Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jihad looms large in West Bengal. Why TMC are in dire indulgence?

ISI-JUM-ISIS Combine to Attack West Bengal for an Islamic upsurge.

ISI-JMB-DGFI combine tries to establish an Islamic Caliphate in Bangladesh incorporating a part of WB.

ISI eyeing East India unrest via JMB…

JMB, other outfits operate in Bangladesh, India with ISI support.

West Bengal Primary target of chaos plan: Bangladesh Official….

pic 1Jayanta Gupta | TNN | Kolkata | Dec 21, 2015::Organisations like the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) have been operating under instructions from Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) to create chaos in India’s eastern sector. According to officials in Bangladesh, the ISI has been as active in that country as it has been India in the last couple of years. In January this year, Mazhar Khan, a Pakistani envoy was expelled from Dhaka for allegedly funding JMB operatives. With operations getting more difficult in Jammu & Kashmir, the ISI has apparently turned its attention to Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal.
“The ISI is exploiting efforts by the JMB and other organisations to create unrest both in Bangladesh and the eastern states of India. West Bengal is primary in the scheme of things as there has been long-standing talk of jehadi outfits planning a Caliphate in Bangladesh after incorporating the districts of Malda, Murshidabad and Nadia of West Bengal. Pakistan and the ISI in particular has a lot to gain from the acts of violence perpetrated by the terror outfits. Historically, the Liberation of Bangladesh has been a sore wound for the Pakistani establishment. Improved ties between India and Bangladesh amounts to rubbing salt on this wound. By creating trouble in this region, Pakistan can make both Bangladesh and India suffer as unlike in northern India, the borders in the east are more porous,” a senior Bangladeshi official noted.
While Khan’s expulsion took place in January, intelligence agencies in Bangladesh recently came to know that Fareena Arshad, second secretary (political) in the Pakistan Embassy in Dhaka has links with the JMB and other outfits. Officials are not discounting the possibility of moles in the Bangladeshi establishment. Bangladesh’s external intelligence agency, the Directorate General Forces Intelligence (DGFI) was extremely close to the ISI till a few years ago after all. According to another source in Bangladesh, the ISI may have been planning a honey-trap to infiltrate the higher levels of government in Dhaka.
“Till Pakistan’s good relations lasted with the erstwhile governments in Bangladesh and the DGFI, the porous Indo-Bangla border remained a major entry point for subversive elements into India. Terror camps in Bangladesh – even those belonging to outfits in northeastern India – received support from the ISI. The DGFI even facilitated a visit by top ISI officials to areas close to the international border with India. Organisations like the Chhatra Shibir provided a regular supply to major terror outfits. All this ended after the present government came to power in Bangladesh. The ISI was desperate to regain ground and attempted major unrest in Bangladesh by using the JMB and other outfits in late 2014 and early 2015. By then, several subversives had set up base in India and were roped in to provide assistance. The Khagragarh blast and subsequent investigations thwarted this. Gradually, over the last one year, thanks to a crackdown by Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and other agencies, the JMB lost a lot of ground. However, its not the end by any means. Many leaders and key jehadis have gone to ground and are waiting for an opportunity to resurface,” an official from an Indian intelligence agency said.
Courtesy: HE.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Goseva is Greatest Service: Bengal Gov Tripathi.

Goseva is Greatest Service: WB Governor Keshri Nath Tripathi.

Bengal Spotlight Media | Barrackpore | Dec 20, 2015:: There is nothing like providing proper care and service for the cow progeny, said West Bengal Governor Sri Keshri Nath Tripathi in a opening ceremony of an Indian breed cow care  and research center at Bararckpore on Sunday.

In a joint effort with various Go-premi (Cow Lover) organisations, the Gomata Samrakshan Samiti arranged the 'foundation laying' programme near Sodepur-Panihati Rashmoni Xing in the presence of renowned Saint Sri Radhakrishna Das Ji Maharaj of Rajasthan. The MLA of Panihati Assembly Nirmal Ghosh, Industrialist Sri Ashok Todi and dignitaries were present in the programme.

As a chief guest of the function, the Bengal Governor says that beside protecting cows, we have to care for other animals also and we must not bear animal cruelty any more.

Mentioning the implication of cow protection in the field of agriculture, production of milk, health & nutrition, economy, medicine etc, Tripathi urged not to mix politics with the matter of cow protection.

