Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Open Letter for Total Ban on Cow Slaughter in West Bengal and India.

1. The President of India, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.
2. The Prime Minister of India, Parliament House, New Delhi.
3. The Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court, New Delhi.
4. The Chief Minister of Paschimbanga (West Bengal), Kolkata.
5. The Chief Justice, Calcutta High Court, Kolkata.

Vande Gomataram.
Subject:  An appeal to ensure the complete prohibition upon Cow Slaughter abiding by the existing rules and regulation in force in different states in India along with the strict direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  1. Under the laws enforced in this land with a wide view to natural justice to all creatures, honoring the Sanatani tradition of venerated  Cow progeny even as non hittable (aghna), respecting  the Cow as Go-Mata in highest esteem in the traditional scriptures, contemplating the importance of Cow progeny in Indian agriculture, health, medicines and economics based upon its blessings upon us and obviously to be humane by resisting the animal cruelty, most of the states have been formulated its own rules and acts in favor of banning Cow Slaughter even in Bakri Idd.
  2. But, very unfortunately going to the utter contradiction to the above, in most of the cases Cow progeny are being slaughtered very cruelly in a disgusting gruesome way, sometimes with the help of local administration and politics, only to appease a minority section hurting the majority by violating all the norms so framed by the states very illegally, unreasonably and undemocratically. Though all the Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhists, Arya Samajists  and the  Sanatani and Vedic followers want a total ban on cow slaughter in Bharat, as a matter of humiliation of all Bharat Dharma, the rampant cow slaughter is going on violating all the norms in force.
  3. As an example, the state of West Bengal, now Paschimbanga had given permission in the last year to slaughter Cows in Bakri Idd under the section 12 of the WB Animal Slaughter Control Act 1950, very intrigue-fully going against the verdicts of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  4. It is a wide known fact that being aggrieved Sri Kedar Nath Brahmachari and 26 others filed a petition against the State of West Bengal and 20 others for which Hon’ble Calcutta High Court passed an order to ban cow slaughter even in Bakar Idd, vide 1982(2) Kokata, HN dated 20.8.1982.
  5. The State of West Bengal filed an appeal in Supreme Court of India against the above order of Calcutta High Court vide CA 6790/1983 – State of West Bengal & Others. –vs– Ashutosh Lahiri & Others. for which the Hon’ble Supreme Court maintained the order of Calcutta High court to prohibit the Cow slaughter in Bakri Idd  as such slaughters being unconstitutional and directed the State to take measures to stop such illegalities.
  6. Despite of that in West Bengal and other States at least 30 lakhs (5 lakhs in West Bengal) healthy, milky, cultivating and capable Cow progeny are slaughtered very unfortunately within a political nexus of Chairman, Sabhapati of Panchayet Samity and the official authorities in various departments.
  7. As aggrieved by the gross violation of the Slaughter Control Act enforced in different States time and again and felt detrimental to the majority Hindu sentiment in general, various forums filled many petitions in the designated Courts for getting justice to stop cruelty upon animal and especially mentionable the petitions filed in the Honb’le Calcutta High Court by Akhil Bharat Krishi Go Seva Sangha, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Sri K K Singhania, Sri Abhijit Das & Enamul Haque and others.
  8. It is also mentionable that the esteemed Islamic Institution “Darul-Uloon-Deoband” also declared a Fatwa describing not mandatory to slaughter cows in Bakri Idd and requested not to do such accordingly. The extract of the Fatwa can be obtained from the news published in Dainik Jagran dt. 13.06.2006.
