Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sign & Campaign to free Swami AseemanandaJi. A Great Saint from Bengal. Donate for Hindu Cause.

Sign and Campagin to Free a Bengali Scholar, Humanist, Social Activist and Vedantic Saint SWAMI ASEEMANAND (Jatin Chatterjee) from the clutch of an anti Hindu UPA Congress Govt. in India.

Click here to sign :

Please take this holy oath to free Swami Aseemananda Ji. Go to the link below. Sign the Petition and Campaign.

You people always raise your voice for Subversive Dr. Binayak Sen and Pro Militant Chatradhar Mahato, but don't pass a Single Word in favor of SWAMI ASEEMANANDAJI (Jatin Chatterjee), a Bengali Saint, Research Scholar, Vedanta Philosopher, Champion Social Activist for Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Gujrat Tribal People and a real Friend and Leader for the Persecuted Hindus. Please sing to free Swamiji in the link above and donate generously for a Great Hindu Cause.

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