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Destiny of West Bengal Hindus: The Coming Days of Slavery to Islam

Creation of a Muslim Bangla in near future
by Dr. Radhasyam Brahmachari.

How fast-breeding Muslims are turning West Bengal (and entire India for that matter) into a Muslim-majority state and signs of the consequences that await its Hindu populations.

The State of West Bengal: West Bengal is a state in eastern India, having Islamic Bangladesh on its eastern border. Geographically West Bengal is on the eastern bottleneck of India, stretching from the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the south. It has a total area of 88,752 square kilometres (34,267 sq mi).
The West Bengal region was part of a number of empires and kingdoms during the past two millennia. The British East India Company consolidated their hold on the region following the Battle of Plassey in 1757, and the city of Calcutta, now Kolkata, served, up to 1911, as the capital of British India. This region was a hotbed of the Indian independence movement through the early 20th century. In 1947, Bengal was divided along religious lines into two separate entities: West Bengal, a state of India, and East Bengal, a part of the new nation of Pakistan (which later became independent Bangladesh in 1971).
West Bengal, the most densely-populated state in India, occupies only 2.7% of the India's land area, but supports over 7.8% of its population. The Figure 1 shows the political map of West Bengal and its 19 districts.
West Bengal suffered from large refugee influx during the partition in 1947, leading to political unrests later on. The partition of Bengal entailed the greatest exodus of people in Human History. Some 3.5 million Hindus migrated from East Pakistan to India, while only 500,000 Muslims crossed border from West Bengal to East Pakistan, although it was Muslims, who demanded a separate Muslim state and created Pakistan. The influx of Hindu refugees created crisis of land and food in West Bengal lasting more than three decades. The politics of West Bengal, since the partition in 1947, has developed round the nucleus of refugee problem. Both the Rightists and the Leftists in politics of West Bengal have not yet become free from the socio-economic conditions created by the partition of Bengal.
Again, the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 resulted in the fresh influx of millions of Hindu refugees to West Bengal, causing significant strain on its infrastructure. West Bengal politics underwent a major change when the Left Front won the 1977 assembly election, defeating the incumbent Indian National Congress. The Left Front, led by Communist Party of India (Marxist), has governed the state for the subsequent three decades. It may be mentioned here that in 1905, an abortive attempt was made by the British Government to divide the province of Bengal into two zones, but the plan was withdrawn in 1911 due to violent opposition by the people of both East and West Bengal.
Dr Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, the creator of West Bengal
As a matter of fact, Shyama Prasad Mookherjee was the creator of the state now called West Bengal. He carved out West Bengal from the then East Pakistan and East Punjab from West Pakistan. He was basically an educationist but the crisis of partition, more pointedly the partition of Bengal, brought him into politics. When the British accepted partition of India and creation of the new Islamic state of Pakistan, it was decided that the state or a Pradesh would be considered the smallest unit. Or in other words, a state with majority Muslim would go to Pakistan and a Hindu majority state would remain in the Indian Republic.
At that time the Bengal Province was a Muslim majority state and hence the entire Bengal was waiting to be included into the Islamic state of Pakistan. But after the massacre of the Hindus by the Muslims in Calcutta and Noakhali in 1946-47, Dr Mookherjee was convinced that it would be devastating for the Hindus, if they continue to live in a Muslim-dominated state and under a government controlled by the Muslim League. It should be mentioned here that most of the districts of East Bengal were Muslim dominated while the districts of western Bengal were dominated by the Hindus. So, Dr Mookherjee demanded that the smallest unit should be a district, not a province.
Similarly, the entire state of Punjab was marked as a Muslim majority state and hence was to be included into Pakistan. But the districts of West Punjab were dominated by the Muslims while in the districts of East Punjab, Hindus and Sikhs were in the majority. Dr Mookherjee argued that the Hindus of the Hindu majority districts of Bengal and Punjab must have their right to self-determination. It was not possible for the British to deny his argument; as a result only the Muslim-dominated districts in eastern Bengal, renamed East Pakistan, went to the new Islamic state of Pakistan, while a new state of West Bengal was formed with the Hindu-dominated districts of Bengal, which remained with India. Likewise, all the Muslim-dominated districts of Punjab, renamed West Pakistan, went to Pakistan, and the Hindu/Sikh-dominated districts were included in the Indian Union as a new state, called East Punjab. The only Muslim majority district that was included into West Bengal, due to geographical reasons, was Murshidabad. And for the similar reason, the Hindu dominated district Khulna was included into East Pakistan.
Table 1 shows the demography in West Bengal, based on census reports of the Government of India from 1951 to 2001. It has been pointed out earlier that only one district, i.e. Murshidabad, was Muslim dominated during the partition in 1947. The Table-1 shows that, according to 1951 census, 44.6 per cent population of Murshidabad were Hindus, and in past 50 years the percentage of Hindus has come down to 35.12 per cent. It also shows that in 1951, the Hindu and Muslim population in the district of Maldah was 62.92 and 36.17 per cent respectively. But after 50 years, i.e. according to 2001 census, Hindu population has declined to 49.28 per cent while the Muslim population has increased to 49.72 per cent, turning it into a Muslim majority district. Another district that has become a Muslim majority district is North Dinajpur. In 1981, the Hindu and Muslim population in the district were 54.20 and 45.35 per cent, respectively. In 2001, Hindu population has declined to 51.72 per cent, while the Muslim population has increased to 47.36 per cent. At present, it has become a Muslim-majority district.
The Table also shows that in all the districts, except Coochbihar, Hindu population is declining and Muslim population is rising. There are mainly three factors for this explosion of Muslim population.
  • Firstly, planned and deliberate rejection of family-planning measures by the Muslims;
  •  Secondly, the uncontrolled influx of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators through the porous Indo-Bangladesh border; and,
  • Thirdly, through conversion of Hindus to Islam

