Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Save Cow activists condemned Cow Slaughter in WB and burnt effigy of Mamta Banerjee in many States.

Panjub, Haryana, Rajasthan, Odisha Goraksha  (Save Cow) Organisations and Hindu Sena, Delhi burnt effigies of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee in a protest of rampant Cow Slaughter in West Bengal. 

Spotlight News Bureau | Delhi | 8 Sept 2014:: Though paid media suppressed the news of sporadic protests against  rampant Cow Slaughter in West Bengal, the activists of  Goraksha  (Save Cow)  Organisations burnt effigies of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee in different places in Delhi, Haryana, Panjub, Rajasthan and Odisha during Bakar Eid (Eid ul Adha) days. 

The Goraksha Dal, Punjub; Goraksha Dal; Haryana; Goraksha Dal, Rajasthan; Goraksha Dal, Delhi and Goraksha Dal, Odisha activist registered their protest to ban illegal cow slaughter in West Bengal with a state protection in all the districts of West Bengal by violation of regulatory acts and laws including the orders of Hon'ble courts  only for appeasing the Muslims in the states under a culpable tricks of vote bank politics. 

Recently, a high delegation of Panjub Goraksha Dal came to West Bengal to observe the situation of West Bengal in the days of Bakar Eid. They conveyed to Spotlight News Service that they will come to West Bengal  very shortly to submit memorandum to the Governor and Chief Minister of West Bengal to request the authorities to stop illegal cow smuggling, severe animal cruelty and illegal cow slaughter in West Bengal.

In West Bengal all the norms and provisions of Transportation of Animal Rules, 1978; Prevention of  Cruelty to Animal Act, 1960;  Prevention of  Cruelty to Animal (Transportation on Foot) Rules, 2001; West Bengal Cattle Licensing Act, 1959; Pollution Control Acts and West Bengal Slaughter Control Act, 1950 are mostly violated in West Bengal within a nefarious nexus of state authorities-smugglers-butchers syndication. The Border Security Force is also attached with this nefarious cross border cow smuggling rackets.

Here is a pictorial and video-graphical report for 6th Oct to 8th Oct.. as captured from Delhi, Haryana, Panjub, Rajasthan and Odisha.

In a joint statement, Upananda Brahmachari, the chief pontiff of Goraksha (Save Cow) movement in West Bengal and Acharya Yogesh Shastri, chief functionary of Akhil Bharat Goraksha Sansthan praised the activities of all Goraksha Dal and Hindu Sena as they registered their solidarity in favour of Save Cow Movement in West Bengal to stop illegal trading and slaughter of Cows and cattle in a very large scale.

However, as per reports came in from the different cow markets in West Bengal, the prices of cattle were so high, the trading of cattle was slashed down by 30%-40% in this Eid ul Adha, the event of cruelty to animals. 

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