Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Open Letter for Total Ban on Cow Slaughter in West Bengal and India.

1. The President of India, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.
2. The Prime Minister of India, Parliament House, New Delhi.
3. The Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court, New Delhi.
4. The Chief Minister of Paschimbanga (West Bengal), Kolkata.
5. The Chief Justice, Calcutta High Court, Kolkata.

Vande Gomataram.
Subject:  An appeal to ensure the complete prohibition upon Cow Slaughter abiding by the existing rules and regulation in force in different states in India along with the strict direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  1. Under the laws enforced in this land with a wide view to natural justice to all creatures, honoring the Sanatani tradition of venerated  Cow progeny even as non hittable (aghna), respecting  the Cow as Go-Mata in highest esteem in the traditional scriptures, contemplating the importance of Cow progeny in Indian agriculture, health, medicines and economics based upon its blessings upon us and obviously to be humane by resisting the animal cruelty, most of the states have been formulated its own rules and acts in favor of banning Cow Slaughter even in Bakri Idd.
  2. But, very unfortunately going to the utter contradiction to the above, in most of the cases Cow progeny are being slaughtered very cruelly in a disgusting gruesome way, sometimes with the help of local administration and politics, only to appease a minority section hurting the majority by violating all the norms so framed by the states very illegally, unreasonably and undemocratically. Though all the Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhists, Arya Samajists  and the  Sanatani and Vedic followers want a total ban on cow slaughter in Bharat, as a matter of humiliation of all Bharat Dharma, the rampant cow slaughter is going on violating all the norms in force.
  3. As an example, the state of West Bengal, now Paschimbanga had given permission in the last year to slaughter Cows in Bakri Idd under the section 12 of the WB Animal Slaughter Control Act 1950, very intrigue-fully going against the verdicts of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  4. It is a wide known fact that being aggrieved Sri Kedar Nath Brahmachari and 26 others filed a petition against the State of West Bengal and 20 others for which Hon’ble Calcutta High Court passed an order to ban cow slaughter even in Bakar Idd, vide 1982(2) Kokata, HN dated 20.8.1982.
  5. The State of West Bengal filed an appeal in Supreme Court of India against the above order of Calcutta High Court vide CA 6790/1983 – State of West Bengal & Others. –vs– Ashutosh Lahiri & Others. for which the Hon’ble Supreme Court maintained the order of Calcutta High court to prohibit the Cow slaughter in Bakri Idd  as such slaughters being unconstitutional and directed the State to take measures to stop such illegalities.
  6. Despite of that in West Bengal and other States at least 30 lakhs (5 lakhs in West Bengal) healthy, milky, cultivating and capable Cow progeny are slaughtered very unfortunately within a political nexus of Chairman, Sabhapati of Panchayet Samity and the official authorities in various departments.
  7. As aggrieved by the gross violation of the Slaughter Control Act enforced in different States time and again and felt detrimental to the majority Hindu sentiment in general, various forums filled many petitions in the designated Courts for getting justice to stop cruelty upon animal and especially mentionable the petitions filed in the Honb’le Calcutta High Court by Akhil Bharat Krishi Go Seva Sangha, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Sri K K Singhania, Sri Abhijit Das & Enamul Haque and others.
  8. It is also mentionable that the esteemed Islamic Institution “Darul-Uloon-Deoband” also declared a Fatwa describing not mandatory to slaughter cows in Bakri Idd and requested not to do such accordingly. The extract of the Fatwa can be obtained from the news published in Dainik Jagran dt. 13.06.2006.
