Thursday, September 25, 2014

Usthi Road blockade in protest of Muslim hooliganism and illegal cow market.

Local Hindus and Bhavani Sena made Usthi Road blockade in protest of Muslim hooliganism and illegal cow market.

Prasad Roy | BSNN | Usthi | 25-09-2014:: Bhavani Sena members and local villagers of Satghara, Nainanpur, Chousha, Kuleswar under Usthj Police Station blocked the Usthi-Dostipur Main Road for more than Two hours in a protest of local Muslim Hooliganism and illegal cow market beside Usthi Police Station, today on 25-09-2014.
At about 1-30 pm a Bus (SD-27 Route, Dostipur to Akhra) bearing  WB 19 4468, collided with two students of local Usthi KCPM Institution returning their homes after exam. riding bicycles near SBI. The students were saved but injured also. The Muslim bus driver, conductor and helpers were tried to rush driving them on wrong side.
While the injured students viz. Sujit (Bhola) Sardar and Prokash Gharami protested such uncivilized manner of the Muslim drivers, they started beating ruthlessly those students all on a sudden and rushed away immediately.
Hearing this news of assault upon Hindu students by Muslim Bus drivers and his helpers, local public started gathering to protest.  Local Muslim goondas  Abbas and Kalo came to the spot to disperse the protesting public under the instruction of 2nd Police Officer of Usthi PS - Md Khalekuzzaman. While some people and guardians of the injured Hindu students reached to their School (Usthi KCPM Institution) for the intervention of the Head Master, Md Abul Kalam Shah, he denied to intervene as the accident took place outside the school (actually as the victims were Hindus).

Seeing all these Islamic partisan activism, the Hindu protest flared up gradually. Sooner the news also reached to the leaders and supporters of Bhavani Sena. Leaders of Bhavani Sena Pratap Hazra, Satya Gharami, Goutam Mondal immediately reached the spot and started road blocking at 2-30 pm in protest of Islamic hooliganism and illegal cow market beside Usthi Police Station. As soon as as Bhavani Sena leaders reached the spot all the Muslim goondas fled away. A long queue of vehicles halted both sides of the blockade on road. The protesters raised slogan against discrimination against Hindus and illegal cow market here and there.  
A large contingent of Police force came to the spot and asked to remove the blockade. But, the protesters demanded immediate apology by the perpetrators and removal of illegal cow market in the name of cow pound beside Usthi Police Station. For some points the Hindu protestors had a heavy altercation with Police Officials and finally, the IC of Usthi PS, Mr. Subir Dhali apologized for the nuisance so far created by the Muslim anti Socials and assured strict action against them. Then the road blockade was lifted at about 5.00 pm.
The Hindu protesters vehemently protested the culpable activities of Second Officer of Usthi PS, Md Khalekuzzaman as supported by Md Giyasuddin Molla, the Minister of State Minority Department and the local TMC MLA as well.
Hearing the Hindu agitation and road blockade, the Muslim cattle traders disappeared within seconds taking away all the cows and cattle from the illegal market beside Usthi PS. The Inspector-in-Charge of Usthi PS assured to check every violation of illegal cow trading, cow slaughter and Islamic menace in the area.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Axe on state officials to skip PM’s Teachers’ Day telecast in Bengal schools.

Bengal schools to skip PM’s Teachers’ Day telecast. Axe on duo over PM speech row.

Upendra Baral | BSNN | Kolkata | 04 Sept 2014:: TMC has perhaps drawn an all out non-operation line of action in the upsurged investigation scenario and enticement of Saradha Cheat Fund probe by CBI. 

Now the ruling TMC has started direct denial to the Central Govt Programs with lame excuse as seen in a tussle of State Education Department and HRD (Human Resource Development) in the Union Govt. 

Government schools in West Bengal will not make any arrangement for students to watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s live address on Teachers Day and many private schools too may skip the programme under their influence.

West Bengal Education Minister Partha Chatterjee said on Wednesday that there was neither the time nor the infrastructure for making such arrangements in schools.

“We will be very busy with our own programmes. Our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will felicitate teachers at Netaji Indoor stadium on the day,” he said. 

