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West Bengal Assembly Election 2011. Dada or Didi : Who will be the next Chief minister of West Bengal?

Can Bengal change?

Mar 23, 2011, 12.00am IST | Times of India OPED

There will be some sighs as the Trinamool and Congress parties finally seal their seat-sharing deal for the upcoming Bengal elections, the allies sighing in relief, the incumbent CPM in resignation at the challenge posed. With the Congress settling for 65 of 294 seats, some aspects of realpolitik come to light. Aware of the crest Mamata Banerjee is riding, the Congress has made a wise decision to not squabble over numbers but give in to its more powerful regional partner. On its side, the Trinamool recognises the advantages of the alliance, keeping the anti-Left vote together and retaining its link with the national-level party. Why the last is a plus is connected to the Left's history in Bengal.

The CPM came to power in 1977, riding a tide of hope and achieving accomplishments like Operation Barga, land transferred to sharecroppers, while maintaining communal harmony in a state that experienced horrific rioting at Partition. However, it also choked much of Bengal's civil society, party politics dominating everything - whether college entrances, job allocations, law and order, the last a terror tactic used by party musclemen snatching rights and resources. Bengal once held myriad businesses and manufacturing. Over the years, faced with regimented bullying, these dried up. Meanwhile, the state's performance in poverty reduction and education dipped, its fiscal debt rose, its professionals migrated and the desperation around land intensified. Recently attempting to rejuvenate industry, the Left blotted its copybook severely. Its 'official' goondas terrorised locals at sites like Nandigram, handing Mamata a moral advantage.

Currently, while her own precise vision for Bengal's development is yet to fully emerge, Mamata's electoral strategy has been astute. The Trinamool first broke open the CPM's rural bastion, performing well in panchayat, zila and civic elections. It won over intellectuals, roped in software guru Sabeer Bhatia to help its cyber campaign and announced FICCI secretary-general Amit Mitra's candidature, sending encouraging signals to industry.

In all this, its link with the Congress remains significant for it sends a message that Bengal's days of isolation may be over. A government working with the Centre, not constantly opposing it, could serve popular aspirations well. The implementation of poverty reduction strategies, such as NREGA, could improve in an environment divested of patronage politics and ideological wars. And being linked to a party often in central government, answerable to Parliament, could help reduce political violence

in the state. It is through moves like these that Mamata can show the Trinamool Congress isn't just about realpolitik but also real change, providing the break Bengal longs for.

Dada or Didi : Who will the next Chief minister of West Bengal?

A Bengal Newz Presentation.

West Bengal Assembly Election 2011. Prediction. Who will the next Chief minister of West Bengal? Dada -’Buddhadeb Bhattacharya’ or Didi -’Mamata Banerjee’? As the election date in West Bengal is coming closer; the question ‘Who will be the Next CM?’ is getting much louder. ‘Didi’ Mamata Banerjee has won all the election took place after 2007 and she and her party men are very much confident this time that they will win the upcoming assembly election. CPI(M) led ‘Left Front’ government has been ruled the Bengal for past 34 years but they lose their charisma after they changed their industrial policy in 2006.

The ‘Nandigram Incident‘ ,‘Singur Incident’ worked as catalyst to this and opposition party like Trinamool congress grab this opportunities and improved their organization in rural areas. They raise their voices for the poop villagers and farmers and they manage to get their mass support.

This effect on all the general elections and self government election happen in the state after 2007. In Panchayat election Trinamool congress defeat Left Front in all major districts and gain the power in those districts. This continues in 2009 Lok Sabha election too. Left front lost their many confirmed seats and they get only 15 seats out of 42 constituencies. United Progressive Alliance (Trinamool Congress,Congress, SUCI) won in total 26 constituencies. Courtesy : Bengal Newz.

West Bengal Election 2011

Party wise Results of Lok Sabha election 2009 in West Bengal:

PartySeats Won% of total Vote
All India Trinamool Congress1931.17%United Progressive Alliance
Left Front1528.34%Third Front
Indian National Congress613.45%United Progressive Alliance
Bharatiya Janata Party16.14%National Democratic Alliance
Socialist Unity Centre of India1N.A.None

They also defeated left front in 2010 Municipal election. It is expected that Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and his Left front lose the battle of Bengal in 2011 and we can see Mamata Banerjee as the new Chief Minister of Bengal. But in present scenario any thing can happen in Bengal. The people of Bengal will decide the faith of these politicians.

Latest show of vote bank politics by political parties in West Bengal

A Hindu Line Bengal Presentation.

39 Muslim candidates among 228 of TMC, the Left Front has done more – out of its 294 candidates, 56 are Muslims.

The race for Muslim vote is on among political parties fighting the West Bengal Assembly elections 2011. After CPI-M led Left Front released the list of its Muslim candidates, its main rival Trinamool Congress (TMC) of Mamata Banerjee, popularly predicted as next CM of the state, has also announced to field about 40 Muslim candidates.

Out of 228 candidates of TMC 39 are Muslims that include 6 women. Mamata has always shouted in favour of more Muslim representation in legislature, rather in proportion to their population. According to the Census 2001, 25.25% of the West Bengal population is Muslim. She fielded 39 Muslims that is 13.26% of the total 228 candidates of the party. On that front, the Left Front has done more – out of its 294 candidates, 56 are Muslims that is 19% about 6% more than TMC. However, it can be hoped that some more of the seats (66) the TMC has left for allies can be given to Muslim candidates by the allies.

Many of the TMC Muslim candidates the win will not be easy as they have been fielded against sitting Muslim ministers.

