Highest crime against women in West Bengal...

(in a state run by a Woman Chief Minister)
West Bengal accounted for 
nearly 12.7 per cent of
total crime against women by 

reporting 29,133 cases:
NCRB Report 2011.

PTI | New Delhi | July 08, 2012 : West Bengal 
and Andhra Pradesh have earned the dubious 
distinction of leading a list of states where crime 
against women in 2011 was highest.

With 7.5 per cent share of the country's population, 
West Bengal accounted for nearly 12.7 per cent of total crime against women by reporting 29,133 cases.

The National Crime Records Bureau figures show 
that Andhra Pradesh, accounting for nearly 7 per 
cent of the country's population, recorded 12.4 per 
cent of total crime against women with 28,246 cases.

Madhya Pradesh reported the highest number of 
rape cases (3,406)accounting for 14.1 per cent of total such cases reported in the country.

Rape cases have been further categorised as incest rape and other. Incest rape 
cases have decreased by 7.3 per cent from 288 cases in 2010 to 267 cases 
in 2011 as compared to 9.2 per cent increase in overall rape cases.

Maharashtra (44 cases) has accounted for the highest (15.3 per cent) incest
rape cases.

National capital Delhi has reported 17.6 per cent of rape cases, 31.8 
per cent of kidnapping and abduction cases, 14.0 per cent of dowry deaths and 
10.1 per cent of molestation cases among 53 mega cities, the NCRB report said.

Among 53 cities, Delhi (4,489 cases) has accounted for 13.3 per cent of total 
crime against women followed by Bangalore (1,890 cases; 5.6 per cent), 
Hyderabad (1,860 cases; 5.5 per cent) and Vijayawada (1,797 cases; 5.3 per cent).

The crime against women was significantly higher in Vijayawada, Kota, Kollam, Jaipur and 
Asansol at 120.5, 57.5, 54.2, 48.6, and 48.2 per cent respectively as compared to average 
of mega cities at 21.0 per cent.

Uttar Pradesh with 7,525 cases has accounted for 21.2 per cent of the total 
cases of kidnapping and abduction of women at the national level. Delhi has 
reported the highest crime rate at 12.4 per cent as compared to the national 
average of 2.9 per cent.

The cases of dowry deaths have increased by 2.7 per cent during 2011 
over the previous year. 26.9 per cent of the total such cases reported in the 
country were reported from Uttar Pradesh (2,322 cases) alone followed by 
Bihar (1,413 cases, 16.4 per cent), the NCRB report said.

Andhra Pradesh has reported 42.7 per cent (3,658 cases) of sexual harassment 
followed by Maharashtra 12.5 per cent (1,071 cases) of total incidences 
during 2011. Andhra Pradesh has reported the highest crime rate 
(4.3 per cent) as compared to the national average of 0.7 per cent.

Cases of torture of women by husbands and relatives also went up by 5.4 per cent 
from the previous year. 19.9 per cent of these were reported from West Bengal (19,772 cases). 
The highest crime rate of 21.6 per cent was also reported from West Bengal as 
compared to the national rate of 8.2 per cent.

Incidents of molestation in the country have increased by 5.8 per cent from 
2011. Madhya Pradesh has reported the highest incidence (6,665) amounting 
to 15.5 per cent of total such cases. Kerala has the highest crime 
rate (11.2 per cent) as compared to the national average of 3.6 per cent, 
the report said.

28.7 per cent of dowry cases were reported from Andhra Pradesh (1,899) 
followed by Karnataka (1,210 cases) accounting for 18.3 per cent of 
total cases. -PTI.

NB. Among the 97,496 registered cases in different policy stations though out 
the country for alleged family crime to assault women physically by the members 
of that family, West Bengal has a record number of 19,772 such crimes on its own 
in a state run by a Woman Chief Minister (Mrs. Mamata Banerjee as a drastic symbol of change. 

If anybody goes to any Police Station in West Bengal, he can easily see the 
list of Criminal displayed in the respective chart board. Muslims are 
the highest offenders there. WHY? WHO DOES LEND SUPPORT TO THEM?