  9. But unfortunately, the chain of illegal slaughter is in vehemently increasing, killing healthy, capable and milking cows, while the children of the poor families are dying do to malnutrition and don’t get a single drop of cow milk in this land of “Gopal”. As per report of the UNICEF entitling “World Children Status Report-2008”, every day 5000 children are dying in India due to malnutrition.
  10. It is well established that the Cow progeny is the foundation of our agriculture, health, conventional & renewable energy source and the all round development of this Sanatani Land with a highest veneration to Go Mata and Go Palak (Cow Savers). And butchering these very calm and pretty animals hitting the religious sentiments of Hindus must attract the provisions of Section 153 and 295 of Indian Penal Court.
  11. Again, a Seven Judges Bench in the Honb’le Supreme Court of India gave the verdict in CA No.4937-4940 of 1998 being the case of State of Gujrat & Others Vs. Mirajapur Moti Kureshi Kasab & Others.  [2005/ SCCL.Com-735] propounding the importance of Oxen over the age of sixteen years for their utility in case of agricultural manure and recycling energy production from its dung and urine and consequently prohibited oxen slaughter even over 16 years of age of it.
  12. Cow slaughter is completely prohibited without any discrimination of age or condition in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Gujarat etc., but the total prohibition of Holy Cow progeny in the length and breadth of this Holy Land is still awaited within a suitable Constitutional amendment.  On the other hand the violation of existing slaughter prohibitory rules and regulations are inciting the Hindu sentiments by some communal elements finding the loop holes of the police and administrations by the way including Cow trade in illegal Go-hat/Cow-mandi.
In this context, these are our earnest requests to the effect that:
A. Please maintain and give full protection to the Prohibitory Acts on Cow Slaughter on Bakri Idd this year on 7th November, 2011 and to extend full cooperation and security to all forums to restrain these illegal slaughters in their activities to help the police and administration on spot of occurrence of illegal slaughters in every state, especially in West Bengal.
B. Please form a task force in each level comprising Govt. officials and the related NGOs to restrain illegal cow slaughter in every place, especially in West Bengal. Please stop all Cow markets set up for Bakri Idd and ban interstate import-export of cow progeny for slaughter as a mandatory measure including prohibition of cow markets meant for cow slaughter.
C. Please apply the provisions of National Security Act (NSA) against the perpetrators for the violation of Animal slaughter Control Acts.
D. Please set a high strategy team for banning all type of Cow progeny slaughter under illegality and to monitor the prohibition and utilization through videography in surface and even through helicopter in the disturbed area due to cow slaughter.
E. Please start legal proceedings against BDO (Block Development Officer) and the Officer-In-Charge of the Police Station of the respective Block and the police station where the cases of illegal cow slaughter may occur violating the existing rules and regulations.
F. Please construct the Cow Rehabilitation Center in each district to maintain the rescued Cows and Oxen from illegal slaughter with a coordination of the various “Gosewa Goraksha Sangathan”  (Cow Rehabilitation & Protection Organizations) for a sustainable development of Indian agriculture, health, economy, energy, traditional medicines and ecology.
Vande Go Mataram ! Vande Mataram !! Jai Hind !!!
With best of regards.
Sincerely Yours,
Ashoo Mongia.
(National President, Rashtriya Goraksha Sena).,
Upananda Brahmachari.
(Peethadish, Rashtriya Goraksha Peeth, National Observer RGS).,


