Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bengal remembers 26/11 Mumbai Martyrs with great reverence.

26/11 Mumbai mayhem.
Homage to Martyrs in 1st anniversary in Kolkata and different places in West Bengal.

In a very befitting manner Hindu Samhati and some other social forums like Azad Hind Memorial Centre and Netaji Chakra Kolkata Unit, Kargil Memorial Committee observed the 1st anniversary of Mumbai mayhem on 25/11/09 at College Square in front Calcutta University and Canning, Budge Budge, Bagnan, Bangaon, Ranaghat, Mashat and some other places on 26/11/2009. Hindu Samhati, Kolkata organized this occasion to pay deep respect to the Great Martyrs and to express whole-hearted sympathy to the bereaved families of the martyrs with specific demand to hang Azmal Amir Kasab, the lone Paki terrorist still alive and under trial in the special court meant for the case.

The function was presided over by Kanti Majumdar. Barid Baran Guha, Dr. Arun
Giri, Prokash Das, Pratap Hazra, Upananda Brahmachari were the other speakers and dignitaries on the occasion. A major flank of the supporters of HS gathered to pay tribute and demanded immediate hanging of Kasab by shouting slogans and distributing leaflets published for this occasion.

In his maiden speech
Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati vehemently condemned the delay in the 26/11 case and the notorious design of both the Central and West Bengal Government to allow the Islamic expansionism fortified with blatant appeasement of Muslims, financial support to Islamic Mosques and Madrasas, uncontrolled growth of childbirth of Muslim community and the large scale illegal infiltration by Muslims from Bangladesh. Ghosh described all these as the main causes and life lines of the growth and refuge of Islamic terrorism growing inside and coming outside from India.

Upananda Brahmachari, Vice President, Hindu Samhati
demanded immediate hanging of Ajmal Amir Kasab, the main accused of 26/11 Mumbai case with an immediate probe upon the delay of hanging of Afzal Guru, the sentenced accused of the attack upon Indian Parliament in 2001. Brahmachari was addressing a gathering in front of Bagnan Railway Station in Howrah District on 26/11/09. He said that each and every family members of the Martyrs and other civilians want immediate hanging of Ajmal Kasab. So Government cannot waste time anyway anymore. He pointed out that the reluctance in any form in this matter will help the morale of the Pakistani Terror Rackets in India sponsored by the ISI and other Jihadi Groups.

Kanti Ranjan Samanta, eminent educationist and poet
and Samiran Ray,
renowned teacher were present in the programme with other dignitaries. Mukunda koley, local whole-timer of HS organised the Bagnan programme with the HS supporters of the locality.

In another meeting at Canning, South 24 Parganas on 26/11/09 Tapan Ghosh, President HS addressed a gathering of a vibrant Hindu youth force and categorically said that if the challenge of Islamofascists are not detected in grass-root level and taken to combat in its seed, it may turn a take to demolish the structure of Hindu Society and Indian nation also. Sri Ghosh awared the gathering about Jehadi recruitment in local level by ISI, SIMI and other Islamic wings, the Love Jihad rackets with an unbound channelization of Hindu girls to Muslim community through an illicit & allured love trap, huge Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh and unethical appeasement of Muslims by all the political parties. The gathering mourned for two minutes for the 26/11 Mumbai Martyrs in the start.
Prokash Das, Associate Editor of SAMHATI SAMBAD, a Bengali mouthpiece of Hindu Samhati and Ajit Adhikari, local HS leader lead a silent march on 26th in Bangaon Town with a 10000 mourners joined in different places time to time in the procession started from the ground of historical Bangaon Town Hall. The mourners in silent march tied black straps in their faces in the protest of inaction of Government in the matter of Pakistani threat perception upon Indian internal and external security. Sri Das briefed the stand of Hindu Samhati in general to the local media and told, " We don't want any more 26/11 in India or West Bengal."

The Silent March ended again in the Town Hall Ground after covering most of the prominent places in Bangaon Town including Chakda Road, Court Road, Amla Road, Jesshore Road, Station Road, Paik Road, Ram Bag areas, Bata crossing, BSF Camp, New Bridge approach, Motiganj Market and School Road drive. Bangaon a border town in North 24 Pargans with a majority Hindu refugees from Bangladesh reflected a good solidarity with the Mumbai people terribly affected by 26/11 Jehadi attack there.

