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Mr. Joyti Basu, the Ex Chief Minister of Bengal was admitted into AMRI, a specialized hospital of Kolkata, for his treatment after getting a serious injury in his bathroom some days ago. In the course of curtsey visit to that hospital, two big communal personalities of Bengal Nurar Rahaman Barkati, the Sahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata and Md. Idrish Ali, Leader of Minority Front performed some islamic rituals in the hospital and tied a islamic band in the hand of this veteran and legendry Communist leader for his better health. This infamous Sahi Imam of Kolkata Tipu sultan Masjid has issued a fatwa awarding 5 Lakhs rupee for the Quwtal (beheadment) of Taslima Nasrin, a humanitarian writer appreciated by whole world. And Idrish Ali is none other than the master mind of communal riot held in Kolkata on 21.11.07 caused a direct action against the civil society in Kolkata. This Sahi Imam also paid a visit to the Singur Dharna Manch ( long sitting demonstration & agitation) organized by Mrs. Mamata Banerjee, the top leader of Trinamul Congress and Krishi Jami Jeevan Raksha Samity. Such communal leaders are now being welcomed by all the Leftist and Rightist Political Forum and Parties for their mileage. Actually masks are unveilled now. They were communal, presently they are playing their communal cards for a permanent communal disharmony in the future Bengal. But the question is, who are the most communal ?

In the changed situation upon a backlash in the protest of SEZ in the West Bengal , the rulling Left Front Government led by the CPIM was in the backfoot from the beginning. Mr. Siddhikullah Chowdhury, Chief of Jamate Ulemae Hind (W.B) promtly appeared for the deep fishing in the troubled water . In the name of protesting SEZ , his cyclonic tour across the Bengal put more Oxygen to Muslim brethren awaiting for a revamped Islamic movement.

When the anti SEZ agitation in Singur, a Hindu majority area, was brutally knocked down for the first time by the hooligan police force of Bengal, Siddikullah perhaps yawned a lot. But he left no time to jump for saving Nandigram from SEZ, as this area eventually populated by his Muslim brethren. Afterwards Siddikullah’s huge rallies in different places at Bhangore, Deganga, Baruipur and in other Muslim majority districts, put off sleep of the CPIM top leader. In every corners of Bengal, in the name of protest SEZ, Mr. Siddikullah tried to consolidate muslim vote bank before the ensuing Panchayet Election in West Bengal. In a very communal manner they preached their religious good to capture the Bengal by muslim fanaticism.

It was not desirable by the CPIM think-tanks, as they always sponsored the muslim communalism in Bengal, in the interest of winning the election by Muslim vote bank. To take over the control upon the loosing situation, the CPIM created a new wing, Jamat-e-Ulemae-Bangla to have a rapport with the unsettled Muslim people. More over, Mr. Joyti Basu the apostle of Bengali Marxist and the Chief Mentor of the ruling Buddha Bhattacharya led Left Front Govt. , declared clearly that Jamate Ulmae Hind (JUH) is a communal force as they have communal records and there is no non-Muslim members in the JUH. ( Thank God ! upon the subsequent plea the BJP cannot be termed as communal as they have Nazma Hepatullah , Mukhtar A Naqvi or the Sehenawaj Hussain as very honoured members and active leaders).

Though Mr. Siddhikullah vehemently protested Mr. Joyti Basu, but they did not spare a single rally of JUH without distribution of pamphlets, booklets etc. highlighting Jehads , Pan Islamic Ideas or Glorification of Saddam Hossian by some hard-core activists, covertly or overtly . Simply in the name of protesting SEZ, the JUH engineered a new dimension to rule over the politics in Bengal. Critics may narrate the revival of the ghost of Salimullah ( Founder of Muslim League in 1906 ) in the shape of Siddikullah again, just after 100 years.

However, the ruling LF are not ready to leave the ground any way. Consequently they invited Mr. Sayed Ahamed Bukhari , the Sahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi for his guest appearance in Bengal to win the heart of annoyed Muslim people. But the experience of Sahi Imam was too bitter at Nandigram on 12.06.07, including a total rejection there. Immediately he cancelled his planned tour in the nine Muslim majority districts in W.B. as a state guest.On his way to returning Delhi , at Kolkata Air Port, he praised the LF Govt. as a saviour of Muslim in Bengal and depicted Siddhikullah as a destroyer of communal harmony in Bengal. Earlier the Sahi Imam of Delhi was greeted by the Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya at Writers Buildings, Kolkata on 11.06.07.

Every body knows the Sahi Imam’s orthodox approach for anything. The Bukharis- Abdullah or Sayed Ahmed all are same in spreading intolerence and intoxication for upholding the Islamic Fundametalism in India. May it be the case of Sahabanu , commom civil code , the case of population control or the Islamic Terrorism sponsored by the ISI or the spreading of the Islamic Jehad through Madrasha Curriculum, the propoganda of the Imams are same, not the Nation but the Islamic India. This school is now accepted by the CPIM for their advantage. Now these men are made natural allay of the so-called Secular and Scientific Party like CPIM.

