Monday, June 20, 2011

Uncontrollable Muslim Population in West Bengal.

14 children of a Muslim Mother in North Dinajpur.

Islamic Population Blast in the West Bengal Border.

Administration Worried and perplexed.

Sambuddha Gupta | Raigunj, Uttar Dinajpur | 20th June 2011

Though the issue of motivated and uncontrolled birth rate in the Muslim population under the instigation of the fundamental Islamic clerics in the subcontinent, West Bengal popes up with a massive Muslim birth rate in the border districts for which the so called secular media persons now feel a unavoidable concern for all.

“Sangbad Protidin” a leading Bengali daily in West Bengal covered this burning news on its 18th June 2011 issue under the caption: 14 children of a Mother, Population Blast in the Border, Administration Worried.

Whenever the journalists in the Hindu folds want to highlight the matter of huge increase of Muslim population through a motivated birth rate so provoked by the Fundamentalist Muslim clerics and the unchecked Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh to India, along with the vast border line of West Bengal, the whole matter is branded as a communal one. The political parties in West Bengal never oppose the issue of rejection of birth control by the Muslim community or the easy access of Bangladeshi infiltrators into native Muslims in West Bengal for the easy gain through Muslim vote bank politics.

Protindin, a news paper now with the ruling party, depicts a dangerous threat of outburst of Muslim population in more than 100 villages in Islampur block in Uttar Dinajpur district in West Bengal – Bangladesh border. The areas of Agdimati, Khanti, Bamlagaon, Sujali and Govindapur near Islampur is overburdened with the families with 14/15 children or more in a family or for a single mother. Uttar Dinajpur is a Muslim majority district in west Bengal with more than 3000 Mosques and Madrashas, from where the teaching of “birth Jihad” always imparted to stay in a clear majority of Muslims in the world. The minority Hindus bears an inexplicable situation of extinction and put under the Birth Control propaganda by the Govt. The Govt. in the Family Welfare sector has totally unsuccessful to get any breakthrough in the teaching of Islam for “No Control over the Third hand of Allah between the two legs of every Muslim Man”.

The census workers of these areas face a great trouble, when the parents or the guardians of the family do not convey the names of their children and the age properly as they sometime reside in different premises with the many wives of a Husband separately or arranged. These children are mostly dropout in schools and capture the line of smuggling, drug trafficking and other anti-social activities.

In Khunti area of Islampur block one Safirunnesh (35) has 14 children on her own. Pregnant Julekah (28) has 6 children with unfortunate two earlier cases of still born babies. This is a very common picture in all around the areas of borderline Uttar Dinajpur districts, where the up growing uncontrollable Muslim population is a threat to the local administration for many reasons.

The “small family-happy family”… choto parivar-sukhi parivar” is a meaningless slogan to the Bengali Muslims in Uttar Dinajpur or in the whole of West Bengal. Muslims consider more numbers in the family is the means to earn and the strength to fight against non-Muslims to overpower the opponents. Though, Mr. Partho Ghosh, Sub Divisional Officer of Islampur communicated some plan to take over the situation, the Govt. employees in Health, ICDS or Panchayet Department always fear to run vasectomy, tubectomy or Pulse Polio programmes in the Muslim areas irrespective their strength of majority or minority.

However, this is not the singularized picture of North Dinajpur, Malda or Murshidabad (three Muslim majority districts in West Bengal), the whole of Muslim prospective mothers in West Bengal are in the process of rigorous wombing (population bombing) by their crazy husbands under the Quranic dictum.. “Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will” Q 2.223. This is the message of Islamic Globalization @ Pan Islamism for us.

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MAD said...

Bangladeshi Muslims will take over West Bengal no matter how you look at it. Their plan is to cleanse Hindus first from Bangladesh and then infiltrate and breed exponentially to make Muslim population higher in West Bengal. There is no good antidote against it unless people wake up to the reality and start deporting Bangladeshi Muslims. If they get to vote, all bets are off! Hindus may have to move towards to westward!

justice said...

Your post simply shows your hatred against Muslims. Try to put you own mother or sister in the photos you have animated in this post and you will realize how insulting it would be. Thanks.