Friday, July 27, 2012

Red Carpet Welcome to Bangladeshi Infiltrators by WB CM & TMC. A sinister design to change WB demography after Assam Riot.

How can West Bengal Govt accept illegal BD Muslim infiltrators without any treaty?

Mamata Banerjee is ready to accept illegal Bangladeshi Muslim migrants from Assam. West Bengal is not a Paternal property of any Pro Muslim element.

~ Upananda Brahmachari & Sambuddha Gupta.
Siliguri | Kolkata | 27th July, 2012 ::  Her Ugly Islamic face unmasked again. Terming the situation in violence-hit districts of Assam as “deplorable”, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said the state of West Bengal will provide shelter to refugees fleeing trouble-torn areas of Kokrajhar and adjacent due to disastrous Indigenous Bodo and Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators’ riot in Assam
“The situation in Kokrajhar and other districts in Assam where the conflict is on is deplorable … Bengal will give shelter to the people coming from Assam in the wake of the conflict,” she said at the launch of employment bank and social freedom (Samajik Mukti) card at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata on Thursday.
“The administration in the bordering districts has given shelter to those leaving Kokrajhar. It is our social responsibility to provide them shelter and food even if we are half-fed,” Banerjee said.
The chief minister also appealed to political parties to behave in a restrained manner and not to incite any violence in the present volatile condition in Kokrajhar.
Thousands of people were crossing over to Coochbehar and Jalpaiguri due to the violence in Bodoland Territorial Autonomous districts which entered its sixth day today.
As Per report the bordering Kumargram, Baxirhat  Udalgur, Salmoni, Barovishai and various towns of Jalpaiguri with other market places, bus stops and railways stations are now over populated with the Bangladeshi infiltrators.  They entered West Bengal being unsuccessful to have their encroachment over Bodo people in Assam. These Muslim miscreants initiated the Riot in Kokrajhar as per established reports. These new Muslim and so called refugees are now trying to find there safe heaven in a Muslim influenced state of West Bengal, where Mamata Banerjee may be their new protector and propagator at a time  without any doubt.
The situation in certain areas of north Bengal that border Assam continued to remain on the edge on Wednesday with reports of about 2,000 people having entered the State in the last few days to escape the ongoing violence.
  “We have information that about 2,000 people have entered areas like Kumargram, Baxirhat and other adjoining areas over the last few days. We have identified about 556 of them and they are being provided necessary relief material at the camps set up by the administration,” told by Amal Kanti Roy, Sub-Divisional Officer of Alipurduar subdivision in Jalpaiguri district, as reports came in.
Anuj Sharma, Inspector General of Police (North Bengal), said additional police personnel were deployed in the areas bordering Assam in Jalpaiguri and Coochbehar districts of the State. Some people who had come from Assam had taken shelter in the houses of locals and the situation was under control.

TMC Welcome Camp for Assam Riots. Pic.- ePratidin.
Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition in the West Bengal Assembly Surya Kanta Mishra met Speaker Biman Bandyopadhyay and urged him to send an all-party delegation to areas in north Bengal bordering Assam.
“The Speaker said he will inform us about his decision after a day,” Dr. Mishra said.

Chairman of the Left Front Committee Biman Bose demanded that police and paramilitary forces be deployed immediately in the areas bordering Assam.

He urged the people of border areas, including Jalpaiguri and Coochbehar districts, to remain alert and play an effective role in curbing violence.
It is a great irony that despite of all financial crisis Mamata Banerjee’s magic volt is always full of fund to help illegal Muslim refugees from Bangladesh, honorarium of Imams and Muazzins, Cycles for Muslim Girl students and all other Muslim Welfare activities. She can’t spend lavishly the valuable revenues for Muslim appeasement which is  earned mostly from the Hindu Tax payers. Enough is enough. Exploiting the ‘Change’ sentiments, Mamata Banerjee is not doing the simple betrayal to the Hindu people of Bengal, she is doing more dangerous to design a demographic change of West Bengal by settling these foreign Muslim elements ( trouble of Assam) about to come here in more than 50000 in these days.
Keeping eyes to Muslim Vote Bank and under the pressure of Muslim operators of TMC led Govt. in West Bengal, both the opposition and the ruling parties will not act the justified to check this Muslim invasions in West Bengal in the name of rehabilitation of Riot victims.
It is heard that  team of Left Front legislators team will visit border areas of Jalpaiguri district where refugees from Assam have taken shelter in the wake of violence in adjoining Kokrajhar. CPI(M) leader Anisur Rehman told PTI today that the team will leave here tomorrow and visit Kumargram, Salmoni and Barovisha. “Our mission is to call for maintaining peace and harmony.” Leader of Opposition in state assembly and CPI-M Politburo member Suryakanta Mishra termed as ‘unfortunate’ chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s criticism of Left Front’s proposal to the speaker to send an all-party delegation to areas in north Bengal bordering Assam. “We are for peace and harmony in Assam,” he added.
Riots and Victims are always fatal and not pleasurable to anyone. But rehabilitating foreign elements certifying riot victims under some hidden agenda is more dangerous than anything and unbearable to any patriotic person.
Capture all the Muslim infiltrators coming North Bengal bordering Districts after Kokrajhar Riot in a very descent manner. Keep them in the refugee camps and feed them whatever they like.  Check the Indian Citizenship. If they are not Indians, proved Bangladeshi Infiltrators, punish them under National and International laws appropriately. And finally, KICK THEM OUT from Indian border.
Sorry, for the harsh words. But, every Bodo people, any son of the soil of Assam know the danger of Bangladeshi Muslim influx there. The Bangladeshi Muslims are the main cause of  these lines of fatal Riots and Crisis of Assam. West Bengal cannot accept these rowdy and fundamental people whatsoever in the nature of illegal refugees.
Over three crore Bangladeshi infiltrators in India are the severe threat to Nation’s Safety, Security, Sovereignty and Economy as the experts opine. No Monmohan or Mamta has any  right to upsurge the infiltration problems anyway any more in this country.
If Mamata Banerjee accepts these Bangladeshi Muslims in West Bengal, it is her first and last term of Chief-Minister-ship so far.

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