  9. But unfortunately, the chain of illegal slaughter is in vehemently increasing, killing healthy, capable and milking cows, while the children of the poor families are dying do to malnutrition and don’t get a single drop of cow milk in this land of “Gopal”. As per report of the UNICEF entitling “World Children Status Report-2008”, every day 5000 children are dying in India due to malnutrition.
  10. It is well established that the Cow progeny is the foundation of our agriculture, health, conventional & renewable energy source and the all round development of this Sanatani Land with a highest veneration to Go Mata and Go Palak (Cow Savers). And butchering these very calm and pretty animals hitting the religious sentiments of Hindus must attract the provisions of Section 153 and 295 of Indian Penal Court.
  11. Again, a Seven Judges Bench in the Honb’le Supreme Court of India gave the verdict in CA No.4937-4940 of 1998 being the case of State of Gujrat & Others Vs. Mirajapur Moti Kureshi Kasab & Others.  [2005/ SCCL.Com-735] propounding the importance of Oxen over the age of sixteen years for their utility in case of agricultural manure and recycling energy production from its dung and urine and consequently prohibited oxen slaughter even over 16 years of age of it.
  12. Cow slaughter is completely prohibited without any discrimination of age or condition in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Gujarat etc., but the total prohibition of Holy Cow progeny in the length and breadth of this Holy Land is still awaited within a suitable Constitutional amendment.  On the other hand the violation of existing slaughter prohibitory rules and regulations are inciting the Hindu sentiments by some communal elements finding the loop holes of the police and administrations by the way including Cow trade in illegal Go-hat/Cow-mandi.
In this context, these are our earnest requests to the effect that:
A. Please maintain and give full protection to the Prohibitory Acts on Cow Slaughter on Bakri Idd this year on 7th November, 2011 and to extend full cooperation and security to all forums to restrain these illegal slaughters in their activities to help the police and administration on spot of occurrence of illegal slaughters in every state, especially in West Bengal.
B. Please form a task force in each level comprising Govt. officials and the related NGOs to restrain illegal cow slaughter in every place, especially in West Bengal. Please stop all Cow markets set up for Bakri Idd and ban interstate import-export of cow progeny for slaughter as a mandatory measure including prohibition of cow markets meant for cow slaughter.
C. Please apply the provisions of National Security Act (NSA) against the perpetrators for the violation of Animal slaughter Control Acts.
D. Please set a high strategy team for banning all type of Cow progeny slaughter under illegality and to monitor the prohibition and utilization through videography in surface and even through helicopter in the disturbed area due to cow slaughter.
E. Please start legal proceedings against BDO (Block Development Officer) and the Officer-In-Charge of the Police Station of the respective Block and the police station where the cases of illegal cow slaughter may occur violating the existing rules and regulations.
F. Please construct the Cow Rehabilitation Center in each district to maintain the rescued Cows and Oxen from illegal slaughter with a coordination of the various “Gosewa Goraksha Sangathan”  (Cow Rehabilitation & Protection Organizations) for a sustainable development of Indian agriculture, health, economy, energy, traditional medicines and ecology.
Vande Go Mataram ! Vande Mataram !! Jai Hind !!!
With best of regards.
Sincerely Yours,
Ashoo Mongia.
(National President, Rashtriya Goraksha Sena).,
Upananda Brahmachari.
(Peethadish, Rashtriya Goraksha Peeth, National Observer RGS).,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kulpi PS attacked. Muslim Criminals took shelter of TMC to destroy local administration. Rapid Change towards an Islamic Bengal.