So far the first reason is concerned, it is necessary for the government to impose strict family planning measures upon Muslims. But no government has so far tried to take such a step over fears of earning their displeasure, thus, loosing their votes. Similarly, no government has ever taken any step towards halting the influx of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. On the contrary, every political party, hoping to swell their vote-bank, is inviting Bangladeshi immigrants and assisting them to obtain Indian citizenship.
Notably, illegal Bangladeshi intruders are not affecting West Bengal alone, but are also fast altering the demography of the neighbouring states of Bihar and Assam. According to estimates of the police and CID departments, nearly 30 million Bangladeshi Muslims have entered West Bengal, Bihar and Assam. As a result, three bordering districts Bihar, namely Kishanganj, Araria and Katihar, and seven districts of Assam, namely Dhubri, Goalpara, Barpeta, Naogaon, Morigaon, Hailakandi and Karimganj, have turned into Muslim-majority districts.
Alarmingly, as the bordering villages of West Bengal, Bihar and Assam become Muslim dominated, they are being utilized as springboards by the jihadi terrorists and ISI agents. Moreover, mosques and madrasas are mushrooming in these districts, and Hindus are being evicted from their ancestral homes under threats and violence. The life and dignity of the Hindus and the honour of their women are no longer safe in those bordering villages.
Table 1: Change of Demography in West Bengal
1951 2001
81.71 76.92
- 4.79
+ 4.17
1951 2001
- 0.88
+ 1.11
1951 2001
70.09 75.50
+ 4.60
28.94 24.24
- 4.7
North Dinajpur
1981 2001
54.20 51.72
- 2.48
45.35 47.36
+ 2.01
South Dinajpur
1981 2001
75.32 74.01
- 1.31
23.51 24.02
+ 0.51
1951 2001
62.92 49.28
- 13.64
36.17 49.72
+ 12.75
1951 2001
44.60 35.12
- 8.68
55.24 63.67
+ 8.43
1951 2001
72.60 64.69
- 7.91
26.86 35.08
+ 4.22
1951 2001
83.73 78.89
- 4.84
15.60 19.78
+ 4.18
1951 2001
77.03 73.75
- 3.28
22.36 25.41
+ 3.05
North 24 parganas
1971 2001
77.26 75.23
- 2.03
22.43 24.22
+ 1.79
South 24 Parganas
1971 2001
72.96 65.86
- 7.1
26.05 33.24
+ 7.19
1951 2001
86.52 83.63
- 2.89
13.27 15.14
+ 1.87
1951 2001
91.16 84.35
- 6.81
04.4 7.51
+ 3.11
1961 2001
93.13 83.42
- 9.71
05.99 07.12
+ 1.13
1951 2001
91.78 85.58
- 6.20
07.17 11.33
+ 4.16
1951 2001
83.45 74.98
- 8.47
16.22 24.44
+ 8.22
1951 2001
83.41 77.68
- 5.73
12.00 20.27
+ 8.27
West Bengal
1951 2001
78.45 72.47
- 5.98
19.85 25.25
+ 5.4

