Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fifty Thousand Bangladeshi intruders invaded West Bengal overnight.

BD intruders attacked Sovereignty in the cultural fiefdom of Paschimbanga. Such reluctance of Bengali Hindus for BD influx will destroy them ultimately.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Durga Puja Immersion in Ichamoti River at Taki, N 24 Pgs.
Within a shield of this function 50000 BD intruders entered
into India, unopposed.
In the morning English news papers on the day of 8th October 2011 from Kolkata or in the national dailies, there were nothing dangerous just happened in west Bengal now Paschimbanga on the very day of Bijoya Dashami in connection with its sovereignty, integrity, security or demography of our motherland.

The cultural stooges of Bengal and the influenced others in the media naturally drunked up to the lip in the festivity of Dashmi (BIJOYA DASHAMI in BENGAL) and were busy to write the routine stories and grooved into the hangover and were blind to see that overnight the state of West Bengal is boomed with an extra population of 50000 + all on a sudden.

Getting stuck with this seemingly unreal intro, if you go to the various search engines in the web, still you will get nothing, except this, what is narrated here.

From the very spot of this dangerous happening, many of our media friends wrote eloquently for a cultural unity of the two parts of Bengal (East - Bangladesh and West- Paschimbanga) in the event of joint immersion of images of Durga and her sons & daughters in Ichamoti river near Taki in north 24 Parganas.

Many of us enjoyed through these headlines : India, Bangladesh unite at Durga immersion or A river ritual that reunites two nations or grieved with these news: Two persons drown in Ichamati river or Tragedy strikes idolimmersion ceremony . The media friends were on the spot of Taki and were busy to emphasize upon the absurd reunification of Bengal on a part. Hence wrote : Here,on the waters of Ichamati, borders melt and political differences fade intooblivion along with the idols of Durga that are immersed to chants of 'Aschhebochhor abar hobe'.

The immersions at Taki - which draw shutterbugs from the world over - bring people from India and Bangladesh in a unique bond. On Thursday, hundreds of boats, trawlers and launches sailed from either country, lazily drifting towards the opposite shores of the Ichhamati. Boats flying theIndian Tricolour sailed with those sporting the Bangladeshi flag. Groups of youths, elderly men, women and children celebrated with gusto, jumping in their boats, and hurling themselves into the knee-deep mud on the shores. It gave an opportunity for many Bangladeshis to take a quick tour of Taki town......

Abdul Kader (15) buys two and half kilos of Kashmiri apple for his Bangladeshi friend Khalil from Taki market. The two had met in Taki during the immersions last year when Khalil gave a 'Bangla link SIM' to Kader as a parting gift. The phone was lost three months ago but the friendship stayed strong. Kader, from Basirhat's Nolkura village, went looking for his friend in the crowd across the Bangladesh side on Thursday and found him in Parulia. The two returned to Taki to renew their friendship......"

On the other hand there was a tragedy too, as a Jadavpur university scholar and some other were drowned in the Ichamoti river through a mishap who also went there to witness the occasion.

But under an International Conspiracy these media persons are totally suppressed the dangerous invasion of more than 50000 illegal Bangladeshi (mostly Muslims) who forcefully entered into India from Bangladesh in the name of participating 'joint immersion ceremony' but did not returned yet.

The intruders came safely with their touts and someway
with an adjustment of BSF and BDR, shamefully.
The most popular Bengali News paper "Anadabazar Patrika"(ABP) wrote on 8th Oct that "Plunder and Molestation in the crowd, Alleged infiltration : Police & BSF are accused for Chaos in the Taki immersion". Under this headlines ABP pointed out the huge infiltration in the bordering dist of North 24 Pgs on that Immersion occasion which caused a mess on the spot including vending of illicit liquors, gambling, rampant loot, huge scuffles and a total dislocation of local administration as the Bangladeshi intruders overpowered the situations.

The Bartaman (2nd largest Bengali daily) also narrated the dangerous and planned move of the BD intruders on the spot and it was reported that for 2/3 days in the bordering areas of Bangladesh, it was canvassed through microphone as Rs. 100/- is only needed to cross the border at the time of Ichamoti immersion of Dashami. The cross-border touts and their Indian counterparts were openly set their table of currency exchange, long route bus tickets, area guides etc and both the Police and BSF were the onlookers.

To take the control over the areas the cross border goons (read our great neighbors for India-BD amity), rampantly ransacked the possessions and shops of the Hindu protesters, molested the Hindu women and teen-age girls and loomed a widespread situation of fear and awe over the Indian locals. Through this situation more over 50000 BD infiltrators were chanced to settle in India afresh without any trouble or protest.

The Bartaman has incorporated an IB report on 10th Oct. that hinted over 50000 BD intruders who entered into India overnight in the shield of a cultural function and not yet returned to Bangladesh very intentionally.

On the basis of a petition of the above matter filed by the secretary of All India Legal Aid Forum & veteran advocate, Mr Joydeep Mitra, Smt Gyansudha Mishra (J) passed an order to arrest all the intruders as alleged and instructed stringent measures to stop such incidents may cause adversities to the Country's safety, security, integrity and demography.

But, alas ! So far five intruders are not arrested yet out of 50000, who will seriously put a pressure upon our resource, economy and nationality. Sovereignty attacked in cultural fiefdom of Paschimbanga. Such reluctance of Bengali Hindus for BD influx will destroy them ultimately. Uncontrolled Muslim birth rate in west Bengal and eastern and northern region of India is another issue to change the Muslim minority to a majority status. But, this filthy fiefdom of folly-tricks will appeasethem, invite them and slit us with a sharpened Islamic knife in thepresence of a brute Democracy, imprudent Politics and jumbled Judiciary.

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