Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mamata's Bengal : Muslim Bengal

10000 contingent Terrorists Hub are given recognition by Govt. of West Bengal.

Upananda Brahmachari || Spotlight Media Service

The newly elected West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (read Mamtaz Banoo Arjee) has said the state government has decided to give recognition to over 10,000 unrecognized Madrasas in the state.

"We have decided to recognize over 10,000 hitherto unrecognized Madrasas in the state," the chief minister told reporters at the state secretariat. She said that the Madrasas, once recognized, would be eligible to receive central grants under various schemes.

The new state government has already decided to rename the Aliah University as Aliah Madrasa University.

It is a Red Alert for all the Hindus of West Bengal. Because All India Trinamul Congress (AITC) is going to approve or to give easy recognition to these 10,000 Terrorist Manufacturing Industries (Read Madrasa) as soon as possible. By the new declaration of Mamtaz Banoo Arjee (Read Mamata Banerjee) the Islamist in West Bengal will get a tremendous impetus to establish Madrasas here and there. The recognition of which are not any impending thing anymore. The other fact is that the huge amount of “DESTROY INDIA FUND” from ARABIAN COUNTRIES will be available for all these Madrsas, part of which will be utilized for the party fund of Mamata’s party AITC and Sonia’s Congrss as well. This will surely help to destroy ALL THE BENGALI HINDUS.

In these Manufacturing units of Jehadi Terrorists (read Madrasas), QURAN is a must read.

Quran is Terrorist Guide Book, which is taught at the Madrasa with top most veneration and endless priority. Now, please see below some sample of Terrorism in Quran:

For promotion of War: 9/60, 2/216, 8/14-14, 8/65, 17/16, 4/116, 8/67, 9/14, 9/73 with 66/9

For promotion of Violence: 8/65-66

Order of merciless killing of non-Muslims: 47/4, 33/61

Murder of non-believers & to show harshness by it: 9/123

Fire and stones for the Kafirs: 2/24, 2/39, 2/81, 5/10

Allah instills terror in the heart of Kafirs (Hindus and non-believers): 8/12

Allah is the enemy of the Kafirs: 2/98

To fight those who do not accept Islam: 9/73, 2/193, 9/12, 9/14

Jihad until Islam is established: 8/39, 2/193, 9/29

Process of Jihad : 8/12-13, 4/56, 2/191, 4/89, 47/4, 5/33, 33/61, 61/4, 4/8-29

And many more for hatred, intolerance and inhumanity in the Satanic Verses of Quran.


By the by, Mamtaz Banoo Arjee is also going to declare Urdu as second language where the 10% Urdu spoken Muslims reside anyway. The establishment four campus of Aligarh University in West Bengal are also in priority considerations of the newly formed West Bengal Government with 20% reservation for the Muslim brethren of Mamta Banerjee. The Govt. is also thinking of a good package for the Imams and Muazzins of all the Mosques to ensure a Muslim Bengal in West Bengal to drive away all the Hindus from here just like Taslima Nasrin.

After taking the charge, the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Buddhadev Bhattacharya questioned the role of Madrasas along the state borderline with Bangladesh for suspected spouting of cross-border terrorism for which he was damagedly criticized by the fundamental Muslim pressure groups within CPIM and other political parties. Mamata Banerjee is now making an ideal situation for Muslim Bengal with a great dedication by kicking ruthlessly upon the face of Bengali Hindus in West Bengal.

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