Monday, March 23, 2009

Sourav Ganguly & Sachin Tendulkar in Hit List of Pak Terror

One Captain of Indian Cricket Team compared with Kasav now targated by the Kasavs.

Though Ganguly was compared with Azmal Kasav, the notorious 26/11 terrorist earlier in a book, Mumbai : Dance of the Devil by Zaid Hamid, now Sourav is the most wanted target by the Pak terrorists. A very close Sourav to the State Minister Mr. Ashoke Bhattacharya and some times criticised as communist cricketer, the Ex-Captain of Indian cricket team is now in the hit list of Pak terrorists. And nobody can over rule the the seriousness of the situation when the pak agents or terrorist are caught time and again from Kolkata City and the surroundings.

Pak terrorists plan to kidnap Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar
Pak based Islamic militants plot to kidnap Indian cricketers Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar
By Dean Nelson in New, 19 Mar 2009
Fears over the threat to cricket posed by Islamic terrorism grew yesterday as it was revealed that two top Indian players were the targets of a kidnap plot hatched by Muslim militants.
A Pakistan-based Islamic group planned to kidnap the country’s former national cricket captain, Sourav Ganguly, together with legendary Test batsman Sachin Tendulkar.
A court in India has heard that a Pakistan-based Islamic group planned to kidnap the country’s former national cricket captain, Sourav Ganguly, together with legendary Test batsman Sachin Tendulkar.
The confession was made by Tariq Mohammed and Ashfaq Ahmed, who were members of the Harkat ul-Jehadi Islami (Islamic Holy War Movement), a Kashmiri separatist organisation which draws inspiration from Osama bin Laden and the Taliban.
US told it must hold talks with Taliban’s Mullah OmarThe pair told detectives that they had trained in Afghanistan and entered India from Bangladesh on a mission to kidnap the two cricket stars to force the release of two terrorist leaders being held in Indian jails.
Although the confessions were made in 2002, they have sent a chill through the Indian cricket establishment in the wake of the gun attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team in the Pakistani city of Lahore at the start of this month.
Details of the plot emerged as the Indian Premier League dropped Delhi and Jaipur as host venues for the forthcoming Twenty-20 cricket tourmament, amid fears that terrorists might attack key matches or abduct top cricket stars.
Indian home minister, P Chidambaram, had voiced doubts over whether the tournament would go ahead at all. Officials are concerned that it coincides with campaigning for the Indian general election, and fear the country’s security forces and police will be dangerously overstretched if they have to protect both events.
British and American officials have voiced fears that another terrorist attack in the run-up to the election could cause a new war between India and Pakistan.
The latest Premier League fixture list has now dropped Delhi and Jaipur from the list of venues, and shifted key matches to Dharamsala, the Himalayan hill town known as the home of the Dalai Lama.

It is a fact that not only Sachin or Sourav, they can finish every icon of Indian Society, if Terror Pakis get chance.
But What is the reaction of Sachin & Sourav ? Sachin is a typical Mumbaikar, but Sourav is a communist. Does Sourav know that he is compared with Kasav The 26/11 terroist ??
See the pages 16 to 19 in the book Mumbai, the Dance of Devil by Zaid Hamid at
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