The Bengal Governor also shared his experience how of of his friend's (a legislator of Kanpur)) elder brother got a relief from his traumatic health condition. When the doctors rejected the patient with an 'out of treatment situation', the patient returned home and started to take 'cow-urine' as per an elder's advice. The miracle started and the patiemt survived two years more. 

Tripathi told the committee of the "Indian breed cow care  and research center"  to complete the project as a "model Goshala', as soon as possible. 

__with input from Dainik Jugasankha.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Are we still hesitating to recognize the Re-claimer of Kashmir and the maker of West Bengal? Row over first martyr for national integration after 1947.

Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha>> Bharatiya jana Sangha>> Bharatiya Janata Party.

Political row over tribute to SP Mookerjee

TNN | Kolkata | Jun 23, 2015:: After observing World Yoga Day, the Trinamool-led government in Bengal is now offering tribute to Bharatiya Jana Sangha founder Syama Prasad Mookerjee on his death anniversary on Tuesday.

It has raised eyebrows in political circles because in the preceding Left Front government, no CPM minister had ever done this. Former chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had stayed away from a programme organized by former Union minister Tapan Sikdar in Mookerjee's memory.

There is no politics in showing respect to a statesman, but the state government doesn't follow the same standards for every political stalwart. The move is being seen as a good gesture following the recent Narendra Modi-Mamata Banerjee bonhomie.

While former CPM leader and Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee called it "late realization" by Trinamool, Congress leader Abdul Mannan said, "Mamata Banerjee will do anything to be in Modi's good books, just so that she is spared a CBI probe." Jana Sangh is the precursor to BJP.

Minister Firhad Hakim and Trinamool MP Subrata Bakshi will offer floral tributes to Mookerjee at Keoratala crematorium on Tuesday. The Left Front government would place wreaths in his memory but it was an official programme, following protocol, said a former Left minister. Usually, officials from the information and cultural affairs department would place the wreaths. Nobody — Mookerjee's nephew, Justice (retd) Chittotosh Mookerjee — can remember any Left minister being present.

"We pay tribute to Syama Prasad Mookerjee on his birth and death anniversaries quite early in the day. I don't remember seeing a minister coming to pay tribute," said Mookerjee. Also, while the Mamata government did observe Yoga Day, state ministers stayed away from the programme.

View: Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee - A Documentary.

BJP MLA Samik Bhattacharya sees the Trinamool government tribute as a healthy sign. "He is the nation's first martyr for national integration. It is due to him that Bengal is a part of India today," said Bhattacharya.

Courtesy: TOI.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Largest counterfeit currency manufacturing unit in WB unearthed within an ISO 9001 Company owned by Muslims.

Largest Counterfeit currency racket uncovered in Kolkata and Howrah. Fake currency manufacturing unit within ISO 9001 company, Siddique Iron and Steel Private Limited. Company owners untraced. One arrested. Fake notes recovered worth Rs. 10 cr.

Rama Roy | Spotlight News Service | Kolkata | 3 March 2015:: Finally the Special Task Force (STF) on Monday uncovered a racket in fake currency notes and seized counterfeit Indian currency notes with face value of more than Rs 10 crore, which is the largest recovery of fake notes at a time in Eastern India. The police also arrested one Chandrasekhar Jaiswal (Prop: M/S Jaiswal Ispat Udyog, P-54, CIT Rd, Scheme VII-M, VIP Rd, KMC, Maniktala, Kolkata -700054), a 50-year-old scrap dealer, accused of allegedly dealing and manufacturing fake currency notes. 

The police said they had seized chemicals, stamps and other equipment used for manufacturing fake notes, as well as forged notes of other countries, including the US, from Jaiswal's Maniktala house. "The seizure points at the existence of fake notes manufacturing units in the city and its surrounding areas," an officer said.

"We had a specific tip-off and rounded up Jaiswal from the intersection of Beadon Street and Amherst Street on February 27. We found 200 fake notes of Rs 1,000 denomination each on him," said Amit Javalgi, deputy commissioner of police, STF.

The STF team raided a godown in Domjur, Howrah, on the basis of what Jaiswal allegedly said during interrogation. "We found 450 gunny bags stashed with shredded Indian notes," Javalgi said.

