Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hindus of Usthi (WB) protested vehemently against Islamic Hooliganism through Village Police.

Hindu Activist and BJP youth leader attacked by Muslim Civic Volunteers in Usthi.

Samarpita Saha | Spotlight News Service | Usthi (S 24 Pgs), WB | 1 January 2015:: The law and order situation under Usthi Police Station (South 24 Parganas) is worsening rapidly due to the rampant Islamic hooliganism and the political indulgence to it.

The purposely recruited Civic Volunteers (renamed from Village Police or Green Police) under the political arbitration of the ruling TMC (Trinmool Congress) are being fully utilized for the political gain by vandalizing the opposition political forces under various repression and persecutions. The mainstream media is ignoring the facts and acts about it causing the uncontrollable situations sometimes against the civil society and police itself.

On Tuesday, 30 Dec,  a Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (Youth Front of BJP) leader of Usthi area, named Pratap Hazra was beaten up by some civic volunteers due to quarrel between them out of parking of the motorbike of Hazra, in front of old Usthi Police Station.  

Hazra went to the market place for purchasing some household goods and tried to park his bike in a safe place far away from the road so that no traffic jam would occur anyway.

Two Civic volunteers named Makbul Seikh and Sohorab Seikh attacked the BJYM leader all on a sudden after uttering filthy words against, Narendra Modi, BJP and Hindus as well. Hazra tried to check them gallantly and some police personnel present their also intervened to stop the scuffle. But, the police did not arrest the perpetrators for their unruly brutal activities.

It is reported that the perpetrators viz Makbul and Sohorab are very much close to the local TMC MLA and State Minority Affairs Minister Giyasuddin Molla. People believe that Giyasuddin had recommended Makbul, Sohorab and many other Muslim youths in Civic Volunteers for his personal political gain and to use them against the oppositions and the Hindus in particular.

The news of uncivilized and serious attack on Pratap Hazra by the Civic Volunteers under State Police went to the corners momentarily and garnered a huge Hindu repercussion.

About 3000 Hindu activists of various Hindu organizations and BJP supporters of the area gathered in front of Usthi Police Station put up a two hour road bloc since 9 AM, protesting against the incident.

The IC of Usthi PS, Subir Dhali and One SI named Supriya Rang tried their level best to take control over the situation and DSP (Falta -Rural), S 24 Pgs also reached the spot without delay.

After getting some assurance or arresting the attackers or to make further proceedings duly, the agitators removed the road blocked after two hours as such.

A FIR was lodged in Usthi PS for this matter as reported.

The injured worker was treated at Diamond Harbour District Hospital afterwards.

Now, alarming news came to this desk that the Communal MLA of TMC and also the Minority Affair Minister of West Bengal, Giyasuddin Molla is trying hard to rescue the Muslim perpetrators out of his communal feeling and demanded the arrest of Hazra, if Police would arrest the attackers Makbul and Sohorab.

Sources said that Police directly expressed their inability to arrest Hazra as he has no anti social record rather he has a good reputation for his various social welfare activities.

Before joining BJP, Hazra were attached to various Hindu organizations like RSS, Hindu Samhati and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. In recent Hazra launched a pro-Hindu activist group named Bhawani Sena following the ideals of Ananda Math of  Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya  andBhawani Mandirof  Sri Aurobinda.

Practically, Giyasuddin Molla, the tramp-card of Mamata Banerjee (CM of WB) for Muslim Vote Bank of South 24 Parganas, is trying now to diminish the upsurge of Hindu consolidation and BJP politics in the area and adjacent.

Hindus and the BJP supporters have taken a vow to go for any steps to protect Pratap Hazra from any eventualities and restore the Hindu might in the locality.

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