(Source: Census Report 1951, 1961, 1971, 1981and 2001)

Figure 2: Decline of Hindu Population in West Bengal (Courtesy: Mohit Ray)                                                 

Decline of Hindu population of West Bengal
As pointed out above (see Table 1), Hindu population is in decline in all the districts of West Bengal, except Coochbihar, while Figure 2 illustrates the pace of this decline between 1951 and 2001. In 1991, Hindus constituted 75% of West Bengal population, which will come down to 70% in 2011. In 2034, the Hindu population will decline to 60%, and in 2051, it will dwindle to about 52%. In other words, entire West Bengal will become a Muslim-majority state in the next 40 years.
It is needless to say that, as soon as the Muslim population would rise to 40% in 2034, it would be difficult for the Hindus to live in peace in the state. Secret IB report tells that Muslims will claim the land on the eastern side of River Hooghly as an Islamic state or a part of greater Bangladesh. In such a situation, there will remain two options before the Hindus: either to accept Islam or to become refugee again and flee their homes to other parts of India to save their lives, dignity and religious faith.
Table 2: District-wise Hindu and Muslim Population in West Bengal                                                             
Percentage of Population
Percentage of Population of Children (0-6 yr old)
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
North Dinajpur
Hindu Muslim
South Dinajpur
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
North 24 Parganas
Hindu Muslim
South 24 Parganas
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
Hindu Muslim
West Bengal
Hindu Muslim

(Source: Census Report, 2001)
Many apprehend that Hindus will be outnumbered by Muslims much earlier than the projection presented above, due to the fact that population of Muslim children is much higher than the population adults, as presented in Table 2. Particularly in the districts of North Dinajpur, North and South 24 Parganas, the population of Muslim children is much higher than the population of adult Muslims. As mentioned earlier, North Dinajpur has already become a Muslim majority district, while high Muslim children population in North and South 24 Parganas suggests that these two districts are on the way to becoming Muslim-majority districts.
It should be pointed out here that the swelling of Muslim population is not confined to West Bengal and Assam alone, but is an all-India affair. Table 3 shows how the Hindu populations are declining and Muslim populations rising throughout India. If continue unchecked, entire India may turn into a Muslim-dominant country in 5 to 6 decades. So, what the 800-year Muslim rule could not achieve with the help of sword would be achieved simply through unrestrained breeding, i.e. using the wombs of Muslim women as the weapon. Table 4 presents the state-wise Muslim populations of India. Table 5, below, shows the state-wise increase of Muslim and Hindu populations during the decade 1991-2001.

Table 3: Religious Composition of India’s Population, 1991–2001, (in percentage)                                    
Indian Religionists
(Source: Religious Demography of India by A P Joshi, M D Srinivas and J K Bajaj, 2003)
Table 4: Muslim population in Indian states.                                                                                            
Jammu & Kashmir
West Bengal
Uttar Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Daman & Diu
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Himachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh
(Source: Census Report, 2001)
Table 5: Increase of Hindu and Muslim Population, 1991 to 2001
Hindu (%)
Muslim (%)
West Bengal
Bihar (including Jhharkhand)
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu & Kashmir
Uttar Pradesh (including Uttarakhand)
Madhya Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
(Source: Economic & Political Weekly, September 25. 2004)
After the partition of Bengal in 1947, Hindus from East Pakistan—fleeing Muslim persecutions, including violence, rapes and forced conversion—came to West Bengal as paupers to save their lives and faith, and honor of their women. But next time, when the West Bengal is Islamized, they would have no place to go. It would be devastating for the Hindus of West Bengal. They would have either to embrace Islam, live as degraded dhimmis or drown themselves in the waters of Bay of Bengal.
As mentioned earlier, in the districts of West Bengal, bordering Islamic Bangladesh, where Muslims have already gained majority due influx of Bangladeshi Muslims, have been turned into mini-Pakistans, where jihad against the Hindus have already begun. It is becoming, day by day, difficult for the Hindus to live peacefully in those areas. Their life and property is becoming unsafe. Forceful eviction of the Hindus, looting their properties, raping and molestation of their women folk are becoming a daily occurrences.
Such incidents are not confined to the border districts alone, but also in isolated pockets of other districts, where Muslims may have gained majority. In the districts of North and South 24 Parganas, there are many such pockets where the Muslims have unleashed their jihadi activities against the Hindus.