"The second raid was conducted at Jaiswal's house on CIT Road in Maniktala. Fake notes of several countries, industrial equipment, chemicals, stamps, cheques, 20 Internet dongles with 4G speed and unused SIM cards were found in Jaiswal's house."

But, what is being by passed or rather taken as a strategy to ignore the matter of recovery all such large scale counterfeit notes, raw materials including prohibited 'note dust' in a abandoned complex of "Siddique Iron and Steel Private Limited" at South Jhapardah, ONGC Road, Domjur, Howrah, 711405. And all these 'state of art' works for counterfeit currencies of India, USA, EU, Zimbabwe, Turkey and other countries were safely managed inside a company registered under RoC, Kolkata (Regi No. 131224 and Corporate Identification no. U27100WB2008PTC131224) and leveled with ISO 9001 2008 certified company.

From an investigation it has been reveled that the Siddique Iron and Steel Private Limited was started in 2008 by Badre Alam Siddique of Murshidabad along with his nice Ayesha Khatoon. Available reports suggest that Ayesha is actually Bangladeshi resident and both of them run some mysterious business in Dubai and Dhaka.

It's a big question for the intelligence to nab these  Badre Alam Siddique and Ayesha Khatoon who allowed to use the company premises as godown or manufacturing unit for making counterfeit currencies of multiple countries under an international racket

Badre Alam had another business under 'Xpres Tredkom Private Limited' at 223 Jodhpur Garden, Ground Floor, Jadavpur, Kolkata 700 045, which was closed prior to 2008 due to 'strike off'.

Interestingly, the fake note manufacturing unit at Domjur inside a ISO 9001 certified company, Siddique Iron and Steel Private Limited is still 'Active' as MCA status. But, the same company has also been listed in  Non-performing asset (NPA) under code NPA66809 with an asset value of Rupees 6.74 Cr. with an attachment of State Bank of India, had a call of auction on 8th August 2012. It is known that with a high arrangement with Siddique,  Jaiswal had took any entry to that almost abandoned steel company to start this joint venture.  

'With the blessing of a local MP from ruling power in WB, bearing Arabic name, all these arrangements were materialized fast to open a new sector of profiteering industries'.  Public says all these without any  proof, but these cannot be ignored straightway, when TMC had its MP named Ahamed Hasan Imran, the founder member of SIMI and also connected with SARDHA Scam trail stashing unauthorized money to Bangladeshi Jihadi outfits, as alleged. 

The police suspect more than one person's involvement in the racket and did not rule out links with terror outfits. "We have contacted central agencies such as the National Investigating Agency (NIA) to find out whether the fake notes were channelized outside the country for Terrorists activites," Javalgi said.

An STF officer said those involved in the racket had cracked almost all security codes of the Reserve Bank of India.

According to the police, this is the biggest catch of fake currency notes by the STF in recent times. Sources revealed that a racket of fake currency notes, operating out of the heart of Kolkata is a rare incident.

This apart, the police also seized fake currency notes of five other countries, whose valuation is yet to be ascertained. The police suspect more than one person’s involvement in the fake currency racket and did not rule out any links with terror outfits.

“We are trying to explore all the other angles of this racket – including links to terrorist outfits. We have also contacted other Central investigating agencies to find out if the fake currency was channelized outside the country,” added Javalgi.

The revelation of facts is urgently needed when Domjur fake note manufacturing unit has a close proximity to the Khagragarh Bomb making factory. 

Kolkata and Howrah  are now attributed by the ruling party TMC for an unique dimension of probable white collared Jihadis over its blood stained Jihad so far noticed in Burdwan and Murshidabad.  

Courtesy: IANS | ABP Ananda. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Bengali Hindu girl raped and tortured by a Muslim man in a Christian Home in WB.

16-year-old Bengali Hindu girl tortured, raped by a Muslim Clergy in a Christian Home funded by Church for a month in West Bengal. 

