Friday, October 24, 2014

Jihadi Didi of Bengal.

Jihadi Didi. 

Dr. Subramanian Swamy

On the day of Gandhi Jayanti, 2 Indian Mujahideen Jihadis were killed and a third injured critically in West Bengal's Burdwan town.

◉ How ?
They were making IEDs for their RDX explosives when it blew up.

◉ Where ?
In the house of a Trinamool Congress leader Nurul Hasan Choudhury. Also used as regional TMC party HQ. Housed woman and children to avoid suspicion.

◉ What happened when police arrived ?
two women held them off at gunpoint threatening to blow up the house. Bengal police waited politely while the women burnt several documents and vital evidence (instead of tending to their blown up husbands).

◉ What was found after the Jihadi women were overpowered?
Documents and incriminating evidence (linking them to Al-Qaeda and Indian Mujahideen), 55 IEDs and RDX, electronic equipment, maps and SIM cards along with some half-burnt Arabic books

◉ What did Bengal police do with evidence ?
promptly destroyed ALL of it before central investigators(NIA, IB and other central agencies ) could arrive.

◉ What was the plan ?
Blasting away devotees on Dussehera, using powerful RDX explosives
TMC is already under police scanner for multi billion rupee Shardha Scam where TMC MP Ahmed Hasan Imran was found to be financier of Bangladeshi terrorist outfit Jamat-e-Islami.

Last month, Al-Qaeda had warned of 'jihad' in India. A warning which Indians took very lightly.
Let's enjoy the borrowed peace while it lasts.

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