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Double faced Bengal Intellectuals always keep mum about Islamofascism in West Bengal.

'I have come to motherland to pay tribute to intellectuals' : Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay.

Let me come home: Taslima pleads to Bangladesh govt !!!

But Bengal Intellectuals don't protest the persecution against Taslima Nasreen or the attack upon The Statesman.

Very recently Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay went to Bangladesh to attend "Martyred Intellectuals Day Celebration" on 16 December at Rajshahi. Mukhopadhyay, eminent Bengali author of the Subcontinent said in that event : any important event in 'epar Bangla' (Bangladesh) always has a big effect on in 'opar Bangla' (West Bengal) and so, Martyred Intellectuals Day is also a mourning day for the people of West Bengal.

He was speaking as chief guest at a discussion on Martyred Intellectuals Day at Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Hall of Rajshahi University. Shirshendu said, the tyrants and autocrats always fear pro-people, freedom-loving intellectuals. For this reason, the intellectuals were killed in Bangladesh by Pakistani occupation forces during the liberation war in 1971. The day is equally mournful for the people of West Bengal, he added.

“I am not on a pleasure trip here. I have come to my motherland only to pay tribute to the martyred intellectuals. I always do so when anything important happens here." Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay was born at Bainkhara village in Bikrampur, Bangladesh.

Alike Shirsendu many a Bengali Intellectuals from West Bengal try to make their impressions as a staunch activists in the line of Human Rights, Rights of Writers and Free Intellectuals and obviously for the persecution untold for the common people, while visiting Bangladesh. But in reality, these pretenders do all their best to surrender as a pygmy to the Islamic Monster with ravenous fundamentalism in the West Bengal scenario.

These type of West Bengal Intellectuals, Writers, Poets, Critics, Journalists, Human Rightists just made a formalities in favour of Taslima when ousted from Kolkata out of nefarious Islamic design on 21.09.2007. But they are totally failure to make a honorable return of Taslima in Kolkata. Actually Shirshendu and his friends fear to speak on Islamofascism in West Bengal. They are in a surrendering posture.

These people of tall talks kept total silence upon the attack on Statesman House in the early months of 2009 by the fanatic Muslims for republishing the article of J. Hari,"Why should I respect these oppressive religions?" on 05/02/09.

These people of Ultra Secularism make a sea of tears for Rizwanur Rahaman but throws sand to the eyes of widow of Sushanto Prasad (Slained at Berhampore), Arko Bandopadhaya (torched alive at Barasat) or Rajat Ray (persecuted at Kalyani) and many others who married Muslim girls being a Hindu. But nobody expresses any sympathy towards these persecuted Hindus.

These double faced Intellectuals are paving the invasion of Muslim Rulers again in Bengal. They never see or hear anything about the persecution and plight of common Hindu People by the Politicized Muslim Persecutors all over Bengal in large scale. And for this attribute only they are 'dignified' as the 'Real Intellectuals' and 'patronized' by 'Petro-Dollars' !!

Posted by Sambuddha Gupta.

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Kolkata is the safest corridor to use : Confession of arrested Muslim Ultra

"Kolkata is the safest corridor to use" - Confession of arrested Muslim Ultra T Nasir of Indian Mujaheedin.

How it should be described ? A great fuss about nothing. Or, the more laws, the more flaws. The 1528 Km long border areas with Bangladesh or the three muslim majority districts incuding Malda & Murshidabad or the Bangladesh itself are not considered as the heaven of the Bangladesh ultras crossing the border now. The Kolkata, capital city of West Bengal is being considered as the Heaven and "most safe corridor" for the trans-border Muslim ultras- as confessed by Indian Mujaheedin top member T Nasir alias Omar Gazi through a rigorous interrogation in police custody after Nasir was arrested on 20th November last in Dacca. Nasir @ Omar Gazi is the prime accused in Bangalore blast case in last year. The interrogation reveals that Nasir visited Kolkata four times from Sept '09 to Nov '09 for networking activities very easily. Preferably he used the Howrha Rly Station and Kolkata route to travel between Dacca and Kolkata. Not only that he took shelter in the heartland of Kolkata city hoodwinking the Kolkata Police (KP) and its Special Branch (SB). But the Special Task Force (STF) could not trace or arrest this wanted ultra any way.