Simson Islam, the arrested Rapist.
Sunita Arora | HENB | Chinsura | 5 February 2015:: Really it’s an all new experience for anybody. Jehadi Muslims adopted Christian names. Running Christian Home with the help of Church aid. And have been victimizing poor Hindu girls in that Home since a month long.
A 16-year-old Hindu girl from Hooghly-based rehabilitation home for Juveniles was allegedly raped and tortured for a month by a fake clergyman named SIMSON ISLAM , police said on Wednesday. The Islam family of Gurap, (a town in Hoggly District in West Bengal),  converted to Christianity as told and adopted Christian names with Islamic surname and started this Home some thirty years back. Simon’s father Nur Islam took a Christian name  as Simon Nur Islam and started this  ‘Bhastara Christian Home’ at Bhastara area of Gurap Town.
According to a complaint filed by Mrs. Sujata Das, a member of District Child Help Line,  at the local police station, the fake clergyman, belonging to ‘Gurap Bhastara Christian Home’ had been allegedly torturing and raping the Hindu minor for a month. The victim had been living in the Home for about a year. The accused Simson Islam was arrested last night under Section 376 of the IPC, charging him with rape and torture, police said.
A heavy unrest among the local people was perceived after the news of captive rape spread in the air.
The Police officers were sent  on Wednesdayto  the Home to investigate the matter, Sub-divisional officer Sadar, Sudip Sarkar said. The arrested clergyman was produced before Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Chinsura, which remanded him to 14-days judicial custody.

Meanwhile, the victim minor was shifted to a government-run home in the same district. District Social Welfare Department officers visited the Home and spoke with the inmates and the victim.
Both the victimized girl and the accused had to went under medical test. Sources said  a positive report was confirmed  as the victimization concluded both under rape and physical assault.
It is now revealed that Simson Islam used to call the Hindu female juveniles of that home by rotation after 10 o’clock at night and kept them two hours at closed door. Actually, Simon used this home as his Harem (private Islamic brothel). In the instant case, the victim Hindu girl have been being tortured and raped regularly  by Simson month long, but the victim intelligently contacted the Child Help Line at the time of going School outside the Home and found successful to lodge a FIR in the local PS with the help of CHL.
Simson’s mother Shanti Islam also run a same type Home in Malda district of West Bengal. An covert investigation has been started, as per source, whether these Homes are sprouting sex and women trafficking rackets including contact centers for ‘Love Jihad’.

Courtesy: HENB. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bengal Laden held in Burdwan Blast and Jihadi Madrasa Connection.

Big Success of NIA. Laden of Murshidabad held in Khagragar Bomb Blast & Shimulia Jihadi Madrasa Trail. 

Madarsa owner held in blast case

Bengal Laden Arrested. 
Telegraph Corespondent | Behrampore | Feb. 4, 2015:: The owner of a madarsa in Murshidabad has been arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with the October 2 Burdwan blast.

Mufajjal Ali, also known as Laden because of his long beard, was picked up last night as he was about to enter his home in Lalgola, NIA officers said.

According to the central agency, Laden set up the madarsa on a 10-cottah plot in Mukimnagar four years ago and allegedly ran a camp where he recruited youths for the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

An NIA officer said Laden initially ran a madarsa from his home and built the one in Mukimnagar after he gatheredenough money to buy the 10-cottah plot.

The madarsa's cook, Habibur Rehman, was picked up for questioning by the NIA on January 26. He was brought to Calcutta and arrested the next day.

Sources said it was Rehman who provided more information on Laden. "Laden's role was to provide logistics to JMB operatives sneaking in from Bangladesh and facilitating their stay and transport," an NIA officer said.

The Telegraph had in November reported that several top JMB operatives in Burdwan and Murshidabad had received a timely alert from Sajid, the outfit's alleged pointman in Bengal, within minutes of the blast. Among them was Laden, the NIA said today.

He was today produced in court and given a two-day transit remand to be taken to Calcutta.

According to the NIA, the Mukimnagar madarsa had around 150 students. Although it was built on an open field, the madarsa had a high boundary wall.

Courtesy: The Telegraph, Kolkata. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jihadi Muslims vandalized Saraswati idol and National Flag in Kharagpur in West Bengal.

Kharagpur witnessed violent Jihadi attack, Goddess Saraswati idol vandalized and National Flag desecrated.
Saraswati Image vandalized by Muslims in Kharagpur

S Pandey | Spotlight News | Kharagpur | 30 January 2015:: Like Maldah in North Bengal & Usthi of Diamond Harbour Subdivision in South Bengal anti-Hindu riots by Jihadi Muslims took place at Bhawanipur More of Kharagpur (West Medinipur District) near main Golbazar market started by breaking of Goddess Saraswati idol during immersion procession and kicking down of national flag with their feet.

