situation is tense and curfew has been clampled in the area, and a huge police contingent including Rapid Action Force, a special Indian elite police group, has been deployed in the area to terrorize local Hindus so that they can not protest or publicize this inhumane event.
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Monday, January 12, 2009


.....................................................................SWAMI VIVEKANANDA'S BIRTHDAY OBSERVED
Amtola, South 24 Pgs, W.B.,12/01/2009.

Swamiji's 147 th birth anniversary is observed worldwide. The Bengali youth has also paid their homage to the Cyclonic Hindu Monk of India, the pioneer of Bengal Renaissance leading to Indian Awakening under British rule.
In several places in South 24 Pgs , North 24 Pgs and Howrah the Hindu Samhati (HS) activists observed this day on 12/01/2009 with their warmth. On the eve of this day the HS activists of AMTOLA successfully organized a day long Youth retreat in the venue of Amtola Business Association's Conference Hall on 11/01/2009. Over 125 participants attended the function enriched with inter-active session and speech of distinguished guest.
Swami Sudhanandaji Maharj In-Charge of Mathurapur Ramakrishna Sevashram Presided over the inaugural function started with lighting of ritual lamps and chanting with Vedic Mantras. Revered Swamiji told to the participant young men that India once survived with the Gospels of Sri Ramakrishna and His Devine Power boosted in Swami Vivekananda, can only face the present challenges through the right application of Practical Vedanta. In India the real life lies in Dharma and nobody can reform or revitalized the society here without Dharma. It is the right conviction and realization of Swami Vivekananda which should be understood by everybody here including the idiot politicians reluctant to understand the underlying truth of Indian Society. To acquire the Indian Might and to be triumphant in every sphere of life Swamiji’s saying- Arise, Awake, Stop Not..till the Goal is reached – is final. The intellect, the muscle -power, financial strength and the net work of social services, all are required for survival of Hindus today. And if the Hindu Life is hampered by anti hindu elements, the whole humanity will suffer with a definite decay. Revered Swamiji emphasized that Hindus should not only take care of themselves , they have to take the responsibilities to save the Humanity facing serious threat coming directly from communalism in the name of Islamic Jehadi Propaganda, Conversion of Hindus to Christianity, Communist & Congress approach to denounce the Indian tradition & culture and finally Consumerism leading to unrestricted life style for a full stop in every respect. Revered Swamiji added that only Vivekananda’s vision and mission can only solve all the fundamental problems like starvation, education, enterprise, welfare, everything in India now- a-days.
Sri Upananda Brahmachari, renowned HS leader and Swami Sudhanandaji both conducted the inter-active sessions of the participants resulting many interesting out comings enriched with social experiences and unique suggestions.
Sri Upananda Brahamachari, the main speaker of the programme told the audience that the tall talks or tantamount efforts without planning, nothing can give us the desired result for the resurrection of the retrogressive Hindu Society. Swami Vivekananda wanted the Liberation of Every Indian with all the Humanity itself. But Liberation of the Hindus in India is an absurd proposition. Hindu Temples are desecrated here, Hindu women and girls are abducted, molested, rapped and immorally trafficked here, Hindus are forced here to give pilgrimage tax, Hindu system of education including Sanskrit language is ignored by the State, Hindu unemployed youths are not provided with any recommendation or rewards like Sacchuer Committee, Hindus are being minority in districts after districts one by one, but we still dream liberation. It is nothing but a hypocrisy. The inheritance of Shivaji, Swamiji and Netaji always want sacrifice with bloodshed for the Liberation of Swadharma, Swadesh and Azad Hind, which is the only way of salvation of the Hindus. If any Bengali Hindu Young Man thinks himself a real follower of Swamiji, he should not forget the clarion call of Swamiji- You have already been selected for the sacrifice since birth for your MOTHER LAND. Brahmachari Upanandaji mentioned that the present inaction of Hindus will toll upon the generation after, which can only be maintained and monitored by the proper Hindu Organization. Brahmachariji asserted that Swami Vivekananda had a definite planning to save Hindu Society for its full proof fortification through the ESTABLISHMENT OF RAMAKRISHNA MATH & MISSION. In its Rules and Regulations, Swami Vivekananda categorically declared that When the Muslims first came to India, there were, according to their historical records, sixty crores of Hindus in India. This calculation suffers rather from underestimation than exaggeration: for lots of people perished solely through the persecution of Muslims. Therefore it is obvious that the number of Hindus was even more sixty crores—on no account less than that. But the same Hindus have dwindled into twenty crores. Over and above that, about two crores of Hindus have become Christians and more than a lakh of our people becoming Christians every year. It is specially for the preservation of Hindu Race and Religion that Bhagavan Ramakrishna, the embodiment of mercy, has incarnated Himself. (Written by Swamiji Himself in 1897-98) .
The realization of Swamiji in 1897-98 and the recapitulation of it in 2008-09 by any Hindu activist cannot be different. So, Hindu Organization and Hindu Missionary work are essential to fight against any Anti- Indian @ Anti-Hindu elements. As Swamiji expressed that Expansion is Life and Contraction is Death, He Himself propagated that Great effort should be made to bring even Muslims and Christians into the Hindu fold, and cautioned us by pointing out that –For whoever goes out of the Hindu Religion, is not lost to us, but also we have in him one more enemy. It is well known in history what great harm was done during the Muslim regime by the renegades who became enemies and destroyed their own hearth and home. Upanandaji invited the audience to be united under the banner of HINDU SAMHATI to combat all the evils before the Hindu Society. He added that every Hindu should aspire for a HINDU WORLD, as other believers think their own world. This is the challenge of AGGRESSIVE HINDUISM through PRACTICAL VEDANTA.
The entire Programme was designed with devotional songs, recitations, discourses, prasadam with a great enjoyments. Sri Paritosh Mondal , Secretary, Amtola Merchants’ Association, Sri Bidhan Ghata, Advocate and Chief Organiser of the function on behalf of HS, Sri Barun Mondal, Local HS Activist, and Sri Sundar Gopal Das, HS Leader were also present in the programme. Smt. Samarpita Dutta, eminent announcer efficiently linked the whole function in a great tune. Sri Shakti Bhattacharya on behalf of HINDU SAMHATI conveyed thanks to every body concerned.
Report by : Sambuddha Gupta.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


