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TMC supporters tortured BJP man with cigarette burns & engraved TMC on chest.


Saugar Sengupta | Daily Pioneer | Kolkata | 07 December 2014 | :: A BJP worker was stripped and branded with lighted cigarettes on his chest by alleged Trinamool Congress goons for daring to defy their orders and attending BJP president Amit Shah’s rally on November 30. They inscribed ‘TMC’ on his chest with the lighted cigarettes.
Bishnu Choudhury was subjected to torture for reportedly
 attending Amit Shah's rally in Kolkata. Alleged Trinamool
Congress workers branded the 40-year-old BJP supporter with
 the letters 'TMC' by using a burning cigarette
last Wednesday. (HT photo)

In continued brutalities perpetuated on the Opposition outfits by ruling party goons throughout the State, Vishnu Chowdhury, BJP’s Mandal Secretary in Bansberia in Hooghly district, was on December 3 picked up by the Trinamool men and given the dreaded punishment for defying their orders. He had been warned against attending the BJP rally.
He suffered at least three dozen burn spots on his chest as his tormentors “forcibly” took him to their party office. “They locked me, stripped me for two hours in the cold winter night, beat me up black and blue before branding ‘TMC’ on my chest,” said a distraught Chowdhury. He was also made to shout pro-Trinamool slogans.
He was even threatened with murder if he lodged a police complaint. “Hence, I kept indoors for three days out of fear as they had threatened to kill me. I finally sent a complaint to the police via post,” Chowdhury said.
Though the police have registered a complaint, no arrest has been made yet, sources said. The BJP’s support base has been on the rise in the Hooghly parliamentary constituency with party candidate Chandan Mitra polling more than 2 lakh votes in the general elections.
State BJP president Rahul Sinha had complained on Friday how his party men were being persecuted by the Trinamool men for joining Shah’s rally which eventually turned out to be a grand success. An entire slum cluster at Duttabad in the north-eastern fringes of Kolkata was torched by Trinamool goons early this week as people from here defied Trinamool orders to join November 30 rally, Sinha alleged.
While Hooghly Trinamool leaders refuted the charges, State Opposition was quick to condemn the gruesome attack even as BJP leader Ritesh Tewari said, “Such things take place only in Hindi films where the villains do such acts. This cannot be tolerated.”
The attack was unprecedented and the Trinamool would have to face the consequence of such heinous act in 2016 “when the people will bring about yet another parivartan” he maintained. “This is a Government run by the goons, of the goons and for the goons. How can people from the ruling party perpetrate such brutalities on people for doing Opposition politics only? We demand immediate arrest of the perpetrators of this crime” Sujan Chakrabarty, CPI(M) leader said.
However, local MLA and Hooghly district Trinamool president Tapan Dasgupta countered the allegations saying, “Though we will inquire into the matter, as far as my knowledge goes no Trinamool man is involved in this.” Chowdhury himself was a history-sheeter and was released from jail recently. Dasgupta said, “He had a habit of changing political colours. He was in the CPI(M), then joined Congress and now he is in the BJP.”

TMC supporters tortured BJP man with Cigarette burns: India News.

Courtesy: Daily Pioneer | HT | India TV.

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