South 24 Pgs is now dominated by the Muslim collaborators. District administration and Police are put under  gross pressure of the Local Talibans.
~ Sambuddha Gupta.

 It is nothing more than "Cops and wives assaulted" in the secular media like The Telegraph as reported in their 25th Oct. edition as this:
Ransacked Kulpi Police Station 
"["Kulpi, Oct. 24: Around 1,000 villagers allegedly led by Trinamul Congress activists ransacked a police station in South 24-Parganas this morning and assaulted the personnel and their wives after the arrest of three party supporters.

At least six personnel of Kulpi police station suffered injuries in the attack. 

Local CPM leaders alleged that Trinamul activists attacked the police station to protest the arrests of three party supporters who had “robbed the house of a Left leader” in Gomukh village on Saturday. 

“The trio took away jewellery and Rs 1 lakh in cash from Lalmohan Sardar’s house. Sardar has good organisational skills and Trinamul has been creating all sorts of problems for him. The robbery is part of a conspiracy hatched by Trinamul,” said Shakuntala Paik, a CPM district committee member. 

Trinamul denied the charge and said “anti-socials” had attacked the police station. Local party MLA Jogaranjan Haldar said: “The CPM is blaming us because it has lost ground in the area. Our men were not involved in the attack.” 

Sources said tension had been brewing in Gomukh, which is part of the Kulpi Assembly constituency, since Trinamul snatched the seat from the CPM in the polls this year. 

At 9am, around 1,000 villagers armed with bamboo sticks and bricks descended on the police station. “One group of attackers damaged a dozen police vehicles and seven motorcycles. Several others entered the police station and ransacked it. They broke furniture and windowpanes and tore files,” an officer said. 

“The attackers barged into the staff quarters behind the police station and assaulted some of the women,” the officer added. 

The wife of another officer said: “Some of the attackers pulled us by our hands. We ran to the roof and locked the door to the terrace,” she said. 

Some of the attackers blocked the Diamond Harbour Road nearby. The rampage continued for an hour before reinforcements came. 

The police resorted to a lathicharge and burst tear-gas shells to disperse the mob.

"Armed Islamic gangs run riot in Kulpi; BDO Office, Police station ransacked"

But the nearing actualities go like this as narrated by the Hindu Samhati web site : 

An injured Samir Modak, ASI,
Kulpi Police Station
When there is lack of resistance, demonism reigns supreme and what has Kulpi, Diamond Harbour, District -24 Parganas (South) witnessed on October 24, 2011 is the ugliest expression of Islamic fundamentalism known in its environs hitherto. Taking cue from an untoward incident having involvement of an armed gang of Islamic felons daring to invade the Hindu village of Jeliabati, P.S. Kulpi, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South) on October 23, 2011 at dead night to harm Hindu households, its womenfolk in particular, resulting into seizure of three of them red-handed and death of two Muslim criminals and sinking condition of the third one (at the moment in the government hospital nearby) following a public outrage, no less than 30, 000 Muslims, if not more, ran amok in the area of Kulpi, ransacking local BDO (Block Development Office) and Kulpi police station from the early morning today.

As fresh reports are coming in, both government offices have been pillaged and also burnt to a large extent. Hindu shops in the affected area have not been able to escape the fate too; arson or incendiarism has affected them also largely. As stated by scared police personnel in the ill-fated area, no stone was left unturned to harass the entire police force stationed in the area and telephone connections were also severed to make this onrush perfect. It is worthwhile to mention, NH (National Highway) 117 was also blocked for hours (during operation) by the Muslim crooks flaunting deadly weapons.

What has led to this onslaught all of a sudden? This question appears to any sane individual (naturally) at the outset. For everyone’s knowledge, it must be stated, that the aforesaid villages along with other Hindu-dominated villages of Uttar Narayanpur and Gomukhberia, P.S. Kulpi (as well), have been remaining prime targets of Islamic fundamentalist approaches for months. Above all, it is becoming difficult for Hindu women, of any age, in these areas, turning into subjects of Islamic lewdness more and more, to live here with dignity. Only a few days back, a similar incident broke out in Gomukhberia, leading to a strong outcry among Hindus in the environs. It is being assumed the attack on October 23, 2011 at dead night was premeditated, to avenge the earlier defeat.

Route march of RAF is in full swing at the moment to rein in any disturbance and restore normalcy.

The entire area is panic-stricken."]"

It was not a mere a political tension or rift that caused such a violent action against Kulpi PS (Telegraph), nor the two Muslim criminals died and 30000 Muslims attacked the Kulpi PS (Hindu Samhati).