ST boys of Adivasi dominated area Singhpara of Debalpur, Ward No. 5 took out the procession at 28th January night and when it reached Bhawanipur More, Ward No. 6 around 9.30 pm, armed violent Muslim youths attacked them with swords & iron rods and then broke down the idol of Maa Saraswati taken out for immersion. Finally a big national flag hanging on nearby since Republic Day celebration was tore down by the attackers and stamped down by their Jihad feet. They cheered the mayhem by shouting slogans in favour of Pakistan, ISIS and Al Qaeda.  

A severely injured ST child of 9 years was rushed to and admitted in Kharagpur Sub-Divisional Hospital (was kept at 1st floor Bed No. 23) and FIR lodged immediately at Kharagpur (Town) P.S. against 5 known Muslim miscreants who were later identified by the Adivasi Hindu boys.

On the next morning, Bhawanipur residents filed a second G.D seeking police protection, help and arrest of the Jihadis for peace to return.

But after that, administration and police are harassing Hindu youths of the area and local TMC Councillors statred threatening them to such an extent that most Hindu youths of the area have fled and children, women and aged are living at their own houses in fear of more such attacks!

A District team of Hindu Jagaran Manch and RSS reached the spot to help the victims, as sources said.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Muslims vandalized Hindu areas and business at Usthi in West Bengal with the help of State Minister.

Muslims attacks Hindus and vandalized, looted, torched Hindu shops in Usthi (South 24 Pgs, WB) area in the alleged presence of State Minister Giyasuddin Molla. 

Abhi Mitra | Spotlight Media | Usthi 29 January 2015::  Massive attack on Hindus went on at several places under Usthi PS, Mandirbazar PS & Diamond Harbour PS in West Bengal since yesterday (28/01/15) night. Hindus are under attack from organised Muslim mobs in Usthi Bazar, Kuleshwar, Deyarak, Nainan, Deaula, Gholar more, Bholerhat, Mandir Bazar, Hatugunj,and other adjacent areas.  Minister in-charge of Minority Affairs Giyasuddin Mollah is allegedly leading the anti-Hindu mayhem. Muslims are being instigated and asked to join the rioting through Masjid loudspeakers. Police was usually came late in the vicinity to protect Hindu shops and homes.  The situation in Usthi Bazar, Kuleshwar, Deyarak, Nainan, Deaula, Gholar more, Bholerhat, Mandir Bazar, Hatugunj and other areas are still tensed. The armed Muslims are awaiting in Mosques and Madrasas to attack Hindu areas in the dark of night at some sources leaked. 

Md Giyasuddin Molla,
Minority Affairs Minister, WB

It is alleged that Md Giyasuddin Molla, the Minority Affairs Minister, WB and TMC Leader of the area was guarding all Muslim areas with his pet goons and restraining Police to enter into the Muslim villages where anti-socials have already taken position. Police started random searching and torturing in Hindu villages. The situation may be deteriorated if the Central BJP and Police do not take immediate steps.  

Some small groups of Hindu Jagaran Manch and Bhavani Sena are giving some protection for Hindus. But, big bosses like RSS, BJP, VHP etc.are away from the areas of disturbances as reported. Muslims started rally with brandishing swords and ire arms when reports came in last at 2.30 pm on 29/01/2015.

When we wanted to know the cause of this communal flare up in Usthi area, then a local youth Sameer said,  "On 27 th evening there was a ruckus between the Hindus and Muslims in a matter of way back to a Saraswati Puja Immersion. Muslims assaulted a Hindu youth on the way back to his home. Hearing this Hindus retaliated. The matter did not shape into an end there. Muslims organised themselves through Loud-speakers of nearby all Mosques and thundered over Hindus. Local Hindus are fighting to save their position without any help!". Other source said that it was a family scuffle between Hindu couple when a Muslim passers by badly intervened. Actual cause is still unearthed. 

Hindu Public conveyed their de-satisfactions as There are many Hindu Orgs and BJP in South 24 Pgs, as per information but no  team from them were seen in the area or to interact with the police as perhaps they are busy otherwise. Bengal Media is supressing this news as usual. 