Not only that, two education department officials were removed from their posts on Wednesday for allegedly uploading on the department’s website a circular stating that the schools in three districts would have to arrange for broadcasting the Prime Minister’s programme on Teachers’ Day.

The government had showcaused the two officials and ordered a probe against them on Tuesday.

A source said showcause notices had also been issued to the inspectors of schools of the three districts — Nadia and North and South 24-Parganas.

Education minister Partha Chatterjee dubbed the removal of the two officials “routine transfer”.

“The government cannot take any punitive action against the officials as they are yet to respond to the showcause notices. The government will decide whether they would be punished or not after receiving their replies,” Chatterjee said.

The minister, however, made it clear that stern action would be taken against the officials if the probe found them guilty.

The notification, originally issued by the human resource development ministry, appeared on the school education department’s website at 5pm on Tuesday. It was removed at 6.30pm at minister Chatterjee’s behest.

The circular stated that the schools in the three districts would have to arrange for TV sets, projectors, screens and amplifiers for the 3pm-4.45pm broadcast on September 5.

“I have told the officials concerned that we can’t telecast the speech in schools as we have our own event on September 5,” Chatterjee said.

An annyoing Education minister of West Bengal Partha Chatterjee clarifies that "about 100 teachers from across the State will be awarded ‘Shiksha Ratna’ by the government on September 5".

Many private schools under TMC influence in the city too said they would not be able to make arrangements for the programme.

But, Mahadevi Birla Academy principal Anjana Saha when contacted said arrangements were being made for screening Prime Minister’s interaction but since most of the students leave for home after 2.30 pm the school authorities are not sure of how many of them would attend it.

Hertiage School principal Seema Sapru said the school was encouraging students to watch the interaction, the first of its kind, at home since the school gets over by 2 p.m. and the authorities would be busy with their own programmes on the occasion.

Modern High School principal Devi Kar said the authorities would not be able to make any arrangement for the screening.

But, the question is very alarming that how a state department can negate a central govt programme for a political aversion or hegemony so far. 

Earlier, Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani also slamed so called 'politicisation' of Centre's Teachers' Day plans. 

Amidst this row over Prime Minister Narendra Modi's planned interaction with students on Teachers' Day, HRD minister Smriti Irani said that the participation of students in the event was "voluntary". 

She stressed that September 5, the birth anniversary of former President the late S Radhakrishnan, will continue to be celebrated as 'Teachers' Day'.

"This particular activity is voluntary in nature. If it is being politicized, then I would say it is regrettable," Irani told reporters when asked about the objections raised in some states over the Centre's directive to them to ensure students' participation in the event.

States like West Bengal have voiced dissent over the entire exercise with its Education Minister Partha Chatterjee saying they have little time in which to make the necessary arrangements for it.

Eminent Educationists and some lawmakers both in the ruling and opposition parties also condemned the matter of rejection of PM's web speech or interaction with the students in school in a special day dedicated to the Teachers of the country. 

Actually, Education is in the concurrent list of 7th Schedule in Indian Constitution. So, State cannot go such in a whimsical way to scrap a National programme for educational purpose.

Input: TT | PTI.

Student thrashed brutally in South Calcutta Law College for refusing to join TMCP.

Student thrashed brutally in Calcutta for refusing to join Trinamool Chhatra Parishad

Ani Chakroborty | BSNN | Kolkata | 03 Sept 2014::

Bengal’s politics is at nadir and with each day it passes, miseries are rising steadily, obviously with no imminent end to the humongous crisis thanks to a megalomaniac regime. How dreadful the state of affairs in the state is now can be ascertained from the horrific saga of Probal Chandra (name changed for security), a fresh student at the South Calcutta Law College (SCLC), known for its educational eminence for decades.

According to reports that have come in, Probal, on account of his disinclination to join the student wing of reigning Trinamool Congress or Trinamool Chhatra Parishad (TMCP), was abducted by the TMCP leaders within the college premises on September 3, 2014 and was virtually beaten to death almost. Due to merciless thrashing, his lips and eyes got injured while his right eye, when rescued by her elder sister’s relentless efforts, was found to pop out almost. Moreover, muriatic acid or hydrochloric acid was spread on the floor of Students’ room and Probal was asked to lick it. The incident abetted by retaliation was enough to make him unconscious.