In another well attended meeting at Gopal Nagar, near Mashat in Hoogly, HS President Tapan Ghosh said that the Islamic force has gained a good strength in Bengal soil and it is being
nurtured by all the political parties of West Bengal. The West Bengal borders are being used by the Islamic fundamentalists as an extended portion or the corridor of Islamic Bangladesh. The situation is very alarming and we feel the torture and severity upon Hindus in the Muslim majority districts in West Bengal. The Jihadi activities in Bengal are growing day by day. We cannot assure no repetition of any 26/11 in this situation. We need and demand drastic action for all these. Dr. Partha Ghosh and Ashis Manna were present in the programme with other dignitaries.

Sri Promod Ranjan Kayal of Azad Hind Memorial Centre, from Budge Budge, South 24 Pgs reports that local people at Batanagar paid their homage to Mumbai Martyrs and demanded immediate hanging of Azmal Kasab without any delay. Reports also came in from Nadia and Burdwan for the observance of the 1st anniversary of Mumbai mayhem in a very befitting manner. Mr. Kayal told the Spotlight Media Team over telephone that 'Justice delayed, justice denyed.' So, we cannot spoil time any more to hang the prime accused Azmal amir Kasab, the lone Pakistani terrorist captured on the spot on 26/11/2008.

Though all the political parties on West Bengal did not care for the memory of
Mumbai 26/11 and the so-called Bengal intellectuals found no rose or candle light for the Mumbai Martyrs, this time the repercussion of Bengal people is pragmatic in mood and high in resolution in the 1st anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai Mayhem.

ISI bomb kingpin arrested in Malda, ISI Networking threatens Bengal Security.

Jahangir Momin (left) and Jahangir Sheikh (right), allegedly having links with ISI, being taken to be produced before the judicial magistrate in Malda district of West Bengal on Wednesday. PTI

Malda bomb kingpin caught


Malda, West Bengal, India, Nov. 24: The main accused in an IED racket busted in July — seven remote-controlled improvised explosive devices had been seized then — was arrested today from Pirpur in Ratua.

“We have arrested Jahangir Momin, who had been living under the alias of Saidul Sheikh, following leads we had gathered. We have informed senior officers in the CID in Calcutta,” Malda police chief Bhuban Mondol said.

On July 24, the police had recovered seven explosive devices and material to make bombs like sodium sulphide, ammonium nitrate and sulphur in Sujapur and arrested Jahangir Sheikh and Asif Iqbal from Madhughat in Englishbazar. Momin had managed to flee the scene then.

The seizure ahead of the Independence Day had created a flutter among the police. Senior officers from Calcutta came to Malda to make inquiries. Next day, the seven explosives were set off by Siliguri bomb squad experts in the police lines in the presence of hundreds of onlookers.

Mondol said the three arrested men were residents of Kaliachak. “We will try to gather information about Momin’s activities and find out from where they got hold of the explosives and the bomb-making materials and whether they had links with extremist outfits.” The police were also investigating whether Momin was linked to the recent serial blasts in Assam.

The two men arrested in July revealed during interrogation that each device could be sold for Rs 50,000 if not more. The duo had admitted that Momin was their leader who got hold of the bombs and the explosive materials, the police said.

posted by Sambuddha Gupta, Spotlight Media Team.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Even Bollywood Super Star Mithun Chakraborty’s Property not spared by Muslim Goons.

Even the famous Bollywood Hero Mithun Chakraborty’s property has not been spared by the Muslims of Nadia District. Mithun’s native place is Shantipur town in Nadia District, West Bengal. It is a predominantly Hindu majority town with a sizeable East Pakistani refugee residing there. Here, Mithun’s family owns a huge garden beside their ancestral home. The whole property is looked after by his 80 years old uncle Mr. Srikanta Chakraborty. Muslim populated locality Nikaripar is just adjacent to the Hero’s garden. It’s care-taker is also a Muslim as the Chakrabortay family engaged the fellow without any communal feeling. But the local Muslims habitually extracted money from Srikanta Chakraborty for a local club named ‘Azadi Club’ in a very forcible in many times. The miscreant Muslims vandalized the garden often to share the frits and other produces of the garden. But, due to the pressure of the Muslims Sri Chakraborty never dare to protest even.
Yesterday on 20th November, 2009, the Muslim boys demanded a few hundred bricks from the care-taker of the garden for some construction of the ‘Azadi Club’. The care-taker expressed his inability to give so as there is no brick in the garden. The boys told him to give the bricks by destroying the boundary wall of the garden in order to collect the bricks from the broken wall. Again the care-taker refused. Then last night the Muslim boys demolished a part of the boundary wall and took away about 1000 bricks.