But this is not a new thing in the history of Communist Party of India.The Gangadhar Adhikary-Sajjad Jaheer Thesis or the staunch advocacy of “Right to Secession” by Mujaffar Ahmed known as Kaka Saheb , helped a lot for the partition of India as they thought that “The Pakistan is just progressive and national demand”. Mr. Joyti Basu, then a trade union leader, appeared directly for the partition meeting at the foot of Ochterlony Monument on 16.08.1946 convened by the Muslim League. As a result Calcutta witnessed the Great Calcutta killing and a massive Hindu Carnage in 1946. The festoons and flags of CPI and Muslim League were seen tied in the same rope. The tie-up with the Muslim fanatics by the communist has made a communal tradition in India. After independence the Namboodripad Govt. in Kerala declared Mallapuram as a first Muslim District in India. Now the Chief Minister of W.B, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is likely to set up a Minority University upon Aligarh model to optimise the Islamic Fundamentalism in intelectual level. The Aligarh line promoted the intelectual base for muslim seperatism in pre-independence India. Now Buddhadev Bhattacharya is fully backing the Madrashas and allowing special provision for employment , financial help and maximum package to the Muslims.The borders of West Bengal have turned as a extended teritory of Islamic Bangladesh, rather ISI base camp to convert India as a Islamic country. Such a pro-muslim, pro-fanatic line taken up by the present CPIM in W.B is only the reflection of hoary past. Very recently top CPIM leaders like Md. Selim,M.P., Abdus Satter, M.L.A. attended a meeting in Muslim Institute, Kolkata, convened by Jamat e Islami Hind. The equation is now like that : Jamat e Ulemae Hind nearer to Trinamul Congress and Jamat e Islami Hind nearer to CPIM. What a secular situation !! We also see the SIMI (a banned Islamic Jehadi Group responsible for all the major blasts took place in India) friends like Amar Sing with Mamata Banerjee who intends to be Mamtaz Bibi or Khatun ( God knows) through her muslim appeasements.

The anti SEZ agitation in Bengal may be equaled with the peoples anti establishment movement to end up a 32 years dictatorship , cadre-raj and all round degradation of so-called pro people L.F Govt. in Bengal. Everybody now wants to capture the power by taking the mileage from SEZ movement . There are ‘Krishi Jami Raksha Committee’connected with Ms. Mamata Banerjee or the ‘Bhoomi Uchchhed Protirodh Committee’ etc. in full swing . But the naxalite groups launched a separate platfrom named ‘Gana Unnayan O Jana Adhikar Mancha’, again. Veteran naxalite leader Santosh Rana has a key role to boost up political planning for Peoples Democratic Conference of India (PDCI), highlighting Mulana Siddhikullah Chowdhury as a unanimous leader of Bengal. This naxalite groups and so-called human right activists protest brutal police firing at Nandigram on 14.03.07 and Singur earlier . But they relish the blood bath of 55 police scurity personnel at Bijpur, Chattishgarh on 15.03.07. The Maoist group finished the lives of these sleeping security men with a massive grenade attack upon a police chowki at Rani Bodali. This naxalites with anti SEZ and Siddikullah always convey their red salute to the trigger-happy activists of different maoist, ML groups in Purulia , Bankura ,West Medinipur or elsewere in India and outside. Naxalites have successfully penetrated in anti SEZ movements in W.B. This will move the Bengal in the Andhra, Bihar or Jharkhnad line. Obviously, this naxalites have no botheration about the growing Islamic Fundamentalism in India . They want power anyway showing the bogey of Hindu Fundamantalism which is nothing but a far fetched idea.

Now the naxalite generated PDCI , already held its 2nd state conferrence on 23rd June at Muslim Institute , Kolkata. PDCI announced to contest everywhere in the Panchayet Election, filing the Muslim and Pro Muslim Dalit candidates everywhere. Afterwards PDCI successfully won many seats in three stage Panchayet election in Bengal to register their communal entry in Bengal Politics.

If BJP wins seats, the situation is communal enough. But the victory of PDCI or Muslim League is not injurious to the health of Secular India or Progressive Bengal. O.K. We may extend more appeasement to be more secular. But in the ground reality, once we gave importance to Mr. Jinnah in the pre-independence and paid a cost of separation. Now imposing that importance upon Siddhikullah , Bukhari or Barkatis shall invite the same repetation . Who can say no ?

As a result of it, the unholy spirits of Islamic fundamentalism have been trying successfully to capture every nook of our motherland. The UPA in the central and the LF in the W.B has the same stand to promote the policy of Muslim appeasement. And the Siddhikullah , Bukharis or Barkatis are gaining strength more and more to divide the country again under the regime of Pan Islamic Fundamentalism with the help of Secular Political Parties of India. We have to find out the root cause in Quranic Doctrine for this . Then the question captioned for this article may be answered without any hesitation.

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