Later on, the hapless victim or Probal Chandra was kept in an abandoned store room for hours and he was rescued from there finally. The chance communication of one of his friends to Krishna (name changed too), elder sister of Probal, led to his final release under the auspices of a special police team from Lalbazar.

But, before that the TMCP perpetrators forcefully managed a written statement from Probal for his concocted misbehavior with girl students and drinking alcohol in the campus.

Miss Mamata Banerjee, the CM of WB and all in all for the Trinamool state of affairs may be proud for making some prospective Arabul, Idrish, Iqbal or Anubrata also from the campus of SCLC.

But Krishna could not file any formal FIR against the perpetrators out of fear and this is not without reason. When a police team from local Gariahat police station went to South Calcutta Law College for an official investigation, TMCP’s members, backed by its queasy leadership, was found to be belligerent enough. The might of warring students was sufficient to make Krishna discard the idea of lodging any FIR. The Chandra family is still in fear and has decided to change the college of their ward once and for all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Diamond Harbour Administration and Police helping illegal Cow trafficking and unauthorized cattle markets.

Diamond Harbour Administration and Police scare to stop illegal Cow trafficking and unauthorized cattle markets. 

Prasad Roy | BSNN | Diamond Harbour | 03 Sept 2014:: In the heat of September mid noon, a small truck, loaded with 7 (seven cows and bulls all under the age of 7 years) with other 10-15 goats, was passing through the busy NH 117, in an intolerable condition to the pity animals violating all animal transportation rules, prohibition animal cruelty provisions, municipal cattle licencing acts and so on under the courtesy of Diamond Harbour Police and General Administrations. 

For a traffic jam, the vehicle no. WB 41 F 3358 halted for a while near Janata More of Diamond Harbour Station Bazar when a traffic police came to the truck for an enquiry, but when the helper of the truck showed a chit describing its destination to a illegal cattle market named 'Hazi Rahamat Hat' near Paler More, Kamarpole, PO Sarisha under Diamond Harbour Police Station, the traffic police allowed the truck to proceed with taking a bribe of Rs. 100 only. The police on duty checked nothing nor saw the pity condition of the animals being carried with fodder or water or without any valid documents of purchase or any medical certificates. 

A scull capped and long bearded bike rided man thanked the police twice and spitted thrice on road before following the cattle loaded vehicle. 

Diamond Harbour is rapidly changing as a Mujaheddin hub. All the anti-social and unlawful activities are being rampantly conducting by the Muslim Criminals with a passive permission of the the Police and Administration. 

And hold  please to take a note  that all these Talibanic activities are being promoted by two chief operators of the Harbour town viz. Md Sajahan Molla of KWIL (a Saradha like big cheat fund - while Sudipta is in Jail, Sajahan is moving freely as he is a great 'Bhaijan' of our Didi) and Raich Molla, a businessman overtly  but  a gang star covertly. Both of them are very close to TMC and local MLA, Mr Dipak Halder (mind his great speech: rape held in previous times, rape is happening now and  rape will be done in future also). 

But, what is role of the Police or SDO, Diamond Harbour and IC of DH PS? The cows and cattle are being transported through the Diamond Harbour Municipality and adjacent placed in open daylight violating all rules and regulation and committing severe animal cruelty. But, the so called culturally accailmed   SDO and IC are helping the cow smuggling and illegal slaughter racket in the areas for a very mysterious reasons. 

Though the majority Hindu citizens condemn this inhuman and illegal activities of illegal cow trafficking, slaughtering, beef shop, hooliganism, there is no initiative by the Police and Administration to  stop all these nefarious appeasements to minorities indulging in criminal affairs.

There are many illegal cattle markets in Diamond Subdivision including an unique cattle market run in the period of Bakri Eid beside the wall of Usthi Police station as mentioned in a status report  of Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai.