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Bengal : From Black Days to Dark Nights.


Spotlight News Services, Kolkata, 13th May,2009:The poll day and after poll violence in West Bengal started far ahead from 30 April last in connection with the 15th Parliamentary Election in India, rightly shows the day before as it is the morning framed as it is. In the consecutive third day after the II Phase on 7th May, the non-stop sporadic out-come of violence throughout Bengal tensed the situation more and more, looming a havoc in the last phase on 13th May, as perceived. In 13th & 14th the poll related situation of Bengal was not a peaceful one and claimed 4 lives more. So, the opening of a new innings for the New Parliamentarians from Bengal is waged a cost of at least ten lives of their supporters know lesser than the leaders, but obviously love their own party in the heights degree, which is a foolsmanship for the Party leaders who like new hair colors for every parlor session and consider Parliament is a right place to promote the prosperity of his Party and his Personal career and obviously not for the public who sent them there.

Four persons were killed and ten others were injured in clashes and poll-related violence since early morning before polling started for the final phase of the Lok Sabha elections started till late in the afternoon. A voter died accidentally when a car carrying polling personnel was reversing in Kalyani today. The electorate in 11 constituencies spread over the city and the two adjoining districts of North and South 24-Parganas heaved a sigh of relief as the elections passed off by and large peacefully belying fears of large-scale violence whipped up by allegations of mobilisation of goons traded by the ruling and Opposition combines. At least 70 per cent votes were cast in the 11 constituencies, while allegations of booth capturing and rigging at several polling stations were made by both the CPI-M and the Trinamul.
Trinamul chief Miss Mamata Banerjee blamed chief minister Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee for alleged rigging and called him “a rigging chief minister”, while CPI-M state secretary, Mr Biman Bose, said Miss Banerjee was suffering from “a disease called rigging to cure which a remedy should be found”. Miss Banerjee complained to the Union home secretary about poll violence and urged him to take appropriate steps. Mr Jyoti Basu couldn't cast his vote because of his illness which the Trinamul chief interpreted as an expression of his lack of confidence in the CPI-M and congratulated him. Mr Basu reacted by saying he wouldn't reply to “such talk”.

A CPI-M leader from Canning in South 24-Parganas, Mr Joynal Mollah (53) was attacked with bombs and shot dead allegedly by Trinamul activists around 4 p.m. when he was returning from a polling station. Canning remained tense subsequently. Police said Mr Mollah had earlier got involved in a heated argument with some Trinamul activists at a booth in Narayanpur and was later attacked. Even before the polls began, CPI-M and Trinamul activists clashed at Baliguri near Rajarhat in Barasat constituency that left Saminul Haque (22), a Trinamul supporter dead. He was shot dead by alleged CPI-M-backed goons. In another incident, Hanif Ali (52) and Habidul Islam (38), both CPI-M activists were killed after a bomb exploded at Golabari near Barasat in North 24-Parganas. Police said the two were carrying bombs in a bag when the bombs went off killing them instantly. Two Trinamul leaders were critically injured after a group of CPI-M supporters allegedly attacked them near Rajapur Primary School in Bhangor. The CPI-M alleged that a group of Trinamul activists ransacked their camp office near booth number 104 in Bhangor.

The Election Commission ordered a probe into reports of EVMs being damaged by rain. At least 100 EVMs in Diamond Harbour Fakir Chand College Distribution and Collection Center for Polling Materials in South 24 Parganas were damaged after water seeped into them. 'Polling in these booths in Mandir Bazar Assembly Constituency within Mathurapur Parliamentary Constituency will be held tomorrow', chief electoral officer Mr Debashis Sen said. EC officials said they had received complaints of slow moving queues in both Kolkata North and Kolkata South constituencies. The poll started remarkably late due to malfunctioning of the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) at least two places in Kulpi Assembly areas. Same reports came from many other polling stations in other Constituencies where the assigned EVMs were replaced by new voting machines.

The fates of the Political Leaders are now sealed in the EVMs. Everybody in Bengal expect a change. But they do not know the changes coming ahead. All the EVMs now waiting to disclose its fate, is nothing but an uprise and uprise of Energetic Violent Muslim Society in Bengal. The post Rizwanur & Taslima issue boosted the fanatic moslems in a superlative degree. Both Trimamul Congress and CPIM appeased the Moslem groups in various ways which helped them to be re-organised even against the ruling force of CPIM. The TMC fully pampered the Muslim goons to win over the whole election process.