Some days ago three HUJI ultras from Bangladesh were captured by KP from Babughat Bus terminus with fake notes of 30 Lakh Indian Rupee while they were trying to depart for Malda. From the statements of these three HUJI actvists viz. Abdullah Banki, Abdur Rahaman and Mohammed Tahidur, the SB officers came to know that their group leader Mohammed Jayed visited Kolkata for setting a action plan for terrorist activities including recruitment for HUJI action squad and strengthening the financial sector through selling of fake notes and collecting donations from various sympathizers of Islamic Jehad in West Bengal. Police recovered various documents and maps demarcating important Govt offices, other institutions and the safe passages at Petrapole border areas through Howraha and Sealdah Rly stations. Actually these Islamic ultras from Bangladesh now consider Kolkata as a very safe zone for spreading their Jehadi activities in West Bengal through Kolkata.

Approving Kolkata as a safe corridor for the Islamic terrorists from Bangladesh, an Additional Commisioner of Special Branch indicated the case of Mohammed Samir as an best example in this regard. Taking a Hindu common name of Samir, he rented a house at M M Barman Street under Jorasnanko Police Station area for two years like that. Outwardly Samir used to ran a fruit shop in the street side almost as a hawker. Frequently Samir used left his house to venture some unknown places for Jehadi networking, telling a story of home-coming. All on a sudden Samir was arrested by BSF from border areas when crossing the border illegally. It was surfaced then that Samir was a designated operator of HUJI sleeper cell in kolkata.

In 1993, Mumbai STF arrested some Majid Khan from Raja Bazar area in connection with Mumbai serial blasts in Rly Stations. Majid rented a house in Raja Bazar and proved himself as a very low profile, soft spoken and simple person in the locality. His arrest astonished his house owner and the neighbors as well. But this Majid transported 20 Kg RDX for Mumbai Blast from Kolkata to Mumbai through Howrah Station.

Most of the Islamic ultras are changing their route or refuge from the border areas rather to penetrate into the slums in Metropolies or the urban towns. But Kolkata is always their best choice as some Islamic Fundamental leaders in Bengal has prepared this soil as an home & hearth for the Muslim fundamentalists from every where. This leaders have immense socio-economic power to influence the political sector and police & administrative sectors in West Bengal.

But why they prefer the change in route and safe corridor in border ? Why these ultras prefer Kokata as a transit point acording to their best choice ? A top brass in the STF opined that Kolkata is the most easy accessible for both the Rly, road and water ways for every directions from here. The most congested Howrah and Sealdah stations with millions of commuters everyday, are used an easy hide out and mixing point for the ultras wait in transition. It is impossible to net any one in disguise from here without a specific information. Ultras generally take this advantages. More over for the current pressure upon the ultras there in Bangladesh, the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) and the pressure of BSF (Border Security Force) in this side, the Bangladesi miscreants feel risks in the border rather than the core areas wide open for them.

In the recent political changes in bangladesh, the Islamist militant activities have “collapsed” to some extent following a series of arrests of suspected free militants (having network in both in India and bangladesh), a police official in Dacca has claimed.

The Detective Branch of Dacca Police said that with recent arrest Emdadullah alias Mahbub, a suspected member of the Pakistan-based Islamist terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the group’s network had broken down. Deputy Commissioner of Metropolitan Detective Branch (south) Monirul Islam said the militant network in Bangladesh had taken a hit after the arrest of Mufti Sheikh Obaidullah and Maulana Mohammad Monsur Ali last July.

He said Emdadullah is a suspected member of Harkatul Jihadia Islamia Azadia, a Pakistan-based militant group. He is also the Bangladesh chief of Asif Reza Commando force (Established in Kolkata in 1993) and member of the LeT, the official said.
In such a condition the militants based in Bangladesh now seeks a refuge in a safe place of terrorists called "Kolkata Militia Oasis" within their supporters in the intellectuals, media persons, N G Os, statesmen, political leaders, Muslim businessmen and obviously their patrons (Molla-Mulavis) in some mosques in Kolkata, Howrah & Hoogly.

