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Danger of going to marry a Mustakin or Rasheed.

Court convicted four Muslims for 12 years as the house wife was murdered by torching with kerosene.

Rama Roy | Uluberia | 17th June 2011.

A designated fast track Court at Uluberia in Howrah Dist, West Bengal, today pronounced 12 years imprisonment along with a fine of another three thousand rupees each for a ghastly murder of a House wife named Maududa Begum (25y) by her husband Mustakin, Mother-in-law Zubeda Begum, Sister-in-law Pakeeza Begum and Brother-in-law Sheikh Azizul, so far attempted on 29th February, 2008.

In a packed court room, Justice Ashim Kumar Das put a provision of extension of three months imprisonment, if the fines are not appropriated. The near relations of murdered Maududa have expressed their satisfaction for the justice so delivered.

A terrible Mustakin Sheikh married Maududa as his third wife on 26th August 2007 at Tehatt-Basudevpur in Howrah. The earlier two wives escaped from Mustakin due to his severe torture. It was not known the parents of Maududa, a resident of Chengail near Uluberia.

The marriage of Mustakin and Maududa was arranged with a dowry of Rupees 50000 in cash and gold about 55 gms.

But, within three months the family of Mustakin claimed other One Lakh rupees from Maududa's family. As Maududa's family was not in a position to provide the amount, Mustakin started beaten up Maududa regularly with other family members including sexual harassment. Apprehending no chance to get further money from Maududa's family, on 29th February, 2008 at broad day light the accused persons poured kerosene to Maududa and Mustakin himself fired Maududa with his match box.

A failure neighbor of Maududa sent her Uluberia sub-division hospital, from where she was referred to Kolkata SSKM Hospital. On 4th March 2008, Maududa succumbed a tragic death being hurt by more than 90% burn injury.

Next day, Mohammed Ali Sana, the bereaved father of Maududa lodged a FIR in the local police station.

Some Great excerpts of Quran...“Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will” Q 2.223 & "....and (as to) those (wives) on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them..." Q 4.34


One may not escape this news also. This is from Times of India, Delhi Edn.

Hindu girl dies in street accident, Muslim fiance flees with jewels.

BANGALORE: A 22-year-old woman from Delhi succumbed to her injuries and her fiance miraculously escaped with minor injuries after their autorickshaw was knocked down by a speeding BMTC bus in Yeshwantpur on Sunday night.

The deceased, identified as Poonam Rajput, and her fiance, Rasheed, had eloped from Dehli and stayed in Yeshwantpur for four months. They were heading towards a shopping mall in Malleswaram when the accident took place near Yeshwantpur 9th cross.

Investigating officials said Rasheed fled the scene with the victim's jewels soon after she was taken to a nearby private hospital.

However, the other Poonam and Purnima, Neha and Sarita or the Shilpi or Savitri never deeply think the tragedies of the Maududa or Poonam. The daring evils in that society and the jitters in the Love Jehad only invite a tragic end of every dream, when the truth of Islam is unveiled to them.

But the Bengali Hindu girls are mostly uncared, mislead, and spoiled.

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