Monday, December 15, 2008

We Should Read This Article Thrice.

Pakistan ~
Now or never !

Rajinder Puri

As Pakistan faces its moment of truth its people remain in a state of denial. This could prove fatal. From former President Pervez Musharraf to the man in the street there is refusal to acknowledge the truth. Pakistan’s role as the launching pad for global terrorism is accepted all over the world expect inside Pakistan. The evidence of the Pakistani hand in the Mumbai terror is irrefutable.
So where do we go from here ?
The US, Russia and Europe are united in criticizing Pakistan. Sooner rather than later joint international action will likely knock out terror camps inside Pakistan. With that the crisis will not end. It will begin.
For Pakistanis the real problem is not terrorism. The real problem is Pakistan. It is an artificial state. It was created by imperialist Britain of its global strategic interest.
Along with its creation the Kashmir dispute was created. Thereby the UK ensured that India and Pakistan would apart. There is more than enough circumstantial evidence to indicate this. Books have been written on the subject.
Because Pakistan was an artificial state, democracy could not survive. Genuine democracy could have torn apart. That is why the army took control. That is why the army took control. That is why tension with India was kept alive by the army to perpetuate its hold. That is why Pakistan was forced into dangerous bargains with big powers to survive.
That is why Pakistan became the hub of international terrorism. That is why from being created as an artificial state Pakistan might now even disappear as a failed state.
After six decades of independence Pakistan deserves to survive, however. For survival, Pakistan must act. Today the Pakistan Army is committed to helping Nato forces in Afghanistan. But the army has little heart in fighting the war because large sections of it were complicit in creating and sustaining outfits that are being fought.
Pakistan’s dilemma is that the civilian government cannot control the army. And the army cannot fight terrorists for fear of splitting its own ranks. If the army splits, which side will its chief General Kayani back ?
As former head of the Inter-Services Intelligence, as former member of the Special Services Group, which most likely trains terrorists, and as a member of the Janjua community, which has dominated the army since Pakistan’s independence,
General Kayani is one man who conceivably could take on the terrorists and yet keep the bulk of the army intact.
The question is, will he ?

( The writer is a veteran journalist and eminent cartoonist)
Source: The Sunday Statesman,Kolkata 14 December 2008.
Why should we read it thrice ?
  • For understanding the ground reality of epicentre of Terrorism in Pakistan, rocking the world.
  • For understanding the myth of friendship between India and Pakistan.
  • For understanding the level of understanding of our Secular Politicians, Human Rightists and the Internationalists in India.

Our thanks to Sri Rajinder Puri and The Sunday Statesman Kolkata.

posted by Sambuddha Gupta.

Friday, December 5, 2008

PTI reports : Protesters in Kolkata burn Pakistani Flag

...................................................................................................................................................................... ........PICTURE AND REPORT FROM KOLKATA : Report by PRESS TRUST OF INDIA & Pictures by INDIAN EXPRESS (Kolkata Edition, 4th Dec 2008) & RAJASTHAN PATRIKA ( Kolkata Edition, 4th Dec 2008) .
Courtesy : PTI, Indian Express & Rajasthan Patrika.

Posted by Sambudhha Gupta.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bengal United to Fight Islamic Terrorism



By Sambudhha Gupta.

Kolkata,3rd December 2008 : They won't light up the candles for a formality sake, they torched the Pakistani Flag. They condemned the Pakistani Terrorist attack at Mumbai on 26/11, the Paki Plan to destruct the Indian National Integration and the impotence & inaction of the Central & State Government to stop the Islamic Terrorism in India. They paid Homage to the Mumbai Martyrs. The Members of HINDU SAMHATI all united and gathered for this at College Square, Kolkata, the cultural capital of India on 3rd Dec 2008.

Hindu Samhati members shouted the slogans BANDE MATARAM ! Long live Mumbai Martyrs ! Crush the Islamic Jihad! Shame to Indian Politics! Stop the Jehadi activities in India across the border! And BHARAT MATA KI JAY !! The condolence and the protest meeting was presided over by Sri Barid Baran Guha, a veteran Hindu Leader of Bengal. SRI TAPAN GHOSH, Convenor of Hindu Samhati was the main speaker. Sri Salil Dasgupta, Upananda Brahmachari, Prakash Das, Goutam Pal, Sushen Biswas, Ajit Adhikary were the other speakers in that meeting. Huge police arrangements and interest of the media were marked as a prominent feature in that occasion.