...................................HINDU SAMHATI TRAINGING CAMP AT GOBARDANGA
~ Sambuddha Gupta.
The 3 day training camp of Hindu Samhati has been successfully completed at Gobardanga Government Colony Netaji Vidyapeeth. The camp was held in Gobardanga, the oldest municipality of West Bengal, from 31/12/2008 to 02/01/2009. 152 Hindu Samhati activists (trainees) and 18 trainers & associates of Hindu Samhati participated in this 3 day long fully residential training course moduled for facing different challenges before Hindu Society. The trainees mainly came from border districts of West Bengal viz. North 24 Parganas, south 24 Parganas, Malda, Nadia and the inner districts of Howrah, Hoogly & Kolkata. The venue was also selected not far from the Bangladesh border, which is naturally trouble-torn due to Bangladeshi infiltration, unauthorized trans-border trading and horrific persecution inflicted upon the local Hindus by the fanatic Muslims, both Indian and Bangladeshi.
The inaugural session of the camp was started through lighting of the ritual lamp before the portrait of Bharat Mata and Swami Vivekananda by patriotic leader & local councilor Sri Jagadish Sarkar. Sri Sarkar adorned the Chair and Sri Chittaranjan Dey, State Secretary, Hindu Samhati, introduced the other dignitaries including Sri Upananda Brhamachari and Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, National Convenor of Hindu Samhati. Shri Balabhadra Maharaj, a very well kown and revered Vaishnav monk from the Maldah district, also graced the occasion with his presence.
In His in augural speech Shri Upananda Brahmachari urged the Hindu Youth to accept the challenges cast by the anti Indian elements especially by the Islamic and Christian fundamentalists before the Bharatiya Society. Upanandaji said that such challenges are the reality in India and anywhere in the world. But the Bengali Hindus will face the dire consequences immediately, if they do not begin to resist Islamic terrorism and expansionism. As West Bengal and Assam stands on the bloody borders of Islam (Islamic Bangladesh), they are going to become the immediate battleground. Before this challenge, unity and organisation is a must. But it should not be for the sake of name only, there must be a firm resolve to take necessary action. Even individual initiative of any kind is required to save the integrity and sovereignty of Hindu Soceity. Shri Brahmachari maintained that Bengali Hindus were not cowards, and even now they may change the situation in favour of Hindus by expelling the influences of fraudulent politicians misguiding the whole Hindu society in the name of absurd secularism. Shri Brahmachari urged the trainees to be the leaders and champions of their own localities so that nobody can challenge Hindu Soceity in any way.
Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the All India Covenor of Hindu Samhati, energized the trainees in his own inimitable speech. Referring the Mumbai mayhem on 26/11, Sri Ghosh told, only 5 Israeli citizens were killed by Muslim Terrorists and only one Nariman House was attacked by the Islamic fanatics so far from Israel. But Israel immediately took the revenge by attacking the Gaza strip to finish Hamas outfits from its territory. The Israeli People can extend its full support to all out military action against Palestinian and other Islamic terrorists of the world. But the Hindus of Bharat i.e. India cannot compel Indian Government to start a war against Pakistan, after so many serial blasts in every corner of India with approximately 5000 Hindu casualties in this year alone. The Muslims, Christians, Communists, Congress are united in a row to appease the Muslim minorities, to make it a major power in every sphere of social and political life in India. They propagate for Madrassa Talim (Madrassa Education) to make jihadis in India by utilizing Government revenue. They give subsidies for Haj Pilgrimage and impose pilgrimage taxes upon Hindus in Gangasagar. Every where in Bengal Hindu girls are being raped, abducted, forcibly married and trafficked for flesh trade. Hindu Mandirs are being vandalized, property of Hindus are being occupied unlawfully, selling of beef is conducted openly to hurt Hindu sentiments, ritual music with drums and cybals cannot be played by Hindus before Masjids, even Haridhawni ( chanting of name of Lord Krishna ) for furanel processions are forbidden in muslim locality and before Madrasas and Masjids in many places in Bengal. All these are the symbols of slavery of Hindus in so called Independent India. There are no Dharmik rights of Hindus as Hindus have not asserted these rights through violent action and sacrifice for the cause unavailed. Giving examples of Nelson Mandela and Syu Ki, Shri Ghosh told these great personalities sacrificed years and years of their life through rigorous confinement for the liberation of African people and the people of Mayanmer respectively. But is there one Hindu Leader prepared for Hindu Liberation in the same way? Sri Ghosh assured that he is ready to sacrifice himself for Hindu Liberation. But it may not be sufficient, so more toil, more blood has to be sacrificed by the Hindu Samhati members in this new liberation movement of Hindus everywhere in Bengal and abroad.
The pre-morning session was started everyday with chanting of Shlokas from the Hindu Holy Books - Upanishads, Geeta and Chandi, by every participant followed by a ground session of Yogic Asana and Self Defence Techniques, Traditional Games etc. The brain storming sessons, group discussions and other theory and strategic classes were held thrice a day. In the evening the video session was extremely interesting for all the participants in the training programme. Before the valedictory session there was an interactive session, for relevant questions to be answered in the light of Hindu Samhati’s view point. In his valedictory speech, Shri Sagar Bag, Eminent Social Activist and Hindu Samhati leader urged to carry out the entrusted responsibilities by every Hindu Samhati member. Swami Balabhadra Maharaj gave his blessings to the trainees and said that Baharat is always a Dharmik Rashtra where the Victory is always with the Dharmik People from the time immemorial. So the Hindu People will get their victory finally without any hesitation. But Hindus should maintain the Khastra Dharma (warrior power), which is also a basic duties for all the Hindus for fortifying their Motherland and Dharma itself.There was a blood donation camp as a part of training programme organized with the help of Life Care Blood Bank, Kolkata. 51 participants donated their blood.
Some Challenges perceived by the HINDU SAMHATI Members pointed out in interactive sessions……………
*Local Communist ,Congress, TMC Leaders are targeting the Hindu Samhati Members.
@~~~~ Samhati Members should take the challenges and make strategies for both overt and covert actions according to their local strength.

