Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Diamond Harbour Administration and Police helping illegal Cow trafficking and unauthorized cattle markets.

Diamond Harbour Administration and Police scare to stop illegal Cow trafficking and unauthorized cattle markets. 

Prasad Roy | BSNN | Diamond Harbour | 03 Sept 2014:: In the heat of September mid noon, a small truck, loaded with 7 (seven cows and bulls all under the age of 7 years) with other 10-15 goats, was passing through the busy NH 117, in an intolerable condition to the pity animals violating all animal transportation rules, prohibition animal cruelty provisions, municipal cattle licencing acts and so on under the courtesy of Diamond Harbour Police and General Administrations. 

For a traffic jam, the vehicle no. WB 41 F 3358 halted for a while near Janata More of Diamond Harbour Station Bazar when a traffic police came to the truck for an enquiry, but when the helper of the truck showed a chit describing its destination to a illegal cattle market named 'Hazi Rahamat Hat' near Paler More, Kamarpole, PO Sarisha under Diamond Harbour Police Station, the traffic police allowed the truck to proceed with taking a bribe of Rs. 100 only. The police on duty checked nothing nor saw the pity condition of the animals being carried with fodder or water or without any valid documents of purchase or any medical certificates. 

A scull capped and long bearded bike rided man thanked the police twice and spitted thrice on road before following the cattle loaded vehicle. 

Diamond Harbour is rapidly changing as a Mujaheddin hub. All the anti-social and unlawful activities are being rampantly conducting by the Muslim Criminals with a passive permission of the the Police and Administration. 

And hold  please to take a note  that all these Talibanic activities are being promoted by two chief operators of the Harbour town viz. Md Sajahan Molla of KWIL (a Saradha like big cheat fund - while Sudipta is in Jail, Sajahan is moving freely as he is a great 'Bhaijan' of our Didi) and Raich Molla, a businessman overtly  but  a gang star covertly. Both of them are very close to TMC and local MLA, Mr Dipak Halder (mind his great speech: rape held in previous times, rape is happening now and  rape will be done in future also). 

But, what is role of the Police or SDO, Diamond Harbour and IC of DH PS? The cows and cattle are being transported through the Diamond Harbour Municipality and adjacent placed in open daylight violating all rules and regulation and committing severe animal cruelty. But, the so called culturally accailmed   SDO and IC are helping the cow smuggling and illegal slaughter racket in the areas for a very mysterious reasons. 

Though the majority Hindu citizens condemn this inhuman and illegal activities of illegal cow trafficking, slaughtering, beef shop, hooliganism, there is no initiative by the Police and Administration to  stop all these nefarious appeasements to minorities indulging in criminal affairs.

There are many illegal cattle markets in Diamond Subdivision including an unique cattle market run in the period of Bakri Eid beside the wall of Usthi Police station as mentioned in a status report  of Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai. 

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