TMC has fielded some Muslim candidates against Muslim ministers of Left Front. Against State Land & Land Reform Minister Abdur Rajjak Molla TMC candidate is Advocate Idris Ali at the Canning East constituency. Idris Ali was ex Congress Minority Cell Chairman for long time. Before the Lok Sabha election in 2009 he joined the TMC. Also he is holding chairman of All India Minority Forum. Against the State Minority Affairs & Madrasa Education Minister Dr Abdus Sattar, TMC had fielded Mr Rafikur Rahman at Amdanga constituency. Rafikur Rahman is a local Muslim leader of TMC.

Ex Minister of Govt of West Bengal and Muslim league leader late Hassanuzzaman’s son Dr Nuruzzaman is the rival candidate of State food processing Minister Dr Murtaza Hossain at Deganga constituency.

Ex Minister and one of the founders of Communist party in West Bengal late Mansoor Habibullah’s son-in-law retired Judge Justice Noor-e Alam Chowdhury is a TMC candidate at Murarai constituency.

Who will be the Next CM of West Bengal?

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Courtesy : Times of India | Bengal Newz | Hindu Line Bengal | S Gupta

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Kashmiri aggression in Communist Ruling and Pro Change West Bengal. This is one kind of stealthy invasion of Islam in Bengal Soil.

Kashmiri refugees eke out livelihood in Kolkata

Sabyasachi Bandopadhyay||Indian Express||Posted:Sun Mar 06 2011
About 50 Kashmiri families have for the past two months put up tents near Dakshineshwar temple in the northern outskirts of Kolkata.

A big plot of vacant land at Rajabagan, meant for an Expressway, has become the temporary address for 350 to 400 Kashmiri refugees, most of whom are form Baramulla, Badaun and adjoining areas of the strife-torn Kashmir valley.

The flock comprises mostly tangawalaas and fruit vendors from places like Pahelgam, Patnitop and whose livelihood depends largely on tourism.

The members of the group talking to The Indian Express said that since June last year, strikes, curfews and shut-downs have made it difficult for them to manage two-square meals a day. Hundred of these families first flocked to Jammu station and from there set out for different locations.

“We have found a shelter here,” said Riyaz Ahmed, one of the camp inmates. Riyaz is MA in education from Kashmir university.

“At Dakshineshwar railway station, we saw this abandoned land and decided to set up camps here. The locals are helping us with food and other necessities,” said Rashid Ahmed, 23, who is a graduate.

While West Bengal Chief Secretary Samar Ghosh denied any knowledge of the new group of refugees in the northern outskirts of the city, the additional director general of Intelligence Branch, West Bengal police, Banibrata Basu, said police teams were sent to inquire about them. Their addresses in Kashmir were verified and found to be true. And on humanitarian grounds, they were allowed to stay, said Basu. The open space where Kashmiri refugees have set up camps, belong to the National Highway Authority.

An official of Belghoria police station under which the land falls said: “Initially we objected but when we came to know about their circumstances, we allowed them to stay. They get water from the nearby municipal taps and from Kishore Sangha, a local club. Food is often provided by Gurudwara Singh Sabha of Baranagar, a few NGOs and a few local mosques. The male members of the group earn some money by doing odd jobs like pulling rickshaws and working as daily labourers.

The living conditions are highly unhygienic. “If we fail to get food and lead a peaceful life, we will go back. We will ask our government to make arrangements for us,” said Mohammad Shafaq, another inmate of the camp.

When contacted on phone, Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah expressed his ignorance about the refugees. He said he will inquire about it.

Sambuddha Gupta of Spotlight Media Center observes :

  • This news was published in Bartaman Patrika months before concerning the security of Dakshineshwar Kali Temple as some Kashmiri Terrorist Outfits and Indian Mujaheedin threatened to blast Kalighat and Dakshineshwar Kali Temple. The callous West Bengal Chief Secretary Samar Ghosh and the pretentious Additional Director general of Intelligence Branch, West Bengal police, Banibrata Basu, are now denying the planful occupation of some hidden subversive elements in West Bengal.
  • The non-sense Kishore Sangha and Balle Balle Baranagar Gurudwara Singh Sabha are giving milk to the serpents to spate the venom to us. This is nothing humanitarian. These Kashmiri men pelted stones upon Indian security. These Kashmiri men hacked to death of Rajneesh Sharma, the husband of Anchal Sharma. They drove away 3 lakhs of Kashmiri pandits from Kashmir. They are moreprivileged in Kashmir than anybody under the poverty line in any states of India. They burnt Sikhs and Hindus alive many time before. The President and Prime Minister or any Chief minister or anybody from out of Kashmir do not buy a little piece of land there and we simply considering their suspicious occupation in Bengal ?
  • The ruling CPI(M) and the pro-change TMC both have in their mind to have some more voters if they are given EPIC anyway. Both are not concerned about the demographic change and increase of Islamic fundamentalism in west Bengal. They have only one say to increase the reservation for Muslims as they are the ardent follower of Holy Shariyat instead of Unholy Indian constitution.
  • Hello, Mr Vikram Sen, Director of Census Operations, West Bengal - have you counted these illegal Kashmiri intruders at Dakshineswar along with all Kashmiri Shwalwalla (Shwal sellers) and the unauthorized Kabuliwalla (Afghan money lenders) staying in West Bengal ? We know that you send your men at 00-00 hrs on 1st March to count the street mads, footpath dwellers, etc. But you escaped these Kashmiri invaders for some unknown reasons.