Today (29/01/2015) many Hindu shops were burnt & looted by Notorious criminal kalo (Ajijul Sarder) & his gang at Usthi Market, South 24 Parganas from 10 A.M. onward.  Main culprit  Ajijul Sarder (kalo) S/O Idrish Ali Sarder was assisted by Obedur Rahaman (Liton), Rauf Baidya , Emadul Sarder , Eunus Gaji, Siraj Baidya, Gaus (S/O- Kausor) and many others goons attached with TMC and very close to Giyasuddin Molla, the local TMC MLA and the MIC, Minority Affairs of West Bengal. 

They hurled crude bombs at random on the spot and destroyed more than 50 Hindu shops viz. Maakali Mistanna Bhandar, Mandal Electronics , Das Watch Co, MahaMaya Hindu Hotel, Narayan Mistanna Bhandar etc.  After looting & injuring many Hindu shopkeepers .

Notorious criminal Kalo(Ajijul Sarder) and his gang were seen with Local TMC MLA sharing Tea each others.  This Muslim gang is politically sheltered & protected by local MLA & Minister (Minority Affairs Dept.) Giyasuddin Molla.  Molla was present there to lead the Islamic looting on Hindu shops. 

This mayhem was little bit controlled by the RAF and Armed Police Forces not to cause  of looting any Muslim shop in the same market. Two Hindu shops were burnt to ashes. Sec. 144 Cr. P. C.  was imposed to control the situation afterwards.

As the news flared up in the adjacent areas, tension en-gripped in some areas in Mandirbazar, Kulpi and Diamond Harbour PS also. Muslims jointly appeared in  roads and started slogans against Hindus and BJP/RSS/VHP in a very fanatic way.

While no Muslim still arrested as  reported, four Hindu youths from Kuleswar were arrested in the evening and kept in Diamond Harbour PS as per latest information. 

Some injured persons are being treated in Diamond Harbour Sub Divisional Hospital also. 

Post Script: For dismantling the BJP State Team's Visit to Usthi on 30/01/2015, SDO Diamond Harbour played this Game.....

Via Krishanu Mitra, BJP State Media Cell, W.B |  Via Kalosona Roy  | Via Ahijit Das  BJP South 24 Pgs.
Read the report in Bengal in ABP:: বোমা-গুলি নিয়ে দু’হাজার দুষ্কৃতীর তাণ্ডব উস্তিতে
LIVE UPDATES: 30/01/2015 Sources confirmed. Loss of 2.6 Crores for Hindu Business and Households. 44 Hindu shops looted. 6 Hindu shops torched. 6 Hindus arrested. 17 Muslims arrested. Main Culprit: Giyasuddin Molla, State MIC, Minority Affairs.

*** Some hrs back (11 am) 
Mr Tathagata Roy and Samik Bhattacharya BJP were compelled to return back from Usthi PS and not allowed to get entry to disturbed area to meet the victim families and looted Hindu business men. They were staged a dharna at Usthi Petrol Pump and forced to leave the place by police under TMC control. 
*** At about 12-30 noon
Muslim goons again started attacking Hindus at Panchagram Kayet Para and Kuleswar and torched several Hindu Houses. Miking from Mosques are engaged in fomenting Muslims to unite them and in collection of Money and arms.
*** At about 2-00 pm. Fresh deployment of RAF seen. Police zeep are seen to engage in public announcement for keeping peace, law and order.
*** 3. 45 pm: In the Court of Mr Ashish Gupta, Honb'le ACJM Diamond Harbour Criminal Court, Police granted PC for four days for the 6 accused Hindu persons in Usthi Case (DH PS Case No. 60/15. Thanks Indian Judiciary. Hindus were looted, tortured, arsoned and aced all the mayhem created by Muslims. But they (1. Pravakar Mondal, 2. Tapan Midye, 3. Bidesh Mondal, 4. Sushil Mondal all from Kuleswar and 5. Rajesh alias Paltu Mondal 6. Paltu's brother Kailash Mondal from Dakshin Deyrak) were put in Jail (PC) as they wanted to defend.
(Sections drawn in above case: u/s 143/147/148/427/326/308/379/427/447 IPC).