It is clearly seen in this election phase that the leading moslem groups in all the political parties wanted to grab the steering, so that they may drive on their own in the post poll satiation. In this run they clashed their oppositions and sacrificed their lives in this Political Jihad in Bengal. The political parties and the Bengal intellectuals fully supported the Muslim rights in Bengal with all oppressions, tortures, humiliation upon the Bengali Hindus. Everybody here say about the just and proper implementation of Rajinder Suchher Committee. But nobody tells us the plight and poverty of the marginally poor Bengali Hindus anyway. Even Mamata Banerjee does not think about her poverty stricken past when her parents came to Calcutta being driven out by the muslim oppressors, perhaps from Barishal, in then East Pakistan and compelled to find a refuge in the road-side of Kalight Brothel.

Bengali Hindus in West Bengal has learnt to live in many mini Pakistan here. The trend of Bengal politics saturated by the Muslim Politics and the sycophant Bengal intellectuals lead by Mahasewata Devi, Saonli Mitra, Sunanda Sanyal, Bivas Chakroborty, Aparna Sen, Subhaprasonna, Debabrato Bandopadhya and obviously Dainik Statesman - a Bengali daily news paper promoting for the change in Bengal, even in the cost of a Mamata Banerjee as their projected Chief Minister in West Bengal, who is the Best friend of Imam Barkati, Idrish Ali, Tahha Siddique and Riz, the departed Love Jihadi.

The situation over 32 years of Bengal black days is now entering into a darkest night may not end in times.

Trinamul rides on Muslim

Tirthankar Mitra, Statesman News Services Kolkata, May 9: As strong winds threaten to bring about change, 13 May is a big day as Kolkata (North) parliamentary constituency gears up for a tough battle.The CPI-M candidates had won both the Kolkata (north east) and Kolkata (north west) parliamentary segments in 2004 before delimitation bisected the parliamentary electoral map of Kolkata. But Mohmmad Salim, the CPI-M nominee, who had won from the Kolkata (north east) constituency cannot deny the fact that his party's nominees had lost to late Ajit Panja in 1998 and 1999 elections at Kolkata (north east). And Mr Sudip Bandopadhaya, the Trinamul Congress nominee too had won in both these elections as Trinamul Congress nominee from Kolkata (north west) constituency.Political issues apart, the controversy following Rizwanur Rehman's death has a significant role this election. The trial after a CBI enquiry, the high profile and widely telecast debates on the role of the city police and the state government have all worked in favour of the Opposition. Incidentally, Mr Rukbanur Rehman the deceased's brother is campaigning for Mr Bandopadhaya. Mr Rehman's presence at Trinamul rallies is a reminder of his brother's gory death. Also the findings of the Sachar committee report that reveals the miserable plight of the Muslims in the state, is one such factor that the Oppotision will play upon.Lack of opportunities for many members of this community, a sizeable number of whom are voters in Kolkata (north) constituency stares the CPI-M on it's face even as its supporters hope Rizwanur's death has been forgotten in the ongoing run up to the elections.Contesting as the Trinamul nominee after a stint as a Congress legislator, Mr Bandopadhaya is banking on the Left's weakness and the non-Left support base which led to the defeat of CPI-M nominees in the adjacent parliamentary constituencies in the back to back elections in the last millennium. But if the electoral arithmetic is anything to go by, he still seems to be on a sticky wicket as four out of seven assembly segments are represented by the Left Front legislators. Even though, he has not really initiated development projects in the area, Mr Bandopadhaya remains unfazed. "The Trinamul lost the Maniktala seat by little more than a thousand votes, a margin which can be easily made up in a parliamentary election," he said.Buoyed by an alliance with the Congress, the Trinamul candidate pointed out that he had won on two successive occasions from Kolkata (north-west) despite Front legislators outnumbering his party MLAs in the then Kolkata (north west) parliamentary seat. The emergence of Kolkata (north) constituency following merger between the Kolkata (north west) and Kolkata (north east) segments, have been to his advantage. Mr Bandopadhaya is also hopeful that late Panja's extensive mass base will work in his favour especially in the areas comprising the erstwhile Kolkata (north east) seat. And being a Congress leader, he is no newcomer in this constituency lending little credence to the ongoing Front campaign of he being an unknown face.With just a few days left for voting, the Opposition has been bringing up fresh charges against the CPI-M candidate. They claim Md Salim has not utilised funds under the MPLAD scheme. But the CPI-M members have rubbished the allegation saying that MPLAD funds are not returned unspent and that very few MPs can utilise the entire funds in their tenure.The CPI-M, it is said might suffer because of intra party squabbles that exist within the CPI-M in areas within the Cossipore and Belgachia (west) assembly segments. It led to the defeat of Mr Rajdeo Goala, a senior CITU leader when he contested against a Trinamul newcomer, Mrs Mala Saha in 2006 state Assembly elections.

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