Today morning when Srikanta Chakraborty went to visit the garden, he saw the broken wall and the care-taker reported him about the altercation of the previous day. This time Srikanta Chakraborty’s response was different because only a few day’s ago he got a copy of ‘Samhati Sambad’, the monthly bulletin of Hindu Samhati (HS), an emerging force of Hindu Youths. In that paper, one incident of Muslim vandalism on Hindus of Shantipur has been reported very candidly and boldly with a signal of spontaneous resistance there. It is a bit unusual in West Bengal scenario. So, the old man got courage. Seeing the misdeed of the Muslims, he went straight to Nikaripara and shouted upon the Muslims that this time they will not be spared because he would inform the matter to Hindu Samhati to take action. Then he contacted the local Hindu Samhati in-charge Dipak Sanyal to take up the case.

Sanyal reached the spot immediately and consulted the matter with Central Office of HS over phone. According to Central Office’s advice they together went to Shantipur police station to lodge a written complaint giving the names of the suspected accused. The accused culprits were Md. Apel Mondal, Khokan Ali, Md. Bashir and Kuti Dafadar. Fortunately the Police took prompt action, rushed to the spot and warned the Muslim culprits.

It worked. In the afternoon, 13-14 Muslim boys went to Chakraborty’s house. But, at that time he was away.

Today morning Srikanta Chakraborty, Dipak Sanyal and some other HS workers went to the spot. During the visit the members and miscreants of two Muslim clubs viz., Azadi Club and Moonlight Club jointly came to apologize and requested the Hindus to withdraw the Complaint lodged in the Police Station. The members of these two Clubs recently procured at least Rs.1100 from Srikanta Chakraborty by pressure for the occasion of Id-ul-Fiter. Moreover, they also claimed a piece of land for the purpose of erecting a sitting place of local Muslim boys with a hidden purpose to transform the land as a prayer place for Muslims.

Now the Muslims unconditionally apologised to Srikanta Chakraborty and promised to return the bricks of the garden. But, this time Mr. Chakraborty was enthused and furious. He was not satisfied with the return of the bricks only. He strongly demanded that only return of the bricks will not suffice and the broken wall must be reconstructed by the Muslim hoodlums without any delay. As per latest report from Shantipur the reconstruction of the damaged wall is almost complete. Again the strong arm tactics worked and Muslim anti-socials bowed down to a strong protest from Hindu sides.

In West Bengal the anti social elements under religious patronage have doubled their power with a clear support of both the Leftists and Rightist Political Parties.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Government of India alerts West Bengal about the Anti National Activities of Suspected Mosques and Islamic Seminaries.

"Mosques, Madarshas, Muslim NGOs in the Border areas of West Bengal are promoting Anti Indian Fundamental Activities. They Are Dangerous to National Integration".............. .............Report.

The eight Border Dists of West Bengal adjacent to Bangladesh viz. Coochbehar, Uttar Dinajpur, Dakshin Dinajpur, Malda, Murshidabad, Nadia, North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas are very much affected by the Fundamental Islamic Activities promoted by the foreign agencies from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Middle East and Islamic Agencies have their HQ in Europe and America.

The orthodox preaching in favour of Islamic Rule over these areas including a "Muslim Banglastan" within the Proposed Mughlistan may come into a boost as the HUJI Bangladesh and other Islamic outfits will take a chance to retaliate here in the advent of Final Verdict of the Murder of Bangabandhu Sk Mujibar Rahaman case in Dacca.

In a high level report of the Home Ministry, Govt of India, it is indicated that West Bengal-Bangladesh Border is the most vulnerable in the matter of Internal security of India as these zones are highly affected by the ultra religious activities promoted by various Jehadi groups operating from unauthorized and mushroom like Mosques, Islamic Seminaries (Madrashas & Maqtabs) and NGOs everywhere. It is reported by the sources that these Mosques, Islamic Seminaries (Madrashas & Maqtabs) and NGOs are connected with Deoband, Jama'at-ud-Da'wah and other fundamental Islamic organizations funded by Islamic Jakat and Petro-dollars.

In a D.O. letter dated 21st October, 2009, Sri Vinay Kumar, Secretary, Home Department (Border Management), Govt of India wrote to Sri Ashoke Mohon Chakroborty, Chief Secretary, Govt of West Bengal about the seriousness of fast-growing Islamic activities through the un-authorised Mosques and Madrashas against the National Integration and Security in the sensitive border districts of West Bengal. Mr. Kumar instructed the State Authority to take immediate and stern steps in all such cases pose violation of Religious Institution (Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1988. This Act prevents any ultra religious activities prone to social, political and national abuses from any religious institution so far.

