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Is West Bengal Safe From Lashker , Taliban or Huji Danger ?

Top LeT cadre held in Kolkata
KOLKATA, March 6: Officers of Kolkata police's Special Task Force (STF) arrested a trained explosives expert of Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba from Narkeldanga this morning. Police of several states had been looking for the LeT cadre, Abu Taher (45) alias Mohammed Zakaria, for the last thirteen years after his involvement in some blasts in Delhi and Haryana during 1996-97 came to light. Taher was arrested from Narkeldanga shortly after he got down from a train at Sealdah railway station. His close associate Abdus Sadik, was arrested from Suti in Murshidabad by city police on Thursday. Sadik was allegedly involved in a blast on a train at Pakur in Bihar on 15 August 2002. Police had learnt from Sadik that Taher would come to Sealdah station today. Taher, originally a resident of Katihar in Bihar, would be produced before Sealdah Court tomorrow, STF chief Mr Rajib Kumar said. According to police, Taher was trained in making explosives at a Lashkar camp at Murid in Pakistan in 1989. Taher had gone to Rajshahi in Bangladesh in 1986, and during his stay there, came in contact with a Bangladesh-based Lashkar leader, Abdul Karim Tunda. Apart from making explosives, Taher helped train recruited Lashkar cadres. He was closely associated with the LeT since 1996, police said. During his stay at Rajshahi, Taher was arrested along with some others in 2005 by local police in connection with a blast in Bangladesh, police added. He however managed to escape and came to India some time back. "He had planned to move somewhere else from Kolkata. He had reserved a train berth for that. We have recovered a railway ticket from him," Mr Kumar said adding that Taher didn't have any plan to carry out blasts in the city. n SNS
Courtesy : The Statesman, Kolkata : 07/03/2009

Md. Abu Taher @ Mohammed Zakaria,45 born in Katihar, Bihar.
Completed educational activities in one Madrasha at Karandighi, North Dinajpur.
Joined as a Teacher of Arabic Literature in a Madrasha at Karandighi.
Transferred to a Madrasha at Rajsahi in Bangladesh as a Specialised Teacher of Islamic History .
Introduced there with Lashkar Area Commander Abdul Karim Tunda. And initiated to Jehadi doctrine to destroy India.
He was fixed with the responsibilities to Bengal Talibanization.
Gradually Abu Taher included in the ISI network & connected with another ISI Big Boss Taimur.
In Bangladesh Taher was a prime activist of Jais-e-Mohhamed-Bangladesh, JMB.
He was arrested by Bangladesh Police in 2000 and freed on bail.
After that Taher shifted his centre to Lahore, Pakistan and completed his all specialised training for an ideal Islamic Terrorist.
Taher was the chief supplier of all explosive and expertise relating to many blasts in India.
He was crowned several times by Allah, The Merciful and given pass for Jannatul Firdaush, the highest heaven as per Islamic Concept for terrorising and massacring the Kaffirs named Hindus in various blasts in India viz. Ludhiana, Rohatak, Subhas Park & Chandni Chak (Delhi) as the matters came to the light.
Taher has three establishments to serve Allah at Karandighi (W.B., India);Rajsahi (Bangladesh) and Lahore (Pakistan) with Three Bibi-jans, loving wives and ..............
I don't know how many masters as Taher have been produced by the grace of Allah !!!!
Taher was arrested from our very known and safe place from the xing at A.P.C. Roy Road and Keizer Street very nearer to the Sealdah Rly Station with another terrorist Abdur Sadik 38, a resident of Suti, Murshidabad, West bengal.
The Proud Bengali Muslim Terrorists are moving around us here and there.
Agenda : Talibanization of West Bengal.
Talibanization of West Bengal..... What is this ?
See this blog updates regularly. I make you understand clearly.
Actually We Are Not Safe Any Way Any Where Under The Islamic Threat Of Talibanization in Bengal Too.
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vinod menon-blogger said...

It alarming whats happening in Bangal.

Swami Nirmalananda a direct disciple of Sree Ramakrishna lived in Kerala for 27 years from 1911 to 1938 till his Mahasmadhi in April 1938. i would like to give below one of his inspiring words.

