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.....................................................................SWAMI VIVEKANANDA'S BIRTHDAY OBSERVED
Amtola, South 24 Pgs, W.B.,12/01/2009.

Swamiji's 147 th birth anniversary is observed worldwide. The Bengali youth has also paid their homage to the Cyclonic Hindu Monk of India, the pioneer of Bengal Renaissance leading to Indian Awakening under British rule.
In several places in South 24 Pgs , North 24 Pgs and Howrah the Hindu Samhati (HS) activists observed this day on 12/01/2009 with their warmth. On the eve of this day the HS activists of AMTOLA successfully organized a day long Youth retreat in the venue of Amtola Business Association's Conference Hall on 11/01/2009. Over 125 participants attended the function enriched with inter-active session and speech of distinguished guest.
Swami Sudhanandaji Maharj In-Charge of Mathurapur Ramakrishna Sevashram Presided over the inaugural function started with lighting of ritual lamps and chanting with Vedic Mantras. Revered Swamiji told to the participant young men that India once survived with the Gospels of Sri Ramakrishna and His Devine Power boosted in Swami Vivekananda, can only face the present challenges through the right application of Practical Vedanta. In India the real life lies in Dharma and nobody can reform or revitalized the society here without Dharma. It is the right conviction and realization of Swami Vivekananda which should be understood by everybody here including the idiot politicians reluctant to understand the underlying truth of Indian Society. To acquire the Indian Might and to be triumphant in every sphere of life Swamiji’s saying- Arise, Awake, Stop Not..till the Goal is reached – is final. The intellect, the muscle -power, financial strength and the net work of social services, all are required for survival of Hindus today. And if the Hindu Life is hampered by anti hindu elements, the whole humanity will suffer with a definite decay. Revered Swamiji emphasized that Hindus should not only take care of themselves , they have to take the responsibilities to save the Humanity facing serious threat coming directly from communalism in the name of Islamic Jehadi Propaganda, Conversion of Hindus to Christianity, Communist & Congress approach to denounce the Indian tradition & culture and finally Consumerism leading to unrestricted life style for a full stop in every respect. Revered Swamiji added that only Vivekananda’s vision and mission can only solve all the fundamental problems like starvation, education, enterprise, welfare, everything in India now- a-days.
Sri Upananda Brahmachari, renowned HS leader and Swami Sudhanandaji both conducted the inter-active sessions of the participants resulting many interesting out comings enriched with social experiences and unique suggestions.
Sri Upananda Brahamachari, the main speaker of the programme told the audience that the tall talks or tantamount efforts without planning, nothing can give us the desired result for the resurrection of the retrogressive Hindu Society. Swami Vivekananda wanted the Liberation of Every Indian with all the Humanity itself. But Liberation of the Hindus in India is an absurd proposition. Hindu Temples are desecrated here, Hindu women and girls are abducted, molested, rapped and immorally trafficked here, Hindus are forced here to give pilgrimage tax, Hindu system of education including Sanskrit language is ignored by the State, Hindu unemployed youths are not provided with any recommendation or rewards like Sacchuer Committee, Hindus are being minority in districts after districts one by one, but we still dream liberation. It is nothing but a hypocrisy. The inheritance of Shivaji, Swamiji and Netaji always want sacrifice with bloodshed for the Liberation of Swadharma, Swadesh and Azad Hind, which is the only way of salvation of the Hindus. If any Bengali Hindu Young Man thinks himself a real follower of Swamiji, he should not forget the clarion call of Swamiji- You have already been selected for the sacrifice since birth for your MOTHER LAND. Brahmachari Upanandaji mentioned that the present inaction of Hindus will toll upon the generation after, which can only be maintained and monitored by the proper Hindu Organization. Brahmachariji asserted that Swami Vivekananda had a definite planning to save Hindu Society for its full proof fortification through the ESTABLISHMENT OF RAMAKRISHNA MATH & MISSION. In its Rules and Regulations, Swami Vivekananda categorically declared that When the Muslims first came to India, there were, according to their historical records, sixty crores of Hindus in India. This calculation suffers rather from underestimation than exaggeration: for lots of people perished solely through the persecution of Muslims. Therefore it is obvious that the number of Hindus was even more sixty crores—on no account less than that. But the same Hindus have dwindled into twenty crores. Over and above that, about two crores of Hindus have become Christians and more than a lakh of our people becoming Christians every year. It is specially for the preservation of Hindu Race and Religion that Bhagavan Ramakrishna, the embodiment of mercy, has incarnated Himself. (Written by Swamiji Himself in 1897-98) .
The realization of Swamiji in 1897-98 and the recapitulation of it in 2008-09 by any Hindu activist cannot be different. So, Hindu Organization and Hindu Missionary work are essential to fight against any Anti- Indian @ Anti-Hindu elements. As Swamiji expressed that Expansion is Life and Contraction is Death, He Himself propagated that Great effort should be made to bring even Muslims and Christians into the Hindu fold, and cautioned us by pointing out that –For whoever goes out of the Hindu Religion, is not lost to us, but also we have in him one more enemy. It is well known in history what great harm was done during the Muslim regime by the renegades who became enemies and destroyed their own hearth and home. Upanandaji invited the audience to be united under the banner of HINDU SAMHATI to combat all the evils before the Hindu Society. He added that every Hindu should aspire for a HINDU WORLD, as other believers think their own world. This is the challenge of AGGRESSIVE HINDUISM through PRACTICAL VEDANTA.
The entire Programme was designed with devotional songs, recitations, discourses, prasadam with a great enjoyments. Sri Paritosh Mondal , Secretary, Amtola Merchants’ Association, Sri Bidhan Ghata, Advocate and Chief Organiser of the function on behalf of HS, Sri Barun Mondal, Local HS Activist, and Sri Sundar Gopal Das, HS Leader were also present in the programme. Smt. Samarpita Dutta, eminent announcer efficiently linked the whole function in a great tune. Sri Shakti Bhattacharya on behalf of HINDU SAMHATI conveyed thanks to every body concerned.
Report by : Sambuddha Gupta.

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