As per the report of the State Intelligence department, there are 10000 Mosques, Maqtabs and Quomi Madrashas in these border district and most of them are connected with such activities which is causing serious law and order problems for inciting communal clash and anti-national activities. Hindu Minorities in the Border Districts have been the targeted victims of these Islamic Peace Programmes. Central Govt now intends to impose the section of Religious Institution (Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1988 through the State Agencies for each violation of the Act by anybody irrespective of any religion.

Mr. Buddhadev Bhattacharya, Chief Minister of West Bengal expressed his seriousness about the threat of these mushrooming of Mosques and Madrashas in the Borders, which was reverted into a process of applauding appeasement by the pressure of his own party CPIM and Left Front too.

In many cases the influential management groups in local level take both the helps of ruling and opposition political parties including, CPIM, RSP, TMC and INC to cover up their activities and propaganda. Muslims in Bengal have surely registered their identity above any politics and derive political advantages for their religious goal of MUSLIM BENGAL.

West Bengal has 1528 km border lines to Bangladesh, out of which the fencing is completed upto 1200 km only. But it is evident that more than 500 km of this Indo-(WB)-Bangladesh Border Line is un-wired or critical through which the Anti Indian Elements are coming Day and Night. Government knows it very well. These areas are being used as "Muslim Bangla Corridor" or "Extended Bangladesh" as you like to emphasize.

Report : Sambuddha Gupta. Spotlight Media Team.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bangladesh HUJI Proactive in Kolkata. West Bengal under Taliban Network.

Are we waiting for a next 26/11 in Kolkata? Stop suspected Muslim Organisations, Masjids, Madrashas, Fake Notes, Arms Dealings and HUJI Recruitment at once.

Fake notes seized after the arrests; (above) the terror suspects. (Pic. Amit Datta)

Blast suspects in Calcutta terror net

A STAFF REPORTER || The Telegraph, Kolkata.

Calcutta, Nov. 17: Three Bangladeshis with alleged links to a terror module whose name had cropped up after blasts in India were arrested in Calcutta today on their way to north Bengal.

City police caught the trio while they were waiting in Babughat to catch a bus to Malda and found on them maps of some vital installations in Calcutta and fake Indian currency with a face value of Rs 30 lakh.

The Bangladeshis were identified as Abdulla Baki, 24, and Mohammed Tahidur alias Madhu, 21, from Rajsahi district and Abdul Rehaman alias Nafiz from Barishal.

“They belong to a little-known terror module called the Shahid Belal group and had entered the city today armed with fake driving licences and voter I-cards. Nafiz had earlier visited Calcutta in April after sneaking in through the Hili (South Dinajpur) border but he had gone back subsequently,” said Rajeev Kumar, inspector-general with the city police’s special task force.

The police said Baki’s name had first cropped up during investigations into the fidayeen attack on the Hyderabad special task force’s headquarters on October 12, 2005. A Bangladeshi national had blown himself up at the complex’s gates, killing a sentry.

Investigations later revealed that the attacker belonged to a group headed by Shahid Belal, an Indian from Hyderabad then based in Pakistan.

The group’s name resurfaced during investigations into the July 28, 2005, blast on the Shramajeevi Express, which had killed at least 10 passengers.

The police claimed that Belal had been killed recently and the reins of the outfit, which has links with the Harkat-ul-Jihadi Islami (Huji), had passed to Khwaja alias Ahmed, another Indian based in Pakistan.

“The three arrested today had tried to sneak into India through the Murshidabad border along with a fourth member of their outfit, Zahid, just before the general election in April. Zahid was intercepted by the BSF and the others had hurried back to Bangladesh,” Kumar said.

Today, they were said to have reached Calcutta from Murshidabad on the Lalgola Express and met a local contact.

The police said the trio had been trained in both Bangladesh and Pakistan. Their job was allegedly to recruit youths for arms training in Bangladesh.

Those who are unable to understand the headlines in connection of this report may go to Muslim populated areas anywhere in West Bengal to stay there for a week or less. Then it will be realized that severe consequences made out of Unauthorized Islamic Preachers from Bangladesh, Decorated new built Mosques by a so called poor clan, Mysterious Activities of Muslim NGOs, Unbelievable threat to Non Muslims and the Covered but Perceived Activities of Islamic Cadres agreed by Political Parties of all colours. This trailer may enter into a full size film : ISLAMIC BENGAL 2011. Too Much ? Wait and See the peril of Sea named Bay of Bengal.