*** 3.50 pm: A Police Van entered the Court Campus. Seen a large commotion in Court Premises. Public guessed that Usthi Muslim Perpetrators are in the Van.

*** 5.00 pm. A short while ago 19 Muslim perpetrators produced to Honb'le ACJM DH Criminal Court (Usthi PS Case No. 64/15 and 65/15). 6 accused are taken to PC for four days others 13 are sent to JC or 7 days. The Ld Advocate on record for the arrested Hindus, Mr Shankar Narayan Manna told this end that the Court has passed the order very justifiably. Now, it is known that the Muslims perpetrators have been arrested with the charges of looting, inciting communal riots, putting fire, intimidation, hatching conspiracy, putting interference to the police on duty etc. etc. Case details are coming shortly. Next date falls 3rd Feb 2015.
(Sections drawn in above Usthi PS case 64/15: u/s 143/448/427/136/379 IPC). 
Sections drawn in above Usthi PS case 65/15: u/s 147/148/149/323/325/326/307/332/333/353/427/436/153(A)/295(A)/505(2)/506 I.P.C.; 25/27 of Arms Act; 3/4 E.S. Act ans 3/4 P.D.P Act.)

A High source tells that today the anti-socials of Usthi, Deula, Magrahat will attack Hindus of Nainan, Chousa, Satghara, Deyarak in dark of Night to teach a final lesson to Hindus. Usthi PS (09674372172 / 03174-250203), SDPO DH (03174-255221), SDO ( 03174-255222) SP S24 Pgs (033 - 2479-3333), DIB Control (033-2448-0118) are requested to save the life of law abiding people of Usthi and adjacent areas and restrain the law braekers. Plz Plz. Don't ignore this message and save many lives.
Indications: 1. After Friday Namaz there were spl meetings of notorious anti-socials in many places reported.
2. Muslims are sending their women and children away to vacate their homes. a) They will accommodate outsiders there. b) They will set fire in the vacate houses to blame Hindus.
3. Police is under pressure and started their dialogue in a very mysterious way. A very unpredictable situation before a great disaster.


*** 6.00 am. An unprecedented security arrangements and heavy deployment of RAF and Armed Police saved the situation in Usthi last night. The area was flooded with halogen lights. A resolute WB Police took all arrangements to foil the conspiracy of perpetrators. Villagers of Usthi, Nainan, Satghara, Kuleswar, Deyarak spent an incident free, peaceful night blessed by the Police and Administrations. Great Thanks.


*** 5.00 pm.  A meeting of Usthi BDO with the victimized Hindu businessmen was held in Usthi Panchayet Samiti in the presence of Sabhapati of Panchayet Samiti, O/C Usthi PS toady. It is heard that a decision was taken to the effect that all large business holders will get interest free loan of  Rs 5 lakh, when the medium and small scale victim businessmen will get Rs. 2 lakh and 1 lakh each respectively. The meeting touched the heat as the main culprit of Usthi Riot and Mayhem, Giyasuddin Molla is speared in this case and his name is not included in any connected case in the vandalism, looting, arson in Usthi Bazar on 29/01/2015. 


*** 5.00 am.  Today the above named accused of all the three cases above were produced before the designated ACJM  in Diamond Harbour Criminal Court. The Hon'ble Court ended the term of Police Custody for the accused and sent all the arrested persons in Jail custody for 14 days until 17/02/2014. 

The lawyers for the case no DH PS Case 60/15 (for all arrested Hindus) pleaded for bail but rejected by the court. Moreover, it is coming to surface that name of Thirteen Hindus (Viz 1*. Pratap Hazra, 2*. Probir Naskar, 3*. Madhav Mondal, 4*, Maloy Naskar, 5*. Munna Ghorami, 6*. Sumon Bose, 7*. Bikash Paramanik, 8. Pravakar Mondal, 9. Tapan Midye, 10. Bidesh Mondal, 11.  Sushil Mondal 12. Rajesh  Mondal and 13. Kailash Mondal , *freshly included in Usthi case) in the Usthi PS case no. 65/15 purportedly by Usthi Police station on this day.