*Some Hindu Leaders both in Political Parties & in some other Social Organisations are helping the Muslim Communities for purchasing land, trade and so many other ways.
@~~~~ Awareness in Hindu Community is still in low key. So the Samhati Members Should give a great effort to make the Whole Hindu Society understand the reality of the dire consequences coming forth in connenction with such steps giving benefits to the Muslims at the cost of Hindu hardships. Betrayers of Hindu Society may be cautioned, but it should be within Social Consent.

*127 Common Hindu People and Hindu Activists are murdered only in Kultali, Basanti,Jalaberia and adjacent areas in South 24 Parganas in last 2/3 years. Many Hindu Activists are booked in many fraudulent cases in various Courts. They are not getting enough support from the Hindu Organisations.
@~~~~ Hindu Samhati Central Team is always with such suffered hindu activists. HS is always extend their possible support in such cases along with problems arisen out of trafficking of Hindu Girls, unauthorized cow slaughtering, threat perception for marrying desirous muslim girls by Hindu Boys under law.
The trainees of the camp resolved various points for need based immediate action in their localities. They resolved to remove any obstacles before the Hindu Organization. They must procure finance from the Hindu Society for its firm fortification. The organizational strength should not be used for any personal benefit. Special Training Camps should be organized in every corners, where possible.