Titu Shadowson | Asansol News | June 09, 2012; Kolkata:

a Hindu women was raped in moving car in kolkata by Habib Rehman and Mumtaz Khan

There is no sign of an existent change
in West Bengal rather than the change
in the character of Mamata Bannerjee,
who under her shameless Muslim
appeasement policies has abandoned
her sign of her religion: her surname,
and more specifically; her own identity
has been abandoned by her. Remember
how big talks she made about
woman-chastity, how she
lectured the communists,how she
posed as feminists?
Now under her noses rapes have
been a daily routine under her regime
and whenit is conducted by her minority
brothers(Muslims); she blames the victim
as doing drama. We knew that for a prostitute,
rapeis inexistent, because rape never brings payment; but we never
knew that the CM ofWest Bengal can deny the rapes that had destroyed
the victims’ lives. But for Muslimappeasement, everything is possible.

On the 7th June 2012; a 26 years old housewife Mrs Sarkar who hails from Barrackpore
area came to Kolkata to visit her husband who has been admitted to SSKM hospital in
Kolkata. She was trying to return at 11PM and reached for the shuttle cab system that
are operational in Kolkata. A cab numbered WB04 F2892 run by a 40 years old
driver named Mumtaz Khan stopped there. The innocent lady believed the kind of persons
who return trust by disasters; she told him that she is unacquainted with Kolkata and that she
needs to get somehow to Sealdah station. By this the satanic instincts arose inside the bloody
devil. He called his buddy Habib Rehman that there is a victim the two can tear out together.
The 1300 years old lust the satans’ clans have arose, they were hungry for the Ganimat
(Islamic concepts to loot non-Muslim assets) they had in hand. Habib was picked up by him
at Entally and then they moved to the EM bypass way that was nowhere related to the
direction towards Sealdah but the poor lady had hardly any cue what was going to happen
with her.

The car stopped in a lonely area in Rajarhat where the biggest asset a self-respecting woman
has, her chastity, was torn apart by the duo. She was brutally raped, blood spilled out all over
the seats of the car. She was screaming in pain but there was none to listen to her, everyone is
so much intoxicated to the Muslim appeasement. And the one, the Hindu organisations
who had exposed these phenomena clearly in their disclosure named Love Jihad,
have been communalized falsely by the self-acclaimed pseudo-secularists.

Mamata Bannerjee maligns only the victim when the culprit comes out to be Muslim. Yes,
rapists have no religion. But it is also true that religious hatred lead to rapes and when the
Muslims are held for crimes, everyone shouts foul run by political motivation. Even when
people are dying hungry, she is offering unjust subsidies. If someday Mamata issues
rape-subsidy, I will be hardly surprised.

Of course today on 9th June the duo has been arrested but can it guarantee the justice
to the victim? We have seen the attitude Mamata has for the honest police officers have.
Mamata made every attempt to save the Muslim culprits in Park street rape case but when
Damayanti Sen finally dragged them under enforcement, Mamata took her action.
Damayanti Sen was transferred to the DIG training from the crime branch by the police
establishment board. This is the status of women under the regime of a woman. Sorry,
under the regime of a woman who is viewed by many as a convert to Islam.

So the question is, will the females of Bengal learn any lesson from these attacks from the
prophets of dark green age? We have seen how when the police went to cut down illegal
hooking done by Muslims and was brutally attacked by them; Mamata suspended police
only and stated in Star Anando channel that Muslims must not be entitled to the punishment
for the illegal electricity theft; who knows, Mamata will issue rape-subsidy for the rapists
from the Minority Muslim community or not!!!


Titu Shadowson | Asansol News | 26 March, 2012; Asansol:

Mamata Bannerjee might have come up with warning SMS to discourage the Hindu
operatives who are involved in exposing her backside realities, but Asansol News
with its relentless efforts has taken pledge to expose anyone that can harm the society,
be it Mamata or Mohammed Ghajnavi!

This time with our reliable sources inside the Detective department of West Bengal police,
we obtained information that the perpretators of the Katva rape case were not guilty in that
case alone, they were involved in so many regular crimes in the area.

A top cop in the department told on the condition of secrecy of his identity that 2 among
the 4 were wanted for 2 years for a similar rape and kill case.

2 years ago, at night-time an old man
with his daughter arrived at Katwa station
and were heading towards their home.
The dark night were omen for them and
on the fateful night 2 satans with their
hateful lust jumped on the old father
and beaten him to death. The daughter
wanted to weep with his father’s
dead head on her lap but the two
Muslim criminals were not so merciful.
They raped her for the full night. She
wanted to weep in pain, but she had to
scream, of course in pain.

But the helpless girl wasn’t brought to justice. No action was taken on them and they kept on
doing their job unchallengedly.

even during their rape crime the RPF guards were trying to stop them but were beaten instead
by them only. In Mamata’s rule you cant stop muslims conducting crimes.
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