Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jihadi Muslims vandalized Saraswati idol and National Flag in Kharagpur in West Bengal.

Kharagpur witnessed violent Jihadi attack, Goddess Saraswati idol vandalized and National Flag desecrated.
Saraswati Image vandalized by Muslims in Kharagpur

S Pandey | Spotlight News | Kharagpur | 30 January 2015:: Like Maldah in North Bengal & Usthi of Diamond Harbour Subdivision in South Bengal anti-Hindu riots by Jihadi Muslims took place at Bhawanipur More of Kharagpur (West Medinipur District) near main Golbazar market started by breaking of Goddess Saraswati idol during immersion procession and kicking down of national flag with their feet.

ST boys of Adivasi dominated area Singhpara of Debalpur, Ward No. 5 took out the procession at 28th January night and when it reached Bhawanipur More, Ward No. 6 around 9.30 pm, armed violent Muslim youths attacked them with swords & iron rods and then broke down the idol of Maa Saraswati taken out for immersion. Finally a big national flag hanging on nearby since Republic Day celebration was tore down by the attackers and stamped down by their Jihad feet. They cheered the mayhem by shouting slogans in favour of Pakistan, ISIS and Al Qaeda.  

A severely injured ST child of 9 years was rushed to and admitted in Kharagpur Sub-Divisional Hospital (was kept at 1st floor Bed No. 23) and FIR lodged immediately at Kharagpur (Town) P.S. against 5 known Muslim miscreants who were later identified by the Adivasi Hindu boys.

On the next morning, Bhawanipur residents filed a second G.D seeking police protection, help and arrest of the Jihadis for peace to return.

But after that, administration and police are harassing Hindu youths of the area and local TMC Councillors statred threatening them to such an extent that most Hindu youths of the area have fled and children, women and aged are living at their own houses in fear of more such attacks!

A District team of Hindu Jagaran Manch and RSS reached the spot to help the victims, as sources said.

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