“…..we follow Christ’s advise to show the left cheek when we are smitten on the right/ But it is cowardice that makes us do so. Our religion is what the Gita teaches fight with all our might when we are attacked, not to take the blow laying down. Look at our Gods and Gooddesses ! Every one of them has one or more weapons. Evens the lord of Tyagis, the meditative God Shiva, has trident in his hand, Rama and Lakshmana go to the forest with bows and arrows and other weapons. That typifies heroism in actions,. “ you get empire over the earth” says Krishna to Arjuna. Was it Ahimsa that he taught ? You take to your heels at the sight of the enemy and call it Ahimsa ! it is cowardice with a religious cloak, that is what it is. If you want to rise. If you want to be free, you must become strong and active and cut your bonds. Vanquish your enemies, be a terror to them!”

Swami Nirmalananda – His life and teaching page 424.


Bengal Spotlight said...

I am really inspired with the words of Swami Nirmalanandaji.

Vinodji, It is not the situation of Bengal only. Bhart,this sub-continent,this continent ... whole of this World is now under the threat of Islamic Terrorism.

We have to fight against it.

As you liked my blog , spread it to your friends and send 25 email addresses to for its further circulation.

Hindu Existence said...

Making India a Hindu State>>>>>>>

This is an unique posting by Ramgopal.


6th March 2009
A friend sent me the following news report:

“[Shakti-L: 6474] Re: Hindu rashtra is against Constitution: judge
“Thursday, 5 March, 2009 5:35 PM
Staff Reporter
Mumbai: It is one thing to form a Hindu organisation and
quite another to speak of forming a Hindu state, which is not in keeping
with the Constitution, the special court under the Maharashtra
Control of Organised Crimes Act noted on Wednesday.
“Forming an organisation is fine, but wanting to create a
Hindu ‘rajya’ [state] is against the Constitution. We are working under
the Constitution,” judge Y.D. Shinde said during a hearing in the Malegaon
blast case. The judge’s remark came when counsel Shrikant Shivade,
arguing the case of bail for an accused, Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit, said
there was nothing wrong with his vision of a Hindu ‘rashtra.’
“If I say, ‘remove the word secular and insert the word Hindu,’ there is nothing
wrong in that,” counsel said.The charge sheet reveals that the blast accused were led by
the ideology of forming a Hindu ‘rashtra.’ The transcripts placed on record highlight Lt. Col. Purohit’s contempt for secularism and the Constitution.”

And, below is a copy of my reply. If you see any thing wrong in it, please let me know so that I correct myself. If not, please start working towards making India a Hindu State:

“Dear Shri Kumar and friends,

The judge (Y.D.Shinde) who said (during hearing of Malegaon blast case),"Forming an organisation is fine, but wanting to create a Hindu ‘rajya’ [state] is against the Constitution: we are working under the Constitution,” is surely wrong.

Before August 15,1947, Government of India (1935) Act was India's Constitution and the British Crown was the ruler of India. Under that Constitution and the British rule, we fought for our freedom and to make India an Independent State. Even undivided India, under the British rule, was a Hindu Rashtra, a Hindu nation, with 67 per cent Hindu population. Since the Muslims (under the leadership of the Muslim League) claimed that they were a separate nation and got their cherished homeland, Pakistan, to be an Islamic State, the remaining part of India, with 84 per cent Hindus, had to be a Hindu State. It was a treacherous act of the then top Hindu leaders, Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, to make India a 'composite State', scandalously retain greater number of Muslims in Hindu India, and to bestow on them special rights by way of 'minority rights'. The net result is that the fate of the Hindu majority hangs in balance at the mercy of minority

There is, therefore, no sin in trying to or fighting for making this truncated India a Hindu State. Remember that Malaysia had less than 50 per cent Muslims in 1960s when it was made an Islamic State, by the Muslim majority in Malaysian parliament. Even at present, Hindu population in India is 82 per cent, (2001 census), and it is only logical, realistic and justified that India is made a HIndu State. The Indian Constitution did not have many things which were inserted later by various amendments. Similarly, many things in the Constitution, including the fundamental right to property, were removed, through Constitutional amendments. Only one more amendment can make India a Hindu State, without changing its secular character.

There is, therefore, nothing wrong in trying to make India a Hindu State. To say that it is wrong is to say that the whole freedom struggle in India and in other countries were wrong. “
Ram Gopal

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