Dr. Aftab Alam said...

I do agree on the complete slaughter of the animals in India. But in this regards I would like to bring to notice to The honorable President of India, The honorable Prime Minister of India, The honorable Chief Justice of India, The honorable Chief Minister of Paschimbanga (West Bengal), The honorable Chief Justice, Calcutta High Court, Kolkata, that the animals are not slaughter by Muslims only in India. The Hindus also give slaughtering of Goat in the name of GODS.... I am writing this as now the whole thing is not as the case for the violation of Animal slaughter Control Acts but a religious cause and case. So we Muslims are ready to stop it if all other religions have the same feelings for the animals. The verdict cannot be given on the context that Muslims are minority and they should not do their religious rituals. All religions has right to do as per their religious rituals.
I have quoted from:
“Animal sacrifice is the ritual killing of an animal as part of a religion. It is practised by many religions as a means of appeasing a god or gods or changing the course of nature. Animal sacrifice has turned up in almost all cultures, from the Hebrews to the Greeks and Romans, Israelites, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and from the Aztecs.
Remnants of ancient rituals of animal sacrifice are apparent in many cultures, for example the Spanish bullfights, or kapparos in Judaism, or ritual slaughter procedures like shechita or ḏabīḥah in Judaism and Islam, respectively.
Animal sacrifice was common in Vedic religion, the highest or "royal" such sacrifice being the Ashvamedha. The last known performance of the Ashvamedha was that by Jai Singh II of Amber in 1716.
There are Hindu temples in Assam, India as well as Nepal where goats and chickens as well as buffaloes are sacrificed. These sacrifices are mainly done at mandirs following the Shakti school of Hinduism where the female nature of Brahman is worshipped in the form of Kali and Durga. There are many village temples in Tamil Nadu where this kind of sacrifice takes place.[2]
In many Shakti shrines of Orissa animals like goat and chicken are sacrificed on Durga Puja in the month of Aswina (September–October) every year. In Sambalpur, this ritual sacrifice is performed in the Samaleswari temple (Pasayat, 2003:67-84).
The three methods used by Hindus to kill an animal are: Jhatka (decapitation with a single blow); piercing the heart with a spike; and asphyxiation.
Possibly the largest animal sacrifice in the world occurs during Gadhimai festival in Nepal. In the 3 day long sacrifice in 2009 it was speculated that more than 250,000 animals were killed[3] while 5 million devotees attended the festival.[4]
In India ritual of animal sacrifice is practised in many villages before local deities. For instance, Kandhen Budhi is the reigning deity of Kantamal in Boudh district of Orissa, India. She is the presiding deity of Kandha people of this area. She is represented in the natural form of stone under a tree on the bank of the river Tel. Every year, animals like goat and fowl are sacrificed before the deity on the occasion of her annual Yatra/Jatra (festival) held in the month of Aswina (September–October). The main attraction of Kandhen Budhi Yatra is Ghusuri Puja. Ghusuri means pig, which is sacrificed once in every three years. Kandhen Budhi is also worshipped at Lather village under Mohangiri GP in Kalahandi district of Orissa, India(Pasayat, 2009:20-24).
Bali Jatra of Sonepur in Orissa, India is also an annual festival celebrated in the month of Aswina (September–October) when animal sacrifice is an integral part of the ritual worship of deities namely Samaleswari, Sureswari and Khambeswari. Bali refers to animal sacrifice and hence this annual festival is called Bali Jatra (Barik, 2009:160-162).”
Dr. Aftab Alam.
Mobile: 09830755122

Anonymous said...

1. @ Dr. Aftab Alam : Your elaborated letter is meant for a noble cause to stop animal slaughter but you are still in the Islamic Communal attitude as derived from your motivation.
You should read the latest order of the Calcutta High Court in the related matter prohibiting Cow slaughter out side the slaughter house even in Bakar Eid Day in West Bengal as it is not a mandatory religious rites maintainable in Islam.
I do support your views to stop all kind of slaughter in the name of religion, but the Cow Slaughter done here only to hurt Hindu Sentiments is a very dangerous attitude of Muslim fanatics. Most of these cow slaughtering are conducted in a very ghastly manner openly intimating the Hindus outside the slaughter houses crushing all the laws in force.

See Comment 2. also.

Sambuddha Ray, M. Sc., LLB.
KOLKATA -700 014.

Anonymous said...

2. @ Dr. Aftab Alam :
Hindus never cut the pigs in front of any Muslim to hurt their religious sentiments. The animal sacrifice by Hindus (though I do not support) in front of their deities are very confined in their temple or Mela premises where the intending Hindus are usually assembled. But Muslims do the opposite and spread the communal tension.
Moreover, the Cows are the most useful animal in the world and it is the most venerated by the Hindus by their tradition. And Cow Progeny are the pillars of Indian Agriculture and Health. That must be taken into the consideration of these facts.
You told a very fishy thing that Muslims will abandon Cow Slaughtering if the others stop animal sacrifice in all types. OK. The most of the world population do not follow Islam. Then please renounce it.
Your arguments do not suffice your points to highlight.

Sambuddha Ray, M. Sc., LLB.
KOLKATA -700 014.