But it rests with the truth that the Muslim operators have been grossly switched over from the CPIM to the present TMC and trying to run a parallel administration under the dictum of local Muslim leaders disobeying even the political affiliation of TMC or the Govt administration.

It is true that the House owner Lalmohan Sardar is a renowned political leader of CPIM with a Hindu identity in the area and the three captured Muslim dacoits came to rob into Sarders' house have close relations with the local TMC leaders. 

As a matter of fact the area of Gumukhberia has a little bit resistance to deter the Islamic hooliganism seldom comes from Ramnagar-Gazipur area upon the Hindu locals time and again. In the almost all cases  in past months Hindus of this area vehemently resisted the Islamic attacks inspired and supported by the TMC. And sometimes the Hindus clustered to fight against the Muslims with a red banner. 

Some 7000 public attacked the Kulpi Police station and nearby came from Kanderpur, Ramnagar-Gazipur, Kanchanipara, Heliagachi, Berandari, Ramjan Nagar etc. were cent percent Muslims and attacked Kulpi Police Station in a very Jihadi Manner with "Naraye Takbir -Allaho Akbar" shouting.

If it is not a communal thing or a planned move to run a riot, then what is this? Obviously Paschimbanga is going to an Islamic hell run by the fanatic Talibans. CPIM helped them before and TMC is now helping them accordingly.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sign & Campaign to free Swami AseemanandaJi. A Great Saint from Bengal. Donate for Hindu Cause.

Sign and Campagin to Free a Bengali Scholar, Humanist, Social Activist and Vedantic Saint SWAMI ASEEMANAND (Jatin Chatterjee) from the clutch of an anti Hindu UPA Congress Govt. in India.

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You people always raise your voice for Subversive Dr. Binayak Sen and Pro Militant Chatradhar Mahato, but don't pass a Single Word in favor of SWAMI ASEEMANANDAJI (Jatin Chatterjee), a Bengali Saint, Research Scholar, Vedanta Philosopher, Champion Social Activist for Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Gujrat Tribal People and a real Friend and Leader for the Persecuted Hindus. Please sing to free Swamiji in the link above and donate generously for a Great Hindu Cause.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fifty Thousand Bangladeshi intruders invaded West Bengal overnight.

BD intruders attacked Sovereignty in the cultural fiefdom of Paschimbanga. Such reluctance of Bengali Hindus for BD influx will destroy them ultimately.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Durga Puja Immersion in Ichamoti River at Taki, N 24 Pgs.
Within a shield of this function 50000 BD intruders entered
into India, unopposed.
In the morning English news papers on the day of 8th October 2011 from Kolkata or in the national dailies, there were nothing dangerous just happened in west Bengal now Paschimbanga on the very day of Bijoya Dashami in connection with its sovereignty, integrity, security or demography of our motherland.

The cultural stooges of Bengal and the influenced others in the media naturally drunked up to the lip in the festivity of Dashmi (BIJOYA DASHAMI in BENGAL) and were busy to write the routine stories and grooved into the hangover and were blind to see that overnight the state of West Bengal is boomed with an extra population of 50000 + all on a sudden.

Getting stuck with this seemingly unreal intro, if you go to the various search engines in the web, still you will get nothing, except this, what is narrated here.

From the very spot of this dangerous happening, many of our media friends wrote eloquently for a cultural unity of the two parts of Bengal (East - Bangladesh and West- Paschimbanga) in the event of joint immersion of images of Durga and her sons & daughters in Ichamoti river near Taki in north 24 Parganas.

Many of us enjoyed through these headlines : India, Bangladesh unite at Durga immersion or A river ritual that reunites two nations or grieved with these news: Two persons drown in Ichamati river or Tragedy strikes idolimmersion ceremony . The media friends were on the spot of Taki and were busy to emphasize upon the absurd reunification of Bengal on a part. Hence wrote : Here,on the waters of Ichamati, borders melt and political differences fade intooblivion along with the idols of Durga that are immersed to chants of 'Aschhebochhor abar hobe'.