*** 11.00 am. Today's Programme: 1. Deputation to SP (South 24 Pgs) at Alipore on and from 11-30 am by RSS/VHP/Dist BJP on Usthi Riot perpetrated by TMC and Islamic force in a row. JOIN AND PROTEST. 2. Bail Petition will be moved for the Hindus in Usthi PS Case no 65/15 in DH Cr Court as they are named in FIR in a very culpable way by the police.
Bartaman 04/02/2015

Bartaman 05/02/2015

*** 6,00 pm. An Effective Deputation on Usthi Violence and Disturbances was made to the SP South 24 Pgs with proper rehabilitation to the victim Hindu businessmen of Usthi (upto 15 lakh rupees) and immediate arrest of State Minority Affairs Minister Giyasuddin Molla, who is behind the attacks on Hindus and mayhem in Usthi. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hindus of Usthi (WB) protested vehemently against Islamic Hooliganism through Village Police.

Hindu Activist and BJP youth leader attacked by Muslim Civic Volunteers in Usthi.

Samarpita Saha | Spotlight News Service | Usthi (S 24 Pgs), WB | 1 January 2015:: The law and order situation under Usthi Police Station (South 24 Parganas) is worsening rapidly due to the rampant Islamic hooliganism and the political indulgence to it.

The purposely recruited Civic Volunteers (renamed from Village Police or Green Police) under the political arbitration of the ruling TMC (Trinmool Congress) are being fully utilized for the political gain by vandalizing the opposition political forces under various repression and persecutions. The mainstream media is ignoring the facts and acts about it causing the uncontrollable situations sometimes against the civil society and police itself.

On Tuesday, 30 Dec,  a Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (Youth Front of BJP) leader of Usthi area, named Pratap Hazra was beaten up by some civic volunteers due to quarrel between them out of parking of the motorbike of Hazra, in front of old Usthi Police Station.  

Hazra went to the market place for purchasing some household goods and tried to park his bike in a safe place far away from the road so that no traffic jam would occur anyway.

Two Civic volunteers named Makbul Seikh and Sohorab Seikh attacked the BJYM leader all on a sudden after uttering filthy words against, Narendra Modi, BJP and Hindus as well. Hazra tried to check them gallantly and some police personnel present their also intervened to stop the scuffle. But, the police did not arrest the perpetrators for their unruly brutal activities.

It is reported that the perpetrators viz Makbul and Sohorab are very much close to the local TMC MLA and State Minority Affairs Minister Giyasuddin Molla. People believe that Giyasuddin had recommended Makbul, Sohorab and many other Muslim youths in Civic Volunteers for his personal political gain and to use them against the oppositions and the Hindus in particular.

The news of uncivilized and serious attack on Pratap Hazra by the Civic Volunteers under State Police went to the corners momentarily and garnered a huge Hindu repercussion.

About 3000 Hindu activists of various Hindu organizations and BJP supporters of the area gathered in front of Usthi Police Station put up a two hour road bloc since 9 AM, protesting against the incident.

The IC of Usthi PS, Subir Dhali and One SI named Supriya Rang tried their level best to take control over the situation and DSP (Falta -Rural), S 24 Pgs also reached the spot without delay.

After getting some assurance or arresting the attackers or to make further proceedings duly, the agitators removed the road blocked after two hours as such.

A FIR was lodged in Usthi PS for this matter as reported.

The injured worker was treated at Diamond Harbour District Hospital afterwards.

Now, alarming news came to this desk that the Communal MLA of TMC and also the Minority Affair Minister of West Bengal, Giyasuddin Molla is trying hard to rescue the Muslim perpetrators out of his communal feeling and demanded the arrest of Hazra, if Police would arrest the attackers Makbul and Sohorab.

Sources said that Police directly expressed their inability to arrest Hazra as he has no anti social record rather he has a good reputation for his various social welfare activities.

Before joining BJP, Hazra were attached to various Hindu organizations like RSS, Hindu Samhati and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. In recent Hazra launched a pro-Hindu activist group named Bhawani Sena following the ideals of Ananda Math of  Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya  andBhawani Mandirof  Sri Aurobinda.

Practically, Giyasuddin Molla, the tramp-card of Mamata Banerjee (CM of WB) for Muslim Vote Bank of South 24 Parganas, is trying now to diminish the upsurge of Hindu consolidation and BJP politics in the area and adjacent.

Hindus and the BJP supporters have taken a vow to go for any steps to protect Pratap Hazra from any eventualities and restore the Hindu might in the locality.