In this context the arrest of 16 millitants only ( 10 for fake currency networking and 6 for other terrorist and criminal activities) from WB is undoubtedly a poor performance by the Kolkata STF,when 300 militants were arrested in India by various branches of police task force in 2009. The penetration of ISI, DGFI and the individual Islamic Groups in every sectors in Kolkata made this place a safest place for the Islamic militants forever.

Report : Sambuddha Gupta.
Posted by Spotlight Asia Team.

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Creation of a New Pakistan in Barrackpore & Operation of a Mini Pakistan in Mograhat.

A Tale of Two Cities.

Mosque to be Revived after 63 Years to enhance anti-Hindu activities in Barrackpore, West Bengal........ Scenario 1.

Land of 80 Years old Shiva Temple has been grabbed by fanatic Muslims and Temple de-sanctified by anti-Hindus, in Mograhat, West Bengal............Scenario 2.

An absolutely dilapidated mosque, named Bhanga Masjid, is situated in Ward no. 3 of Barrackpore town in North 24 Pargana district. It is just on the side of the main railway track of Sealdah – Krishnanagar line. In last 63 years, i.e., after independence, nobody offered Namaz in that mosque as there is no Muslim locality nearby. Before independence, some Muslims used to live here who migrated to Pakistan after partition.

Just opposite side of the railway line, the name of the locality is ‘Sankharipara’ which is inhabited by refugee Hindu Sankhari community who were forcefully evicted from the famous ‘Sankhari Patty’ of Dhaka by Muslim extremists. A branch of Bharat Sevashram Sangha is situated within 25 meters of the Bhanga Masjid on the same side of the railway line.

In this Bhanga Masjid, a government primary school (Nabarun Vidyamandir) used to run since long time. In fact, all the aged persons of this area were taught in this school in their childhood. About 2 years back, that school became closed due to lack of students.

Adjacent to that dilapidated structure, a club named ‘Sankha Bharati’ is situated. It was established in 1951. It is a registered club with various activities of sports and culture. Within 1 kilometer radius of that spot, there is no Muslim locality/residence.

In the month of April this year, on one Friday before the Parliamentary Election, some Muslim activists came from distant places and tried to offer Namaz in that dilapidated structure. Local people sensing the mal-intents of these outsiders drove them away. Next Friday, Tarit Baran Topdar, the then local M.P. of CPI(M), came there with a few outsider members of a right-wing Muslim lobby group and his party cadres. Local people gathered there, Club members were there and police force from Barrackpur Police Station were also present. Topdar shouted in front of all, “ I am taking the charge of this Mosque. Muslims will offer Namaz here every Friday henceforth. I Challenge anyone and everyone to stop it.” Then he entered the structures leaving his shoes outside along with the Muslims. The police were mere spectators and the local people remained dumb-founded. Read details here...

On Thursday 22nd October, 2009, members of a Muslim reactionary group came and fixed some cement made grills (Zaffri) in the dilapidated structure. In night, some unidentified persons broke those grills. Next day on Friday at about 11 am when the outsiders Muslims started to come, they saw the broken grills. They became agitated and went to Police station to complain. Police came. In its protection Friday Namaz was offered. Then again construction started by the Muslims in a big way under Police protection. On 24th October 2009,the construction work continued.
In the evening, a small scuffle occurred when one member of the club threw a cigarette end outside the club room. Consequently, the I.C. of Police Station came and asked the Muslims to complete the work within tonight and vacate the place. Police posting is there.

About one month ago, the Club contacted Hindu Samhati (HS), a Hindu Activist Forum in Bengal and sought help. Since then the local HS workers are fully active and taking initiative. The Club members are in close contact with the HS Central Committee. They acquired some courage, became a little hopeful and trying their best.

Jackie, a rich young Muslim is leading the operation of capturing the venue. He lives in Dhobighat area of the town, owns a private school, and reportedly a SIMI member. Earlier he used to be a ‘chamcha’, or yesman of Tarit Topdar, now became a chamcha of Dinesh Trivedi, newly elected Trinamool Congress M.P. of Barrackpore.

Two open public meetings were addressed by Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati : on 28th October, 2009- in front of Bhanga Masjid and on 22nd November 2009 at Lalkuthi near 15 no. Rail Gate. A leaflet was distributed in the first meeting condemning Tarit Topdar.

