Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hindu Samhati Activists taken the oath for Hindu Bangla.

  • The Oath taken by the Hindu Samhati activists in its 1st Anniversary on 14th February, 2009, at Shraddhananda Park, Kolkata.
    The other name of India is Hindusthan. But we have fixed it up "India i.e. Bharat" in our Holy Constitution. Some time , we unfortunately forget India as Hindusthan. The Dacca, Chattagram, Karachi or Lahore all were the part of Hindusthan, once upon a time. But there is no place for Hindus in those destinations. Hindus have no place even in Kashmir. So, Are we sure that this part of West Bengal will be a guaranteed home place for the Hindus at all ? If the whole of West Bengal turns as Park Circus, Metiabruz, Murshidabad, then where will the Bengali Hindus go further ? We have seen the helpless and hapless surrender of the West Bengal Govt. to the Muslim Fundamentalists time and again.

    We have seen the episode of shattering the civil society in Kolkata 4 No. Bridge on 21/11/2007 in the case of expatriation of Taslima Nasrin. Now, the arrest of the editor, The Statesman, for reprinting of the article of Johann Hari, “ Why should I respect these oppressive religions ?”. The exclusive tyranny of the muslim fundamentalists in Kolkata is being much more evident through various issues. The Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Masjid could not be arrested for his open declaration of the fatwa of Qwatal, a direct instigation for murdering Taslima. But the editor of The Statesman, has been arrested for reprinting of J Hari’s article published in The Statesman, which was published earlier in The Independent, London.

    This is the rock bottom reality of Law and Order situation in West Bengal. When the State Govt. is totally un-capable to protect its police contingents, they will never be able to protect us anyway. So, if We, the Hindus do not care for self-protection , this Bengal will see Dhantala in every village, Bantala in every locality. Nobody will come forward to the Bengali Hindus anyway.

    We the activists of Hindu Samhati have gathered here for the observance of our 1st anniversary, it is not just the time to mere observe the same, it is the time to take an OATH. It is not mere the time of jubilation; it is time to stand firm to take a resolution to start Action. This firm resolution gives us the Courage. And this Courage is the source of all Power as required.

    The Hindu Samhati Activists took these oaths as below :-·
  • We will not tolerate any displacement of any Hindu from Hindusthan.
  • We shall not allow any injustice, torture and humiliation upon Hindus.
  • The dignity of Hindu Mothers and sisters are much more valuable than our life. We will save the dignity of them even at cost of our life.
  • We must not allow our sisters to other religion.
  • We will protect our God & Goddesses and their Temples at the cost of our life. We shall surely resist the decrease of Hindu population.
  • We shall never indulge the access of any Bangladeshi Infiltrators anyway in this land.
  • We will struggle for the Justice till last breath.
  • Never shall We compromise with any injustice, even We be beheaded, but shall not retreat never, never.
  • Never We shall bend our Head , never shall not tolerate humiliation, never flee anyway. We shall fight up to the last breath. We shall follow the Sermon of Lord Sri Krishna as delivered to Arjuna in Shloka 37 of Chapter II of Bhagabad Gita .--- ‘Win or the death is desirable. Defeat, flee or humiliation – always a matter of shame .’

    Posted by : Sambuddha Gupta,
    Bengal Spotlight Media Team.


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I have very similar views, contact me if possible.

There should be one undivided Bengal; and no questions about it.

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