Thursday, September 25, 2014

Usthi Road blockade in protest of Muslim hooliganism and illegal cow market.

Local Hindus and Bhavani Sena made Usthi Road blockade in protest of Muslim hooliganism and illegal cow market.

Prasad Roy | BSNN | Usthi | 25-09-2014:: Bhavani Sena members and local villagers of Satghara, Nainanpur, Chousha, Kuleswar under Usthj Police Station blocked the Usthi-Dostipur Main Road for more than Two hours in a protest of local Muslim Hooliganism and illegal cow market beside Usthi Police Station, today on 25-09-2014.
At about 1-30 pm a Bus (SD-27 Route, Dostipur to Akhra) bearing  WB 19 4468, collided with two students of local Usthi KCPM Institution returning their homes after exam. riding bicycles near SBI. The students were saved but injured also. The Muslim bus driver, conductor and helpers were tried to rush driving them on wrong side.
While the injured students viz. Sujit (Bhola) Sardar and Prokash Gharami protested such uncivilized manner of the Muslim drivers, they started beating ruthlessly those students all on a sudden and rushed away immediately.
Hearing this news of assault upon Hindu students by Muslim Bus drivers and his helpers, local public started gathering to protest.  Local Muslim goondas  Abbas and Kalo came to the spot to disperse the protesting public under the instruction of 2nd Police Officer of Usthi PS - Md Khalekuzzaman. While some people and guardians of the injured Hindu students reached to their School (Usthi KCPM Institution) for the intervention of the Head Master, Md Abul Kalam Shah, he denied to intervene as the accident took place outside the school (actually as the victims were Hindus).

Seeing all these Islamic partisan activism, the Hindu protest flared up gradually. Sooner the news also reached to the leaders and supporters of Bhavani Sena. Leaders of Bhavani Sena Pratap Hazra, Satya Gharami, Goutam Mondal immediately reached the spot and started road blocking at 2-30 pm in protest of Islamic hooliganism and illegal cow market beside Usthi Police Station. As soon as as Bhavani Sena leaders reached the spot all the Muslim goondas fled away. A long queue of vehicles halted both sides of the blockade on road. The protesters raised slogan against discrimination against Hindus and illegal cow market here and there.  
A large contingent of Police force came to the spot and asked to remove the blockade. But, the protesters demanded immediate apology by the perpetrators and removal of illegal cow market in the name of cow pound beside Usthi Police Station. For some points the Hindu protestors had a heavy altercation with Police Officials and finally, the IC of Usthi PS, Mr. Subir Dhali apologized for the nuisance so far created by the Muslim anti Socials and assured strict action against them. Then the road blockade was lifted at about 5.00 pm.
The Hindu protesters vehemently protested the culpable activities of Second Officer of Usthi PS, Md Khalekuzzaman as supported by Md Giyasuddin Molla, the Minister of State Minority Department and the local TMC MLA as well.
Hearing the Hindu agitation and road blockade, the Muslim cattle traders disappeared within seconds taking away all the cows and cattle from the illegal market beside Usthi PS. The Inspector-in-Charge of Usthi PS assured to check every violation of illegal cow trading, cow slaughter and Islamic menace in the area.

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