For distributing the leaflet delineating Communist appeasement of Muslims in this Mosque revival in Barrackpore and holding meetings (on public demand) against unreasonable rehabilitation of outsider Muslims in a very Hindu belt, some sections have been charged against Hindu Samhati President in a police case started in the local police station.

After losing its home and hearth in the recent polls, Communists in Bengal are trying hard to stalemate the Trinamool strategey of Muslim appeasement. Both of them are playing with fires of Islamic fundamentalism.

An absolutely dilapidated temple, named Shiva Mandir, is situated in the village named Dihi Kalash of Mograhat - I Block in South Pargans has been desecrated at least thrice including uprooting and throwing the Shiva Linga (Black stone Shiva Symbol). The nearby Muslim residents have been occupied the Devottar Sampatti ( Land permanently given to the service of God) through the sidelines of some 23 Satak (Decimal) land of the temple of Shiva.
Though the land bearing JL No. 112, Khatian No. 965, Touji No. 155 is clearly recorded in the Government survey and demarcated as Temple Land, the majority Muslims forcefully grabbed the portion of the Hindu Land as a mark of Muslim Supremacy spearheading in rural Bengal now a days.
The scheduled caste Hindus in that village of Dihi Kalash a bare minority and get no help from any so called Big Hindu Organisations and even any support of caste Hindus of the adjacent areas. In Mograhat Block Hindus are minority (In 1981 Hindus in Mograhat were 87% and 2001 it came down to 45% under an unbelievable strategic operation) and they do not dare to protest even, as all political parties do not here the Hindus for such case of violation of religious rights.

The sevayet ( trustee or manager) of the Shiva Temple, Madhusudan Nasker told the Bengal Spotlight that the situation of Hindus concerning the protection of the Temple is unbearable and nobody gives us justice. There is a case for the illegal occupation of temple land by Abdul Gazi Gani being M/C No. 12/96 in Diamond Harbour Civil Court but the proceedings are being hampered for the non-appearance of the land grabbers. It is believed that one of the illegal occupier of the temple land, Md Hanna Gazi has such a rapport in the system that all the papers frequently disappear from the court itself.

Madhusudan Babu reported the matter everywhere in Police and Administration including Human Rights Commission, but it yields no result so far. With a very ardent zeal and devotion Mr Nasker and his wife are striving for restore the dignity of this 80 years old Shiva temple where their forefathers worshiped there earlier.

Mr. Tarit Topdar,M.P. & Muslim Messiah of Barrackpore or the Local MP for Magrahat AC never cared for such indignity of minority Hindus in West Bengal. They can only re-settle the Muslims in Hindu areas. There are such thousands of rural temples and Hindu lands of temples have already been grabbed by the religious Muslims in every Muslim majority blocks and districts in West Bengal.

Ms Mamata Banerjee already declared the holy Islamic possession everywhere to make West Bengal as Pak Bangla Stan. What will be your Role Mr. Topder ?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bengal remembers 26/11 Mumbai Martyrs with great reverence.

26/11 Mumbai mayhem.
Homage to Martyrs in 1st anniversary in Kolkata and different places in West Bengal.

In a very befitting manner Hindu Samhati and some other social forums like Azad Hind Memorial Centre and Netaji Chakra Kolkata Unit, Kargil Memorial Committee observed the 1st anniversary of Mumbai mayhem on 25/11/09 at College Square in front Calcutta University and Canning, Budge Budge, Bagnan, Bangaon, Ranaghat, Mashat and some other places on 26/11/2009. Hindu Samhati, Kolkata organized this occasion to pay deep respect to the Great Martyrs and to express whole-hearted sympathy to the bereaved families of the martyrs with specific demand to hang Azmal Amir Kasab, the lone Paki terrorist still alive and under trial in the special court meant for the case.

The function was presided over by Kanti Majumdar. Barid Baran Guha, Dr. Arun
Giri, Prokash Das, Pratap Hazra, Upananda Brahmachari were the other speakers and dignitaries on the occasion. A major flank of the supporters of HS gathered to pay tribute and demanded immediate hanging of Kasab by shouting slogans and distributing leaflets published for this occasion.

In his maiden speech
Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati vehemently condemned the delay in the 26/11 case and the notorious design of both the Central and West Bengal Government to allow the Islamic expansionism fortified with blatant appeasement of Muslims, financial support to Islamic Mosques and Madrasas, uncontrolled growth of childbirth of Muslim community and the large scale illegal infiltration by Muslims from Bangladesh. Ghosh described all these as the main causes and life lines of the growth and refuge of Islamic terrorism growing inside and coming outside from India.