In his speech Sri Tapan Ghosh warned that the Bengal Situation is worsening gradually for the cause of Islamic Terrorism and Muslim Infiltration from Bangladesh. Though it is a great loss of some ATS & Security Personnel in the Mumbai Terrorist attack and loss of 200 lives along with heavy injuries of people (National & International) , but the ATS & Mumbai Police did a definite blunder by engaging its full contingent wholly for the case of Sadhvi Pragya, Col. Purohit, Swami Dayananda , Samir Kulkarni and others.
By this intrigue, the ISI managed to prepare the Blue Print to destruct Mumbai and the ATS & Mumbay Police failed to resist them in time. Huge explosive, arms and ammunitions reached the heartland of the financial capital of India, MUMBAI from Karachi through a voyage in Arabian Sea, by defeating the vigilance of Indian Cost Guard, Indian Navy, The Maharashtra Govt. and the UPA Govt. in the Central. Sri Ghosh also stressed that the situation of West Bengal in a very damaging condition through the pseudo secular approach & muslim appeasement by Left Front Govt. here. As a result Bengal has made a fortified place of the Islamic Jeehadis in all respect. This situation can only be changed through a mass HINDU ACTION to destruct the Islamic Terrorism in India. He also mentioned the plight of Kashmiri Hindu People under de-facto Islamic rule imposed there. He also indicated that the Prime Minister, Home Minister, National Security Advisor, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Home Minister there are most inefficient persons and they should be charged for the attack of 26/11 in Mumbay. Only some resignations in the Central and State Ministry can't compensate the loss of the Nation and the bereaved families. Hence, THE HINDU AWAKENING IS A MUST. The Martyrs are murdered not by the Jeehadis only, but by the Govt. authorities who had diverted the attention of ATS towards an imagined Hindu Terrorism. Therefore, Sonia Gandhi, Monmohan Singh and M.K.Narayanan must be punished for this heinous conspiracy against Nation.

Prominent activist of Hindu Samhati , Upananda Brahmachari told the media persons that the existence of Pakistan is a natural and perpetual threat to India. We should destroy all the Terrorist Training Centers run by ISI & DGFI in Pakistan, POK( Pak occupied Kashmir) and Bangladesh to save the Indian Nation and the Civilization as well. Though Pakistan is denying its involvement in 26/11, but the reality shows the role of Pakistan Govt., the ISI in all the terrorist activities in India very clearly. Now, the Govt is contemplating to keep the option open for a direct action against Pakistan. This is a very just demand for any patriotic citizen of India. But the majority Hindus also stand strong to accept the challenge of Islamic Terrorism and fight accordingly. In his speech Brahmachari said that the Kolkata Intellectuals should understand the real situation under the threat of Islamic Fundamentalists in Bengal, when the 'Kolkata Connections' of Jeehadi activities are evident through the procurement of mobile SIM, explosives, man power etc. from Bengal and particularly from Kolkata. The Bengal Intellectuals should not issue only the Rizwanur case for highlighting their secular brand, but to protest against the Islamic Jeehadi activities also. He also indicated that some muslim fundamental elements are very active in Kolkata and it exercised its power through a havoc hooliganism on 21.11.2007 to drive out Taslima Nasrin from Kolkata. One Imam of Tipu Sultan Masjid, Kolkata uses to issue Fatwa against Taslima time to time including her beheadment(quotwal) as an ultimate Islamic punishment. But the Kolkata Police or the State Administration do not take any action in this regard. Consequently, the Hindus are bound to take appropriate action with any limit to check such fundamental elements.

Sri Prakash Das reminded the audience the Direct Action against Hindus on 16 Aug,1946 in Kolkata by the Muslim Supporters for Pakistan. The same mentality is still active in Mumbai and every where in India under Islamic Jeehad. In his inaugural speech,Sri Gautam Pal invited Hindu Youths to be united under the banner of Hindu Samhati and combat the Islamic Terrorists in the same language in which they understand appropriately. Sri Salil Dasgupta, a veteran educationist addressed the audience in a very erudite manner saying these Marxist of Bengal supported China in 1962 war and the same people are supporting Muslim Fundamentalists for Vote Bank. This will endanger the situation further. Sri Barid Baran Guha in his presidential speech , stated that the present programme will certainly send a positive message to all concerned over the critical situation created by Islamic Terrorism India and Bengal too. He coveyed his aspiration for a TERROR FREE INDIA with the help of Hindu Organisation like HINDU SAMHATI.

Sri Chittaranjan Dey, State Secretary of Hindu Samhati, conducted the whole programme in a very befitting manner.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We Salute Mumbay Martyrs.

Shaheed Shrddhanjali
H I N D U.... S A M H A T I
College Square, Kolkata, West Bengal
on 3rd December 2008, 2-oopm.