Monday, December 13, 2010

Atrocities on Minority Hindus also come under violation of human rights : CAAMB

Prof. Mohit Roy, CAAMB, adressing the gathering.

CAAMB participated in Human Rights Fair

CAAMB (Campaign Against Atrocities upon Minorities in Bangladesh) participated in Human Rights Fair on 10-11 December 2010 at Kolkata Academy of Fine Arts complex and put up its a stall. CAAMB stall like last year was most popular and mostly visited. People hardly has a chance to see this kind of stall displaying books of Muntasir Mamun, Salam Azad, Shariar Kabir, Taslima Nasrin, all the writers from Bangladesh advocating the rights of minorities there and voiced the humane thread of Bengali Culture and the BHBCUC publications in Kolkata. Also CAAMB's publications were there. The newly released booklet on the Assault on the Hindus in Deganaga in West Bengal (Paschimbanger Degangar Sankhyalaghu Hinduder upar Attyachar) was well received. This is the Bengali version of the original report on Deganga as prepared by CAAMB, which was first published in October, this year. CAAMB's representative also addressed the gathering. There were several stalls of different organizations concerning Human rights issues, Gender issues, Environmental issues etc. It was quite a successful event for CAAMB.

Unbiasedly, CAAMB have been fighting against the Islamic threat perception throughout Bengal, whether it is East or west, where the aggressive Islam in action to jeopardize the free thinking o any free and civil society. The organization is very much engrossed with the civil rights activities and consequently surfaced the strangulated situation of the Deganga Hindus after its victimization due to the perpetrated communality and persecution to the minority Hindus by the motivated Muslims there to do so. The 'Report on Deganga' by CAAMB has been successful to articulate the truth of Hindu persecution there in view of the acceptance for the same by the Bengali Intellectual Forums.


Unknown said...

Only solution is settlement of entire 15 million Hindus of Bangladesh in neighbouring West Bengal which will secure their future (or else with Govt change may face rape, loot & murder leading to extinction like Islamic Pakistan) and save Hindus of West Bengal too now reeling under shadow of millions of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim settlers in East India!

If we remain separate both, will die so Hindu Bengalis must unitedly live in a single Homeland - West Bengal, within India.

Red Force of Bengal said...
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