Upananda Brahmachari, Vice President, Hindu Samhati
demanded immediate hanging of Ajmal Amir Kasab, the main accused of 26/11 Mumbai case with an immediate probe upon the delay of hanging of Afzal Guru, the sentenced accused of the attack upon Indian Parliament in 2001. Brahmachari was addressing a gathering in front of Bagnan Railway Station in Howrah District on 26/11/09. He said that each and every family members of the Martyrs and other civilians want immediate hanging of Ajmal Kasab. So Government cannot waste time anyway anymore. He pointed out that the reluctance in any form in this matter will help the morale of the Pakistani Terror Rackets in India sponsored by the ISI and other Jihadi Groups.

Kanti Ranjan Samanta, eminent educationist and poet
and Samiran Ray,
renowned teacher were present in the programme with other dignitaries. Mukunda koley, local whole-timer of HS organised the Bagnan programme with the HS supporters of the locality.

In another meeting at Canning, South 24 Parganas on 26/11/09 Tapan Ghosh, President HS addressed a gathering of a vibrant Hindu youth force and categorically said that if the challenge of Islamofascists are not detected in grass-root level and taken to combat in its seed, it may turn a take to demolish the structure of Hindu Society and Indian nation also. Sri Ghosh awared the gathering about Jehadi recruitment in local level by ISI, SIMI and other Islamic wings, the Love Jihad rackets with an unbound channelization of Hindu girls to Muslim community through an illicit & allured love trap, huge Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh and unethical appeasement of Muslims by all the political parties. The gathering mourned for two minutes for the 26/11 Mumbai Martyrs in the start.
Prokash Das, Associate Editor of SAMHATI SAMBAD, a Bengali mouthpiece of Hindu Samhati and Ajit Adhikari, local HS leader lead a silent march on 26th in Bangaon Town with a 10000 mourners joined in different places time to time in the procession started from the ground of historical Bangaon Town Hall. The mourners in silent march tied black straps in their faces in the protest of inaction of Government in the matter of Pakistani threat perception upon Indian internal and external security. Sri Das briefed the stand of Hindu Samhati in general to the local media and told, " We don't want any more 26/11 in India or West Bengal."

The Silent March ended again in the Town Hall Ground after covering most of the prominent places in Bangaon Town including Chakda Road, Court Road, Amla Road, Jesshore Road, Station Road, Paik Road, Ram Bag areas, Bata crossing, BSF Camp, New Bridge approach, Motiganj Market and School Road drive. Bangaon a border town in North 24 Pargans with a majority Hindu refugees from Bangladesh reflected a good solidarity with the Mumbai people terribly affected by 26/11 Jehadi attack there.

In another well attended meeting at Gopal Nagar, near Mashat in Hoogly, HS President Tapan Ghosh said that the Islamic force has gained a good strength in Bengal soil and it is being
nurtured by all the political parties of West Bengal. The West Bengal borders are being used by the Islamic fundamentalists as an extended portion or the corridor of Islamic Bangladesh. The situation is very alarming and we feel the torture and severity upon Hindus in the Muslim majority districts in West Bengal. The Jihadi activities in Bengal are growing day by day. We cannot assure no repetition of any 26/11 in this situation. We need and demand drastic action for all these. Dr. Partha Ghosh and Ashis Manna were present in the programme with other dignitaries.

Sri Promod Ranjan Kayal of Azad Hind Memorial Centre, from Budge Budge, South 24 Pgs reports that local people at Batanagar paid their homage to Mumbai Martyrs and demanded immediate hanging of Azmal Kasab without any delay. Reports also came in from Nadia and Burdwan for the observance of the 1st anniversary of Mumbai mayhem in a very befitting manner. Mr. Kayal told the Spotlight Media Team over telephone that 'Justice delayed, justice denyed.' So, we cannot spoil time any more to hang the prime accused Azmal amir Kasab, the lone Pakistani terrorist captured on the spot on 26/11/2008.

Though all the political parties on West Bengal did not care for the memory of
Mumbai 26/11 and the so-called Bengal intellectuals found no rose or candle light for the Mumbai Martyrs, this time the repercussion of Bengal people is pragmatic in mood and high in resolution in the 1st anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai Mayhem.