The immersions at Taki - which draw shutterbugs from the world over - bring people from India and Bangladesh in a unique bond. On Thursday, hundreds of boats, trawlers and launches sailed from either country, lazily drifting towards the opposite shores of the Ichhamati. Boats flying theIndian Tricolour sailed with those sporting the Bangladeshi flag. Groups of youths, elderly men, women and children celebrated with gusto, jumping in their boats, and hurling themselves into the knee-deep mud on the shores. It gave an opportunity for many Bangladeshis to take a quick tour of Taki town......

Abdul Kader (15) buys two and half kilos of Kashmiri apple for his Bangladeshi friend Khalil from Taki market. The two had met in Taki during the immersions last year when Khalil gave a 'Bangla link SIM' to Kader as a parting gift. The phone was lost three months ago but the friendship stayed strong. Kader, from Basirhat's Nolkura village, went looking for his friend in the crowd across the Bangladesh side on Thursday and found him in Parulia. The two returned to Taki to renew their friendship......"

On the other hand there was a tragedy too, as a Jadavpur university scholar and some other were drowned in the Ichamoti river through a mishap who also went there to witness the occasion.

But under an International Conspiracy these media persons are totally suppressed the dangerous invasion of more than 50000 illegal Bangladeshi (mostly Muslims) who forcefully entered into India from Bangladesh in the name of participating 'joint immersion ceremony' but did not returned yet.

The intruders came safely with their touts and someway
with an adjustment of BSF and BDR, shamefully.
The most popular Bengali News paper "Anadabazar Patrika"(ABP) wrote on 8th Oct that "Plunder and Molestation in the crowd, Alleged infiltration : Police & BSF are accused for Chaos in the Taki immersion". Under this headlines ABP pointed out the huge infiltration in the bordering dist of North 24 Pgs on that Immersion occasion which caused a mess on the spot including vending of illicit liquors, gambling, rampant loot, huge scuffles and a total dislocation of local administration as the Bangladeshi intruders overpowered the situations.

The Bartaman (2nd largest Bengali daily) also narrated the dangerous and planned move of the BD intruders on the spot and it was reported that for 2/3 days in the bordering areas of Bangladesh, it was canvassed through microphone as Rs. 100/- is only needed to cross the border at the time of Ichamoti immersion of Dashami. The cross-border touts and their Indian counterparts were openly set their table of currency exchange, long route bus tickets, area guides etc and both the Police and BSF were the onlookers.

To take the control over the areas the cross border goons (read our great neighbors for India-BD amity), rampantly ransacked the possessions and shops of the Hindu protesters, molested the Hindu women and teen-age girls and loomed a widespread situation of fear and awe over the Indian locals. Through this situation more over 50000 BD infiltrators were chanced to settle in India afresh without any trouble or protest.

The Bartaman has incorporated an IB report on 10th Oct. that hinted over 50000 BD intruders who entered into India overnight in the shield of a cultural function and not yet returned to Bangladesh very intentionally.

On the basis of a petition of the above matter filed by the secretary of All India Legal Aid Forum & veteran advocate, Mr Joydeep Mitra, Smt Gyansudha Mishra (J) passed an order to arrest all the intruders as alleged and instructed stringent measures to stop such incidents may cause adversities to the Country's safety, security, integrity and demography.

But, alas ! So far five intruders are not arrested yet out of 50000, who will seriously put a pressure upon our resource, economy and nationality. Sovereignty attacked in cultural fiefdom of Paschimbanga. Such reluctance of Bengali Hindus for BD influx will destroy them ultimately. Uncontrolled Muslim birth rate in west Bengal and eastern and northern region of India is another issue to change the Muslim minority to a majority status. But, this filthy fiefdom of folly-tricks will appeasethem, invite them and slit us with a sharpened Islamic knife in thepresence of a brute Democracy, imprudent Politics and jumbled Judiciary.