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The Muslim Goons attacking City Civil Life near Statesman House, Kolkata,...............................
in the broad day light.
Pics. Bartaman Patrika..........................................

Towards a Total Lawlessness, Tantamount Appeasement of Muslims, Reckless Muslim Hooliganism, Encroached Hindu Civil Life in Muslim Majority Areas............

Is Bengal Rising ?

Collapse of governance in West Bengal : A Report by Indicus Analytics

A report released by an economic research firm today said governance has collapsed in West Bengal as successive Left Front governments have failed in meeting the basic provisions of average governance. On the basis of official data, the report released by Indicus Analytics said all basic indicators ~ health, education, industry, services, law and order, poverty and unemployment ~ have deteriorated in the state from 1960 onwards under the Left Front government. The report , titled ‘Transforming West Bengal: Changing the agenda for an agenda for charge’, has been prepared by Prof Bibek Debroy and Mr Laveesh Bhandari. The research was funded by a Trinamul Congress member. The report has identified five “diseases” West Bengal governance suffers from ~ inability to create a facilitating business environment, ensure law and order, provide physical infrastructure, social infrastructure and manage state finances.

Till 1960s, West Bengal was a better performing state. But now in several parameters the state is lagging behind even the most backward states. And it’s not just the state government policies, even the delivery mechanism does not exist,” said Prof. Debroy. He said 95 per cent of the information in the report is based on official data, including data prepared by the state government. The report said be it industry or services, the state has low growth of employment and poorer quality of employment. On the basis of World Bank data, the report said, for business Kolkata ranks 12 and is lagging behind cities such as Patna (9), Ranchi (10), Jaipur (3), Bhubaneswar (5) and Lucknow (6). “Huge backlogs in judicial cases coupled with alarming higher percentage of serious crimes compared to national average means there is ‘neither law nor order’ in West Bengal,” it said. The number of policemen in the state is 94 per one lakh population while the national average is 126. In 2005-06, only 27.9 per cent of West Bengal’s households had access to safe drinking water compared to Maharashtra’s 78.4 per cent and Tamil Nadu’s 84.2 per cent. The state is under performing in three critical elements of infrastructure ~ roads, electricity and drinking water. “States like Jharkhand are performing better,” the report said.

Though the report may be an eye opener (!!) a little bit, the actualities rest in pragmatic social situation all over the West Bengal. For the worthless Administration and Police Departments, the trans border mafias like Subrato Bayen ( a converted Christian from Muslim ) and others made their inroads in Bengal Life taking control over both the Politics and Business here. Thousands and lakhs of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims have been rehabilitated in the border districts as sponsored by all the political parties for their block vote. These infiltrators are obviously cut short the economic growth. The uncontrolled birth rate of Muslims here set their challenge to the state plans in the long run.

The ensuing Parliamentary Election in India made all the Political Parties Fanatic to appease the Muslims in West Bengal. Such an boundless appeasement of Bengali Muslims always hurts the interests and sentiments of Bengali Hindus. But the Political Parties treat Bengali Hindus as scape goat of the situation. Sri Buddhhadev Bhattacharya, Chief Minister of West Bengal and Miss. Mamata Banerjee , Projected Chief Minister by Trinmul Congress (TMC) are really fighting each another to prove only pro-muslim themselves against all ethics and nicety.

In the last year and specially for 6 to 8 months the sporadic Muslim attacks , molestation of Hindu girls and women , ransacking Hindu establishments, challenging Hindu rights in all over West Bengal and even in the State Capital , Kolkata could not be able the Left Government or the Rightist Opposition TMC do the right thing in right time.

It is hinting that the TMC run Districts ( in Zilla Parishad) in South Bengal have much record of oppression upon the Hindus in many ways.

Input Courtesy : Statesman News,New Delhi
Analysis : Sambuddha Gupta, Bengal Spotlight Media Centre.



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